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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hey, if you haven’t heard about this, Greece is being “bailed out,” and this week the stock markets responded with glee. Investors must think the world’s financial problems are over.

Greece is the birthplace of Democracy, where Capitalism once flourished. But let’s look at Greece today. It has become the poster child for the Womb to Tomb version of the Nanny State. How did Greece go from Capitalism to Socialism? They had a Big Fat Greek Wedding where the bride, the groom and all the guests were showered with presents, hand-outs, party favors, and gifts, and all future offspring blissfully jumped on the gravy train. But now the honeymoon is over.

Greece borrows 50% of what it spends. (The U.S. borrows 40% of what it spends.) Greece spends their borrowed money on over spending, over compensating, over promising, over regulating, over taxing, and over extending. Does this sound familiar?

Greece is leading the insolvency race, but watch out, here comes Portugal, Italy, Ireland, and Spain not far behind. Who’s to blame? European Socialism did this. The Greeks have become completely dependent on government social programs. And now they realize the government can no longer finance their schools, their colleges, their pensions, airports, hospitals, medical facilities, health care, and welfare programs. Greece has learned a brutal lesson. Socialism does not work.

Any government that cannot pay its bills cannot be trusted to handle its money. Greece has been unable to get anyone to lend it any more cash. It is saddled with extraordinarily high interest payments on loans Greece has already been given that they cannot repay. So Greece appealed to the European Union to bail it out. In other words, Greece wants other people to pay its debts.

Now the EU has agreed to do so, and here’s how it’s going to happen. This is such a convoluted plan you are going to have to pay attention here.

The European banks who have already loaned money to Greece will get back 50 cents on the dollar from Greece. Those same banks will then look to other governments they do business with for the remaining 50 cents. Example, if a German bank loaned one million Euros to Greece, they will expect Greece to repay ½ million, and the German government will pay the other half million. Now you are probably wondering where will the German government get their ½ million? From the German taxpayer. And when the German taxpayer can’t or won’t make the payments where will the money come from? You’ve got it! The Federal Reserve. And when the Federal Reserve can’t or won’t come up with the cash where will it come from? The International Monetary Fund. What is the IMF, you ask? That’s the loony Socialist World Bank, 1/3 of which is funded by the American taxpayer. That’s a cool one hundred billion dollars.

So now you know the truth. The ultimate Knight in Shining Armor for the Greek Socialist economy is YOU.

Now, you would expect that Obama would not approve of us financing the Greek bailout. After all, it’s not as if we have money to burn. And it would seem reasonable that he would understand, oh, you know, that banks and people who make risky investments must accept the consequences of those risks and cannot look to the taxpayer for a handout. Otherwise what’s to prevent them from making crazy, reckless investments in the future? You’d think that no one would lend a penny to the Greek government, since they’re obviously lacking in debt management skills. You’d think that Obama or someone in Congress would say NO to our involvement in this financial charade.

But you’d be oh, so wrong. This week Greece’s Rich Uncle Obama praised the solution and stood fully behind the IMF providing bailout funds to Greece. YOU are the answer to Greece’s financial problems.

While we have unemployment over 9% and while we borrow 40% of everything we spend from China, what are we doing bailing out Greece? To you Obamabots, is this what you elected him to do? Has Congress authorized this? No.

We are experiencing 5% inflation if you include food and fuel, continued high unemployment, and the continual erosion of the dollar. So why has Your Guy lubed up the feds money printing press and pledged billions of dollars of our kids’ future income to bail out Greece?

Does the U. S. Constitution allow The Bailout King to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on a European bailout? No, but he’s doing it anyway while thumbing his nose at the Constitution, at Congress, and at every American, while sending our debt clock into overdrive.

And it’d be so easy for him to Just Say No. He could do it by Executive Order. He uses the EO for everything else. This is one time where it would do some good.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Smoother than a Snake Skin Suit, your president is at it again. He’s slithering all over the media gibing and fibbing about his Executive Order that’s supposed to provide relief to people who have student loan obligations. But if you look closely at the proposal, it swiftly sheds its skin and morphs into the worm that it is.

