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Monday, March 26, 2012



It’s all over the news today, the case of George Zimmerman, a self-styled neighborhood watchman, who shot Trayvon Martin, a Florida teenager. Zimmerman was patrolling his
Sanford neighborhood and observed Martin. Zimmerman’s story is that he approached martin, asked him a question, and then he returned to his SUV when he was attacked from behind by Martin. He says Martin decked him with a single punch, repeatedly smashed his head on the ground and tried to take Zimmerman’s gun. That’s when Zimmerman shot Martin. According to the police report Zimmerman’s back was wet and covered with grass “as if he had been laying on his back on the ground.” The report indicates Zimmerman was bleeding from the nose and the back of his head. Zimmerman says he was yelling for help but no one would help him. Now a witness has come forward who corroborates Zimmerman’s version of the event. Zimmerman has not been arrested pending a full investigation.

In the meantime, the police chief has been threatened and has been forced to resign. Governor Jeb Bush is being blamed because he signed Florida's Stand Your Ground Law. Obama weighed in saying "It's a time of soul searching for all of us" and stating "My son would look like Trayvon Martin." What the heck does that mean?

Every minority group in this country is calling for the arrest of Zimmerman, and some are calling for his death. Spike Lee has retweeted Zimmerman's home address, and Zimmerman has been forced to flee his home. The Black Panthers have put out a call to collect a million dollar bounty for Zimmerman. Activists Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NAACP's Ben Jealous, Baltimore Raven's Ray Lewis and basketball legend Patrick Ewing have jumped on the arrest-Zimmerman bandwagon, and politicians are demanding "justice" for Trayvon.

The police are looking at the events, and this will surely go to a Grand Jury to determine if a crime was committed. But even if Zimmerman is found to have acted in self defense, he has already been convicted in a public venue. His life is shot. He won’t be able to return home. He’s a “racist.”


A white boy sits in a classroom in a predominantly black school. Karla Dorsey, a black teacher, asks a question about Black History Month. When Allen, the white boy, attempts to answer it the teacher tells him, “What would you know about it? You’re not our race.” Ashley, a white female student, attends the same school. Ashley and Allen are the only two white students in the classroom. Ashley has been subjected to racial harassment, has been called names, has been subjected to sexual comments and inappropriate sexual touching while the black teacher looked on and laughed.

The class had to watch race-baiting videos during which an onus was placed on the white students. The videos consisted of explicit films involving portrayals of whites lynching blacks and the teacher telling the class that all white people are responsible because their skin is white. Ashley has stated that she witnessed Allen being “called every racial slur you can imagine,” such as “honkey, cracker, whitey, and guero (a Spanish derogatory term). Ashley reports that she saw Allen pushed into lockers and jumped and slapped around in the bathrooms. He was menaced by groups that would follow him home.

Even worse is that multiple educators were complicit in the harassment. A teacher named Kinder called Allen “Casper” and then “got all the students to get involved.” Ashley says that other times students would initiate the harassment and the teachers would pick up the baton, teasing Allen, making fun of him.

And this brings us to why this is STORY 2.

Last week two black students followed Allen home, threw gas on him and then flicked the Bic, starting Allen on fire saying, “This is what you deserve. You got what you deserve, white boy.” A racial attack? Not much question about that, but where’s the press? Where’s the ACLU, where’s Spike Lee, where are the Black Panthers and the Politicians? Where are the mouthy black activists, the sports stars? And where is Mr. Barack Obama? Why doesn’t Allen deserve some presidential support? Maybe because Allen is White?

This Kansas City school has been teaching Hate 101 and has been getting away with it. Allen’s mother repeatedly complained to the school’s administration about her son’s harassment only to be ignored and stonewalled. She also complained to Kansas City law enforcement but got the feeling they did not want to prosecute two black youths on a hate-crime charge for fear of creating a “powder keg.” So how does that work when the police are afraid of the public? It doesn't.

What other recourse does Allen’s mom have? Well, she could file a complaint with the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division. This is certainly a Civil Rights violation. But wait, Eric Holder. Well, forget that one.


The Obama Administration sold the stimulus bill on the premise that it would direct money to economically stagnant industries and create millions of jobs. Obama’s Department of Commerce then awarded $28 million to a company called One Economy Corp. One Economy Corp. then awarded $1.5 million to a company owned by actor-director Robert Townsend.

