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Monday, December 27, 2010


The traitors in Washington, including the Obamanuts, the Republican Rats and the Democratic Dolts, have now passed the START treaty. The Treaty is allegedly a nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia. Anyone who voted for this should be removed from Congress/White House immediately, bit it ain't gonna happen until 2012. Their job is to ensure our national security. The START treaty does the opposite. Here is only one of the threats contained in the treaty. Google the START Treaty to read about many more.

In the PREAMBLE to the START treaty there is language that links the U.S. ability to build a missile DEFENSE system with a required reduction of nuclear offensive weapons. The key word here is DEFENSE. A defensive system is designed to prevent missiles (which can now be sent from basically anywhere) from arriving on our shores. It is designed to DEFEND us. It is not an OFFENSIVE WEAPON, meaning it isn't something you use to shoot someone or something unprovoked. It's not a go-to-war-system. It's a protect-us system.

Remember now, the PREAMBLE to the START treaty says we cannot defend ourselves in this fashion. It says, basically, that missile DEFENSIVE system production is LINKED to OFFENSIVE missile reduction. In other words, America, no can do! Can't build a defensive system - oh, woo hoo, bring on the nuclear weapons, here we sit just waiting for them. But they won't come from Russia. They will come from some rogue country hell bent on destroying what's left of us. The START Treaty is with RUSSIA ONLY!! Do you get it, folks? It does NOT affect what all other countries in the world can do except Russia and the U.S. All other nuclear countries can go merrily on their way to develop and deploy what ever the heck they want, aimed directly at the U.S. That means Korea, Pakistan, India, China, Iran, and any other nuclear armed country. And it does NOT matter if a nuclear country is our ally at this moment in history. Allies quickly can become enemies. In the meantime, because of the START Treaty, we become sittin' ducks. We can't build a DEFENSE SYSTEM. And we've NEVER been able to TRUST the RUSSIANS, treaty or no treaty!

But wait, it gets really good now. It has been Obama and the Dems' position that the PREAMBLE language of this treaty isn't enforceable, doesn't mean anything, and oh, just ignore what it says. It's in the PREAMBLE, but oh, well, we don't need to comply with that section. This is what Obama and the Dems were plastering all over TV and stated in their arm twisting meetings with Senators the week before Christmas prior to the Senate vote on the treaty. And God help us, he sucked in enough Senators to pass it. Even with more than 30 defense or foreign policy government officials and related experts sending a letter to the Senate last Monday expressing their "professional judgment" that the Obama START treaty "is not consistent with the national security interests of the United States" and "should be rejected by the U.S. Senate." Well, congratulations to the most illiterate Congress ever! They passed it anyway.

But the truth came out on Dec. 23 when the Russian run media stated that the missile defense provisions in the PREAMBLE are "legally binding." In fact, Russia now says that it will pull out of the treaty if the U.S. proceeds with any missile defense program. So while Obama and Dem John Kerry and others are shooting off their mouths that this is "a component of the treaty that has no legal, binding impact whatsoever," Moscow obviously has a very different view of the Preamble.

START has been ratified and we are now defenseless and will remain that way! Well, let's party! Let's whoop it up and celebrate. Russian and U.S. nuclear arms will be reduced. Remember the white missile contrail seen off the California coast a few months ago? Well, the next one could be the "real deal." And the U.S. can't defend herself from non-Russian nuclear arms, and aren't we all better off now!

Who would have thought that a Communist Kenyan/Indonesian with no roots in any country would sit in our White House and sell out the greatest nation in the world? Obamamama is not negotiating....he's getting slapped, mugged and robbed by Putin while the whole world watches. Nobody on the world stage has played Obama for a fool more than Putin. Russia has given up little or nothing in every single negotiation Russia has had with Obama on a whole bunch of issues.

Read American history, People. Anything that includes the words legal and Russian in the same subject matter can't possibly be taken seriously. The only crime ring bigger and badder than the Russians is the Democrat Party and Republican RINO's.