According to the Atlantic Monthly, 82% of outstanding student loan debt was accrued by students over the past 10 years. That means a college education has become extremely costly and more and more people are chasing that pricey degree. And why? Because for decades our young people have been told they can’t succeed in life without getting that ever necessary college degree. Do you think they’ve been warned about the fact that depending on the degree, they very likely won’t be able to find a job in their field? Or have they been warned about the income expectations in relation to the debt they will amass getting that wall ornament? And I wonder if they’re now being educated that there are no jobs available for them?

There are three main provisions of Obama's Executive Order. One, he will limit the amount of student loan payments to 10% of a borrower's income. It is currently 15%. Two, he will allow debt still outstanding after 20 years to go bye bye, in other words, be forgiven. Currently student loan debt is forgiven after 25 years. Third, he will allow consolidation of loan balances, combining all of an individual’s student loans into one big loan.

Now Obama is touting this as a big deal for people with student loan obligations. But the reality is that the “consolidation” of loans will save the borrower a teeny, tiny hiss of an amount. The average savings per student loan borrower would be between $4 and $8 PER MONTH. This is clearly not a stunning amount of money.

But Mr. O. is trying to make parents, students and taxpayers believe that his action is going to save the economy and create jobs, and oh, my gosh, it’s going to Help The Students. After all, it’s part of his “We Can’t Wait” stimulus effort. That’s his “unilateral” action that completely circumvents Congress – again.

So let’s discuss the payment limit of 10% of income. He’s trying to sell this as a God Send to borrowers. But the truth is that any borrower who graduated in 2011 OR EARLIER will NOT be eligible. It will be available only to those graduating in 2012 or in the future. Doesn’t that just give you warm fuzzies, those of you, parents and students and existing borrowers, who are currently paying on student loans or will be once your grace period expires? You get to pay all of your own loans, plus you get to subsidize the loans of all who come after you. Woo Hoo!

And then there’s the “whatever-you-don’t-pay-back-in-20-years-will-go-away” forgiveness provision. It will be at least another 10 years before borrowers have hit the 20-year mark in their loan payments so this executive order provision won’t save you anything currently. Don’t be fooled by his hyperbole. It’s not what he wants you to think it is.

But I would ask why does any borrower get excused after 20 years or ever? If borrowers know what they don’t pay back in a 20 year period will be excused, why would they make any effort to pay anything back? How many borrowers will sit tight and wait for it all to go away? There is NO incentive to pay it back. Oh, by the way, the taxpayer picks up the student loan debt for any borrower who decides not to bother paying it back.

But wait, that’s not all. I wonder if an Obama Executive Order can really do this? Shouldn’t Congress have a say in this type of policy change? Oops, I forgot, right after taking office Obama has already slapped Congress up ‘side the head when he ordered the federal government to take the Student Loan Program away from the banks.

The result of Obama’s changes to the Student Loan Program? Nothing, except it’s going to cost the taxpayer potentially billions of dollars. It’s estimated there is over a trillion dollars in student loan debt currently owed by borrowers. Who do you think is going to pay when they don’t?

Well, yippee, skippee, I have one question. Mr. O, you old Snake Oil Salesman, why are student loans more important than home mortgages? Explain that one if you can.

What, you can’t explain your own Double Talk? Well, let me guess. The student loan giveaway is nothing more than a campaign carrot because the Occupy Wall Streeters have demanded it, and yeah, that’s right, you support the OWS crowd, as you’ve publicly stated. How many jobs will your revolutionary action create for the OWS revolutionaries? Zip, Zilch, Zero, Nada.

This is nothing more than another redistribution of wealth giveaway. Thank you again, for nothing but more debt.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hold the Presses, major announcement coming, the Vatican, in all their wisdom, has called for the creation of a "global public authority" and a "central world bank." They want this new organization to rule over "outdated financial institutions." They want it to have authority with a "worldwide scope" and "universal jurisdiction" to guide economic policies. They want to make sure that developed countries don't take advantage of weaker countries. Holy Moly, is the Vatican being run by Socialist Progressives? This smacks of Distribution of Wealth. Who else have we heard use that term in the last few years? But the big question is, What makes the Vatican an expert on anything except The Catholic Church?