The purpose of these awards, both big and small, was to “help boost broadband Internet in under served areas across the country.” Well, isn’t that an admirable goal. Every American is entitled to have Internet service, according to Obama.

What did we get for giving away our money? An online soap opera called “Diary of a
Single Mom,” co-starring Billy Dee Williams and produced by Robert Townsend. And how
many jobs were “created or saved” for our $28.5 million? 142.47, according to
Dept. of Commerce grant reports. That’s $200,042 per job. And they are not even long term, permanent jobs. The jobs include field supervisors, sales reps, program managers, numerous production related positions, producers, cast members, casting director, and an executive assistant to Mr. Townsend. But if "Diary" goes the way of most other government projects, this single mom will soon find herself without a gig, all "created" jobs will be lost, and millions of our dollars will sink into the black hole known as Washington.

Do you think when the dimwits in Congress voted to approve this let's-give-the-whole-country broadband program they expected the money to be spent on infrastructure or to be spent on content? Surely the didn't intend $1.4 million to go to Billy Dee Williams or Robert Townsend. They aren't exactly what you call struggling artists.

Now I ask you, Folks, wouldn’t you rather see the government spend this money on Veterans’ benefits, or to save Medicare or Social Security, or pay for Food Stamps, or gosh, maybe to decrease our national debt? Remember, 40 cents of every one of those $28.5 million are borrowed from China or other countries. That's 11,400,000 borrowed dollars that have to be paid back when China cashes in. That's a lot of ca-ching for our kids to be responsible for.


There’s Barry, caught on camera assuring outgoing Russian President Medvedev that Obama will have “more flexibility” to deal with U. S. backed plans for a missile defense shield in Europe. This has been a very contentious subject in Russia. Russia does not want the U.S. to build a European missile defense system. Europe wants it. They don't trust Russia. Barry has already indicated to Russia that the U.S. will not build it. But there is opposition in Congress to Barry's non-build plan. Privately Barry is saying basically “I can’t do anything now or I won’t get re-elected, but wait until after the election and I can be flexible.”

Barry assumes he’s going to be sitting in the captain’s chair another 4 years. Obama didn’t know the mic was on.

Watch this video. But in case you can’t hear all of it, here’s the exchange:

Obama: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.

Medvedev: Yes, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you….

Obama: This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit the information to Vladimir.

As you will see, Obama puts his hand on Medvedev’s arm as assurance, a “trust me” gesture, while telling him that Barry is going to put the screws to the American people and Europe after he’s re-elected.

Remember the treaty Obama negotiated with Russia wherein he gave Russia the site and identification codes for U. S. missiles in European countries? In this video Obama is closing the deal with Communist Russia. He knows he can’t give Russia any more of our military secrets before November, 2012, but watch out after.

I call this TREASON. What do you call it?

Thursday, March 22, 2012



Hard to stick to a script without a teleprompter. When he speaks from his mind it's easy to see how "well spoken" he is. No wonder the world community has no respect for us. Watch 3 ½ minutes of Barry O. trying to pass himself off as a brainy American president when dealing with some ambassadors and heads of state from around the World. This was compiled by a Danish TV commentator. No MSM outlet in this country would report on this. Wouldn't want Americans to know how bad he really is. It's very embarrassing. What a fool. Don't give us 4 more years of this disaster.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Skip it, Friends, don’t try to find the story I posted about yesterday. Malia Obama either never went to Mexico, has left Mexico quickly, or the White House has muzzled the press about Malia’s trip to a country that Barry says no American should visit because it’s too dangerous.

If you go to the original sites that linked to this story, i.e., the “Telegraph,” “Huffington
Post,” “Yahoo News,” “The Australian,” the “Free Republic,” “Global Grind,” you
will find nothing, nada, zip, zero.

The White House admitted to telling news agencies to pull stories on Malia Obama visiting Mexico for spring break. Politico reports that Kristina Schake, Communications Director to Michelle Obama, emailed news outlets asking them not to report on or photograph the Obama children when there is no vital news interest. Surprise, surprise, they all yanked their coverage.

Now I agree that if there is no vital news interest the Obama kids should generally be off limits. But when they travel with 12 friends and 25 Secret Service bodyguards, to a place our Government tells us isn’t safe for us to visit, and the trip is paid for by the U. S. taxpayer, then it becomes our business.