Find out how your representatives voted on START (there are links in this blog), and then remember it when the 2012 election gives us another chance to restore more sanity to Washington. We got a good start in 2010. Let's not stop now.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Watch newly elected Florida Congressman Lt. Col Allen West explain the truth about Islam in one minute. The 2nd video contains more thoughts by Congressman West. These are Mr. West's words:

"We cannot allow them to come into our country and proselytize in their mosques and talking about overthrowing our government, our constitutional democracy, saying they want to replace it with sharia, and then we say that's okay, that's freedom of speech, that's freedom of religion; that's not, that's sedition."

"This is not going away. There are two ways you end the war. You win or you lose."

"How do you fight against a guy who is willing to die? You grant him his wish."

Too bad Lt. Col. West is not in the White House!


Do you think the Republicans in Washington should support the compromise on the extension of Bush tax rates? Before you decide you should know a few things about the bill currently on the table.

First, it includes approximately $200 billion in NEW DEFICIT SPENDING AND STIMULUS SCHEMES. This is money that will be borrowed from other countries and repaid by our kids. Conservatives, we sent you to Washington for a reason! If you are going to spend more you have to CUT something of equal value.

Second, this bill only extends the current tax rates for two years. I don't know of any business who does "temporary two-year planning" for their business game plan. Businesses make decisions based on a long-term vision. Businesses will not create jobs without certainty regarding what their tax situation will be well into the future. A two-year extension is nothing more than a band aid on a hemorrhaging wound. And the current proposal does not extend all of the tax cuts. It creates for the first time in 10 years, a "death" tax of 35%. That means you work your entire life, pay taxes your entire life, and if you've worked hard enough to have an estate to leave your kin, the government will take 35% of it. For farmers and small businesses it means you may have to sell the assets to pay the tax. How ludicrous is this?

Third, this bill includes DOZENS OF EARMARKS FOR SPECIAL INTERESTS. This includes ethanol subsidies, tax breaks for the entertainment industry, tax breaks for Puerto Rican rum companies, favors for auto racing track owners, hand outs for businesses in America Samoa, and many, many more. WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THIS PROGRAM?

I believe the Republicans in Washington who can make or break this bill should NOT GO ALONG WITH IT. We elected new Conservative leaders to put a stop to the "earmark" agenda and deficit spending. I know many of them won't be in control until January, but those who are currently there need to know that any Washingtonites who vote for this will have to answer to the American public in 2012. It's the first big vote for the Conservatives. I hope they do what they promised us they would do. Or they too will be gone. After January, 2011 they can pass a bill extending the Bush tax rates forever, a bill that does ONLY THAT and is not LOADED WITH OTHER JUNK. Watch THAT stimulate the economy and create jobs.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Thought you'd like to know about yet another potential threat to your identity. We can never have too much information about the ways in which we can be scammed. Watch your pockets and who's scanning your pockets.


Thursday, December 2, 2010


Have you seen this Ford commercial? They are the only American auto company who did not take any bailout money. For that they have my utmost gratitude and respect. Ford has been rewarded with increasing sales numbers, so thank you America. They could have created an ad touting their refusal to participate in Obama's bail out program, but instead they created this ad. They have taken the High Road. Another indication of a very Classy Company. This is so good! Be sure to watch to the end.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


GOP Rep. Buyer of Indiana (retiring from Congress) is frustrated with business-as-usual in the House and blasts the acting Democrat Speaker. This is the moronic behavior that is a daily occurrence in our so called House of Representatives. The brainless Pelosi-stand-in at the podium can't speak a word on her own. Rep Buyer says it all when he tells her "This is why the People have thrown you out."

If we could legislate intelligence and outlaw ignorance Washington would be a ghost town. Everyone would either be in jail or out of office.

This is the past 4 years wrapped up in a 3 minute video. Just in case you forgot, the Dems have been in control of Congress, both House and Senate, since 2007.

And to think that we pay these imbeciles to do this! Keep your scorecards ready for 2012.