Sunday, October 23, 2011



Mountain Plaza truck stop in Dandridge, TN was given an Obama EPA stimulus grant of $424,000. The grant was part of $2 million dollars that TN DOT received from the Obama EPA as part of the Recovery Act of 2009. The money was for a truck-stop electrification project. The system allows truckers to hook up to air conditioning and electricity so they could shut down their engines and “wouldn’t burn diesel fuel while resting.” The project was funded by the EPA for the purpose of reducing the use of diesel fuel and cleaning up the TN air – another “Green Project” from the Obama administration.

Mountain Plaza’s owner is Ricky Hugo Lewis. Here’s a timeline which should make you go ballistic.

In 2002 Lewis was convicted of 31 counts of theft stemming from flawed sales tax returns he filed for a business he owned in the 1990s. He was found guilty, was placed on probation for 8 years, and he was ordered to reimburse the state nearly $70,000.

In 2003 Mountain Plaza and the Lewises filed for bankruptcy separately. Their debts again included local, state and federal taxes. They emerged from that bankruptcy in 2005.

In 2010, while still on probation, Lewis was indicted for writing worthless checks, including several for more than $10,000 each. This is important. Understand this. Lewis was still on probation and the worthless check charges were still pending when Obama/EPA/TN DOT approved the grant to his company, Mountain Plaza.
On May, 2010 U.S. Bank sued Lewis, his wife and Mountain Plaza because they failed to repay a $2 million dollar loan that was supposed to be used to refinance the truck stop.

On June 3, 2010 Mountain Plaza filed for bankruptcy. Debts included $18,000 owed to the IRS, $5,000 owed to the TN Dept. of Labor, $35,000 owed to the TN Dept. of Revenue, and $17,312 owed to Jefferson County.

On July 2, 2010 a state tax lien was filed against the company.
Focus on these dates, Folks. Here’s the worst of it.
Mountain Plaza applied for the $424,000 “grant” in September, 2009.

In December, 2009 Mountain Plaza received an “award letter,” basically a letter approving of the funding.

On May 18, 2010 contracts were executed and TN DOT sent them to the TN Dept. of Finance for approval.

On June 15, 2010 the funds were handed over to Rick and Bonnie Lewis, AKA Mountain Plaza. This is 12 DAYS after the company filed for bankruptcy.

In October, 2010 the TN DOT finally learned about Mountain Plaza’s bankruptcy.
Now the shiny new equipment languishes uselessly at the vacated site as U. S. Bank took possession of the bankrupt business after a sheriff’s auction at the County Courthouse failed to produce not even one interested bidder.

A review of public records would have exposed Mountain Plaza and the Lewises to the EPA and the TN DOT. Good Grief, anyone with a half a brain can Google Mountain Plaza, Rick H. Lewis or Bonnie L. Lewis. There’s a treasure trove of information readily available. But the EPA failed to do the most basic research before giving away almost a half million taxpayer dollars.

TN DOT spokeswoman B. J. Doughty admitted that “EPA did not require financial or criminal background checks or information to be disclosed on grant applications.” Well, of course not, because this was another “Green Project.” It sure is easy to be sloppy when it’s someone else’s money you are giving away.

But if any other American wanted a grant or wanted to borrow that much money you’d have to sign over your first born child, pledge your right arm, your left leg, both feet, and your life, along with every asset you currently have or expect to have in the future, and then sign the paperwork in blood. And you’d still be swiftly turned down. That is unless Obama considers your project “Green.”

Let’s call this what it is – more of Montezuma’s Revenge oozing from the putrid bowels of The White House.


Thursday, October 20, 2011


VP Biden has sure gotten around in the last few weeks. First he gives a speech suggesting that rape, murder and crime stats are going up, and it's all the fault of those stubborn Republicans. The video is below. Be sure to watch to the end. And this scary dud is a heartbeat away from the presidency!


And then Joey is asked about his "rape and murder" comment. His reaction is, what should I say, so adult?


And then the Clown Prince Vice President visits a number of schools to speak to 4th graders. This video is Goode Elementary in York, PA. Talking in a hushed voice to a class of 30 students, Biden tells the class that in order to rehire some teachers, police officers and firefighters, all that needs to happen is the federal government has to tax the wealthy only "$500 in additional taxes," and those jobs will come right back. He actually says the rich "can pay for all the teachers and all the police and all the firemen" to come back.