Funny, isn’t it, that Barack wants his children off limits and out of the limelight unless it fits his purpose, and then he trots them out to make a political point. Remember his reference
to his daughters when Obama attempted to make Rush Limbaugh look bad by calling
Sandra Fluke to commend her for her enlightened stance on demanding free birth
control and abortion pills? Must be okay to use the kiddies as props when Daddy decides he needs to increase his poll numbers, but the rest of the time it’s leave my kids alone.

A few questions from The Right Side. How many of you would let your 13 year old
daughter travel in Mexico without going with her? Or better yet, how many of you would travel
to Mexico at all, with all of the drugs and guns from Operation Fast and
Furious that Malia’s Daddy and the DOJ let walk across the Border?

And if something went wrong, God forbid, and the bad guys got through the Bodyguards, who would Obama blame? Probably George Bush.

Monday, March 19, 2012


It’s no longer a rumor.

Wisconsin’s courts are ruled by Uber Liberal Partisan judges. Gannett Media reported that 29 WI circuit court judges were among thousands who signed Walker recall petitions. That’s 12% of the state’s approximately 250 county judges. The most liberal county judges are in Milwaukee County where 11 judges, about one-fourth of the judges in the county, signed petitions. No surprise there. None of the 16 appeals court judges or seven WI Supreme Court justices signed. Seems they have more brains than the circuit court judges. What judge would believe
it’s okay to sign a recall petition against his governor? Aren’t judges supposed to be non-partisan?

Chapter 60, WI State Statute says, “No judge or candidate
for judicial office or judge-elect may…participate in the affairs, caucuses,
promotions, platforms, endorsements, conventions or activities of a political
party or of a candidate for partisan office.” Pretty clear to me, wouldn’t you say?

But take a look at Dane County Judge David Flanagan. He signed a recall petition. And last week he issued an injunction to halt enactment of Governor Walker’s Voter ID law. How non-partisan is that? It gets worse for the judge. His wife was a recall petition circulator, and Judge Flanagan signed his wife’s petition. In addition to that, it’s been reported that the ruling is very sloppily written, incorrectly cites a provision in the state Constitution and refers to U. S.
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia as William Scalia. The problems with the written ruling are damaging to the ruling’s credibility and Flanagan’s credibility, as well. Flanagan doesn’t even know the correct name of a Supreme Court Justice. Sure gives me confidence in the legal system. Just guessing, but it appears the Judge wrote the ruling in haste and made a royal
mess of it.

Many citizens have lost confidence in governmental bodies and the courts. Judge Flanagan just proved we are right to have little faith in the legislative branch. It is critical that judges do everything to demonstrate that their decisions are free of political influence. State judges often have to decide cases where the governor is a party to a case. In fact, Gov. Walker was named as a defendant in the Voter ID case. Judges often have to rule on close elections. How can any judge sign a recall petition and claim he’s unbiased or non partisan? At the very least, with Flanagan’s name on a petition he should have immediately recused himself from ruling on the Voter ID

All 29 judge signers should step aside on any decision that is partisan. There’s no way they can
rule fair and square when their heart lies in a specific political arena.

And for those judges who signed and claim this is not a partisan issue, Flanagan included? I say
Bull Poop. The line is pretty clearly drawn when you support a recall election that is 100% Democratic. No way can you justify your participation in this recall travesty and then proceed to rule on the validity of actions taken by the guy you believe should be recalled. The public is not that stupid!


The State Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety warn Americans that we should not travel to Mexico, just about anywhere in the country. It's too dangerous, too many guns, drugs, random killings. BEWARE! Travel at your own risk.
Unless you are Malia Obama and 12 of her best friends and you are escorted by 25 Secret Service agents as bodyguards. Malia landed in Oaxaca on Saturday and was escorted to their hotel in bulletproof SUVs.
The Secret Service is being helped by Mexican police who have stated that they are there to "block access to the hotel by other people and escort the vehicles that are carrying the visitors."
I thought the Mexican police were mostly corrupt and couldn't be trusted?
While Malia and her friends safely enjoy themselves in a very dangerous country, Americans are staying home for spring break. They can't afford to put gas in their vehicles to travel to the grocery store, much less fly to Sunny, Deadly Mexico. How much do you think it cost to send Malia, 12 friends and 25 Secret Service members, and who knows who else tagged along, to Mexico? I'll bet the U. S. taxpayer is footing the bill. Maybe she's campaigning for her Papa? We are footing the bill for his entire campaign, what's one more trip to the Danger Zone?