There is something profoundly outrageous about a vice president of the U.S. politicking to fourth-grade students and subtly trying to scare the kids into believing that if the President's jobs bill isn't passed, the kids will be deprived of an education. Are Joe and Barry this desperate? Don't they realize that 4th graders can't vote? Oh, but wait, now I get it. Their parents can vote, and you can bet Joe Baby was counting on these brainwashed 4th graders going home with stories about how Big Brother Joe is going to tax the rich so their teachers can come back to the roost.

Too bad Joe didn't tell them that by the time they are able to vote America will be a third world country, thanks to Barry's and Joe's spending mania. He should have said, "We're gonna give you some money to hire some teachers and then we're gonna put it on a Chinese credit card and hand you little kiddies the stinkin' bill." "And, Kiddies, by the time YOU have to pay the bill, Barry and I will be long gone."

Oh, if only Joe had told them the truth instead of attempting to scare them witless.

Monday, October 17, 2011


According to 2009 figures released by the IRS, the average tax return paid $5847 in revenue. Using that number and the National Institutes of Health figures for grant money given to drug test Rhesus Monkeys, it costs 621.6 Americans $5847 each year.

Folks, there’s “a monkey on the back of every American,” thanks to the government.

NIH has spent $3,634,807 over the past decade funding research that forced monkeys to smoke and inject drugs. As specified in the grant, the ill-fated primates were forced to use “PCP, METH, heroin, cocaine, ethanol, and methadone.”

Once the monkeys were suitably smashed their behavior was studied, including during different phases of the female monkeys’ menstrual cycles and sexual activity of the drugged subjects.

The study also uses “interventions” as “treatment models” for monkeys who have been taught to use drugs. So we pay to addict them and then pay to treat them, oh, what a great program we fund.

In another federally funded study of drugged monkeys, the druggies were sometimes given a “trail mix” after their daily experimentation sessions, their reward for being obedient and submissive and not going ape during the sessions.

Another NIH project in 2001 gave $328,364 to a project called “A Primate Model of Drug Abuse.” The lead investigator was Dr. Marilyn Carroll, a professor at the University of Minnesota. A description of the grant as published by NIH: “Goals of the research are to use a rhesus monkey model of drug abuse to study factors affecting vulnerability to drug abuse and to evaluate behavioral and pharmacological treatment interventions. Routes of administration will include oral drug self-administration and smoking.” Yeah, you read it correctly.

The U of M study has been ongoing since 1990, costing 621.6 Americans $5847 each and every year.

The latest giftarama to Ms. Carroll of the U or M was on March 31, 2011, when she received her current award, $386,907 in tax dollars.

What have been the results of forcing monkeys to take drugs and get addicted? After studying them for decades and after huge expenditures of tax dollars, Ms. Carroll has determined that testing “revealed dilated pupils and slightly agitated hyperactive behavior.”

The result of the “studies” as reported by Ms. Carroll? “These findings indicate that smoked cocaine-base caused physiological effects similar to those reported in studies of human subjects.” What? It’s taken millions of tax dollars to determine what anyone with an ounce of common sense should know?

NIH has been giving away your money for years, under many administrations, for thousands of dubious so-called research projects, adding millions of dollars to the ballooning national debt, now approaching $15 trillion. Remember, 40 cents of each debt dollar we have is borrowed from China.

And right now, today? Obama wants to soak the “rich” for more money to fund more monkey tomfoolery. I’d say to him, Mr. Obama, the Census Bureau says the median household income in the U.S. is $52,000. How would you explain to America’s moms and dads who make $52,000 per year that the entire tax payment from 621.6 taxpayers went entirely to pay for meaningless monkey shenanigans?

How can you justify continuing to vilify the “rich,” demanding more tax money from them, when you have failed in your campaign promise to root out fraud, waste and abuse from the federal budget?

You, Mr. Obama, said you’d fix this, but you’ve done nothing to put a stop to this type of worthless monkey business, while at the same time spending us into bankruptcy and demanding more, more, more for you to spend. It will be my greatest pleasure to bid you farewell in 2012.

And here's a message for all you Obama Backers who have fallen into his "tax the rich" pit. We do not have a TAX problem, we have a SPENDING problem as evidenced by the drug-the-monkeys-program. Use your head. Think for yourself.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


What does Ohio have in common with Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland and Massachusetts? All have banned pork from their prison systems. Seems like Muslim inmates at these prisons don’t like the idea of pork being prepared in the same kitchens as the food they are expected to ingest. After all, the “pork” might contaminate THEIR food.

And why did the Ohio prison system capitulate to this outrageous demand? Two Muslim prison inmates filed a lawsuit claiming that the prison system’s failure to provide “halal” meals, prepared according to Islamic teachings, is a restraint on his religious freedom. One of the prisoners, Abdul Awkal, is on death row for murdering his estranged wife and brother-in-law. The other, Cornelius Causey, is serving 15 to life for murder and robbery.

Prison officials have offered vegetarian and non-pork meals. But that isn’t enough for the two murderers. They demand that their meals be prepared in a specific fashion, i.e., animals must be butchered by slitting their throats and draining their blood, to conform to Islamic beliefs. The prison says that removing pork completely from the menu is the only way to ensure the two murderers will be served “clean” food.

Hard to believe, isn’t it? What about the rights of the prisoners who enjoy a meal of pork and don’t care how it is slaughtered? What about Jewish prisoners who also don’t eat pork but have not demanded it be removed from the menu? They seem to find something to eat without filing lawsuits.

I maintain that if Muslims don’t like prison food, then they shouldn’t commit crimes. But since they are under control of the state they should be given no dining favors except for vegetarian meals. The fact that pork is banned because if offends two Muslims should chill every American. This is a glaring example of Creeping Sharia Law invading our institutions and courts.

This is America! If they don’t want to comply with our laws and traditions, then stay the heck out of our country. And if while here they commit a crime that lands them in the jailhouse, then they should shut up and eat what they’re served and be thankful they even get a meal.

There are plenty of prisons in third world countries, namely The Middle East, where they not only wouldn’t have a say in their meals, they wouldn’t even get a trial. They’d be tortured and very likely beheaded.

If given a choice, beheading or eating pork, I bet these model citizens would choose pork.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Bank of America, they are coming to get ‘ya. Dickie Durbin (D-Ill), 2nd ranking Democrat in the Senate, is after your hide. He’s aiming for you. He can send the power of the entire federal government down on your head, so watch out. He’s telling your customers to leave: “Bank of America customers, vote with your feet, get the heck out of that bank. Find yourself a bank or credit union that won’t gouge you for $5 a month and still will give you a debit card that you can use every single day. What Bank of America has done is an outrage.” Yeah, that’s right, those are Durbin’s exact words.

Dickie’s tirade has to do with BOA’s new fee of $5 per month to users of BOA’s debit cards. He’s upset at the audacity of BOA charging for debit card services, so on the floor of the U. S. Senate he takes BOA to task and tells people to get the heck out of BOA.

The real truth is that BOA’s new debit card fee is a direct result of the Dodd Frank Bill, a behemoth regulation that is partly responsible for no jobs being created by the Jobs President. The Durbin Amendment to Dodd Frank floated around for almost a year before it was finally adopted when Durbin pushed the issue. The Durbin Amendment gives the Federal Reserve the power to regulate debit card swipe fees. Oh, sounds so warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it? Gonna save the consumer from the horrible big banks, let’s get right to it. And so they did.

For the readers who don’t know what a “swipe fee” is, I will explain. Every time a consumer uses a debit card, any debit card, by the way, the business is charged a “swipe fee” by the bank issuing the debit card. This fee averages 44 cents per transaction. But Durbin and the Federal Reserve have taken the position that the 44 cent swipe fee is highway robbery, it’s bank chicanery, bank gouging. They have mandated that the most banks can now charge is 24 cents per swipe. Oh, this all sounds good for the consumer, wouldn’t you think?

But wait, The Fed released their final rule on the matter and determined that the combination of reduced fees, restrictions and caps is going to cost banks nearly $14 billion annually. Do the Fed and Dickie Durbin think the banks will just lose $14 billion annually without making it up somewhere? Could they be that stupid? I guess so because they are now regulating the swipe fee. They must not understand “unintended consequences.”