Friday, March 9, 2012


The truth came out today. The Sandra Fluke controversy is nothing more than a White House manufactured issue to divert attention from Obama’s attempt to dictate that religious
organizations must cover contraception and abortion services in their insurance
plans. What a subterfuge, because the “Obama Mandate” applies to all insurance coverage, all policies, all insureds, all employers, all Americans, not just religious organizations. That fact has gotten lost in the scuffle. It’s not about contraceptives. It’s all about power.

But here’s the real question. Who is “handling” Sandra Fluke? Why did she suddenly appear on the scene as the champion of women victims of contraception discrimination? Who is paying for this poor Georgetown college student (who can’t afford to pay for her own birth control pills) to jet around the country appearing here, there and everywhere? You can bet it isn’t
Fluke! Remember, she has no money. So far she’s appeared on 8 Main Stream news programs, unchallenged in her assertions that she is a victim because she has to pay for her own pleasures.

And now the truth is revealed. Fluke is being represented by a PR agency called SKDKnickerbocker. The managing editor of SKDK is Anita Dunn, the former Obama communications director. So this whole fiasco comes back to the White House. Surprise, surprise!

This is what is now known to be fact. Fluke is the head of a group called
Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice. On Feb 9 a group called the Feminist Majority Foundation arranged for Fluke to appear at a press conference so that she could
publicly criticize the Catholic Bishops who have come out so vocally against the Obama contraception mandate.

Shortly after that staged action, Congressman Elijah Cummings (D) asked Fluke to testify in front of a House Oversight Committee hearing. The purpose of the hearing was to hear testimony on the separation of church and state and health care. The hearing was not about the Obama contraceptive mandate. Darrell Issa, Chairman of the Committee, refused to let Fluke testify because she had no expertise in church and state issues. But Fluke attended anyway. After the hearing Fluke whined and bellyached to ABC News that she had not been allowed to testify.

A week later Pelosi staged a pseudo hearing starring guess who? Right, Ms. Fluke. Then Rush Limbaugh made his inappropriate comments elevating Fluke and Contraceptives to Liberal Loon Notoriety. And the press was off and running.

It’s no accident that Fluke is being trotted out as a victim. Obama’s approval rating among
women was way, way down, and his attempt to force Catholics to comply with The
King’s rules backfired. He had to do something, and Fluke is his willing pawn.

It’s no accident that Cummings, Pelosi and Dunn put her front and center as their Mouthpiece on the contraception issue. Want more proof? The Community Organizer in Chief personally called Fluke to give her a “phone huggie” and make her feel better. Want even more
proof? Fluke is telling her audiences to head on over to Media Matters for the real truth. That’s how laughable she is.

The average first year salary of a Georgetown graduate is $160,000 per year. Ms. Fluke wants us to believe she is a “victim” because she’s attending GT and is not getting free
contraception paid for by us. She’s a great example of the “gimme-gimme” mentality.
There are hundreds of thousands of women going through college, working 2 and 3 jobs so they can pay their own bills. They are not begging, whining, demanding or blabbing at press
conferences. They are too busy trying to get through school, scared that when they get out they won’t even be able to find a job, thanks to Obama, much less contraception coverage.

But I have great faith in American women. I believe they will see past this Obama staged
production. I believe women will not sacrifice another freedom for a bunch of free stuff from the government. I believe women know full well that if Obama’s contraceptive mandate becomes law he will eventually “mandate” every aspect of their lives. I believe women know this is just another power grab in Obama’s relentless power-grab-goodie-bag. I believe American women know our Constitution is dying every single day at the hands of Obama and his Constitution Killing Machine. I believe they will not fall for this and will send him back to Chicago in November.

As for Ms. Fluke? Bet she’ll have a job with the Obama White House in 3, 2, 1…..

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Ah, the truth, it is so fleeting. The latest claim from the Main Stream Media junk heap? A Washington Post reporter, Alexandra Petri, is reporting that Rush Limbaugh is now in bed with Ashley Madison. She swears it's true, Rush has lost so many advertisers that he's had to resort to partnering with an "adultery site" and is now allowing Ashley Madison to advertise on Rush's radio show. She's either intentionally lying or doesn't check facts before putting her computer clicking fingers into overdrive. She probably gets her info from Media Matters, and we all know they are sleeping with the White House. Here's the real story. Sure makes Ms. Petri look like the Liberal Loon that she is. No wonder no one trusts them.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Those poor "disenfranchised" voters don't have any problem getting their welfare, Badgercare, social security, disability, or other government handouts that require some ID or effort . You need a photo ID for drivers' license, buying cigarettes, hunting license, entry into a bar, cashing a check, using a credit card, just about every aspect of your life. Why the heck don't you need one to perform your most civic duty -- voting?? This from the Liberal Dane County courts. The same courts who refused to give the Walker campaign additional time to vet the million recall petition signatures. Think the deck is stacked against bringing sanity back to our world? You are right.