Now Durbin has come under great fire from media around the country who argue BOA’s new monthly fee is a direct result of Durbin’s amendment to the Dodd Frank so-called financial reform bill. The Chicago Tribune said the “charge, which other banks are likely to adopt, is a direct result of his lawmaking. Call it the Durbin Fee.”

Wells Fargo is going to charge $3 per month. J. P. Morgan Chase will be imposing a similar fee. All banks will eventually do the same thing. They are not about to “eat” billions in loses because Durbin and his compatriots are ignorant of how the market place operates.

And of course, now Durbin is pointing his finger at everyone else in trying to deflect attention from the truth of the matter.

Because Dodd Frank and Senator Durbin stuck their liberal noses into a marketplace issue, consumers are now being harmed as a direct result of their handy work.

While Dickie Durbin stands on the floor of the U.S. Senate and berates BOA and big banks, I wanted to ask him, if he hates big banks so much, why did he vote for the 2008 $45 billion bailout of BOA. If he really thinks big banks are crooks, cheaters and gougers, why’d he approve bailing BOA out of a mess that they created?

And the most important thing I’d ask him is who does he think he is using the floor of the U. S. Senate to encourage the American public to boycott a business? The Founding Fathers surely never intended the U. S. Senate to be used for such egregious, flagrant, grossly shameless behavior by a sitting U. S. Senator.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Do you know the latest way The Jobs President is going to create jobs? Get ready, this is such exciting news!

According to The Dialy Caller, The Jobs President’s EPA is hiring 230,000 new bureaucrats to implement the EPA’s new greenhouse gas regulations.

But hold on just a minute, the EPA has said that the new greenhouse gas regulations are “absurd” in application and “impossible to administer” by the EPA’s target date of 2016. But the idiots running the EPA still want taxpayers to pay for 230,000 bodies who will be needed in an “attempt” to implement the new rules.

Cost to the taxpayer?? A cool $21 billion.

Where did the new regulations come from? Well, remember Cap and Trade? Obama and Company were not able to get it through Congress. It was soundly rejected by both Dems and Reps as a huge jobs killer and too expensive. So Obama performed a backdoor magic trick and proposed the Clean Air Act, which passed Congress when the Dems were in control. The Clean Air Act does not give the EPA explicit power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, but the EPA is doing it anyway. Thankfully the authority of the EPA to move forward is being challenged in court. The argument is that greenhouse gas emission decisions should be up to Congress, not a bunch of highly paid bureaucrats in the EPA.

As of right now there are approximately 14,000 big businesses who have to comply with current EPA emission standards and must get permits and complete extra paperwork to operate. If the EPA new greenhouse gas emissions standards are left in place the number of businesses forced into a regulatory nightmare would grow to as many as 6.1 million. Well, that’s sure going to create lots of jobs. Gee, do you think companies will move overseas to avoid the strong armed sledge hammer of the EPA?

And the $21 billion dollar figure to hire the required 230,000 regulators? That figure does NOT include the economic cost of the regulations themselves.

Government jobs are the only kind of jobs The Jobs President knows how to create. From Jan. 2008 to the middle of 2010 the private sector lost around 7.9 million jobs, but the public sector gained 590,000. From Feb 2009 when the Obama stimulus bill was passed to the middle of 2010 the private sector lost more than 2.6 million jobs, but government positions grew by 400,000.

One more end-run around from the Obama EPA playbook. They have now banned over-the-counter asthma inhalers because of environmental concerns. What used to cost asthmatic Americans about $20 will not cost them over $60 because the only way to get the required EPA inhaler is by prescription.

And don’t forget the EPA ban on light bulbs. This little dittie drove light bulb manufacturing to China. There are no companies making bulbs in the U.S. any longer. Have you priced the new “required” bulb? Be ready for a shock. You can thank the Bush administration for this one.

And how many jobs have been lost due to protection of some snail or plant or wetland for decades and through many administrations?

But The Jobs President wants to raise taxes and spend more on “infrastructure” and establish a government run “infrastructure bank” to produce jobs.

But hey, Mr. Jobs Guy, you would generate lots more jobs simply by reigning in your EPA-Gone-Wild. But I won't hold my air-polluting breath.