TIM NERENZ, Ph.D., tells it like it REALLY is. Right on, Dr. Nerenz.

"I Have A Dream:

Remember these from school? “Ask not what your country can do for you; demand it.” “The only thing to fear is buying our own stuff.” “Give me liberty or give me free stuff.” “One if by land, two if by sea; get off that horse and buy my stuff for me.” And who can forget, “I have a dream…where you have to give me stuff.”

What in the world has happened to us? How did we go from Patrick Henry and Dr. Martin Luther King to some 30 year-old still-a-student from Georgetown going on national TV to demand more government because she can’t figure out how to keep from getting knocked up on her own dime?

President Obama – our President Obama - called to congratulate her for that and tell her she represents all women. Really? All women? How about it, ladies – are all of you spending your days getting drilled by losers who can’t afford their own condoms and then bragging about it under oath on CSPAN? Has your liberation from men left you that completely helpless?

I don’t think she represents very many women at all; most that I know are proud of their independence and character. Sometimes politicians say things so incredibly stupid we wonder how they managed to ever get elected...and then other times they sleep.

But you know what? This whole free contraception thing is the straw that broke the camel’s back. I am tired of pushing the rock up the hill – I’m throwing in with the gimmee-gimmee crowd. Kennedy didn’t know squat, Henry was a flake, Jefferson had it all wrong, and Dr. King must have been some selfish, racist, libertarian with that stupid dream that every individual should be judged by the content of their character. Screw that.

I have a better dream. I have a dream that you buy your stuff for you and then you buy my stuff for me. That’s equality, right there. Whatever I want and just because I want it. Food, housing, day care, abortions, contraception, train rides, a job, pension, health care, a Volt, college, flat-out cash. The way it works is you give me the stuff I need so I can use my own money to buy the stuff I want – Spring Break in Cancun, iTunes, tattoos. You even have to buy my Ambien so I can dream my dream.

I have another dream where you taxpaying welders have to pay for my college as long as I want to keep going, and then I will whine and bitch about my student loans for years until you write them off. And then I will whine and bitch some more because you won’t hire me with my useless degree and pathetic attitude. If that doesn’t work, I’ll sue you. Or boycott, or occupy, or break your glass or light your stuff on fire. I don’t need a reason. You owe me, because I breathe.

I have a dream… In my new dream you have to hire me and then you can’t fire me, and I get sick days and vacation days and holidays and union conferences off, and call-in days, and I can watch porn on school computers and if you fire me for that I get reinstated with back pay. I have a dream…where I can retire early, draw a pension and then get paid again to go back to work at the same job.

How about this one: “We hold this truth to be self-evident - I get my way.” If my guy doesn’t win an election we get to recall the guy who did, and you have to pay for it. I decide my pay and benefits and you pay. I get to tell you what to do and you do it.

In my dream I can stop you from mining on your own land, from owning your own guns, selling your own milk, and growing your own food. We’re all in this together – I say and you do.

I have a dream that I decide how much profit you can make and how much of your own money you get to keep. I have a dream where you have to join my union and dues get taken out your check before the IRS even gets their bite of the apple. I have a dream where you don’t have squat to say about it. Shut up, bitch – this is what democracy looks like. That’s how I sound in my dream - street.

I have a dream where it is a disability to be me, so now I get to park up front and get even more free stuff than if I was a just a regular broke-dick. I want that ID card where you have to give me medical marijuana and King Crimson CD’s. I have a dream… [Alarm goes off and I wake all sweaty and heart-pounding] Wow, that was some nightmare; too bad we are living in it.

Do you know the difference between shame and Beetlejuice? If you say Beetlejuice three times, he shows up. The Wisconsin lefty protesters have proven you can chant “shame shame shame” until the cows come home or flee to Illinois and it won’t instill any in you.

This Georgetown woman did her own shameful three-way; turns out she is not 23, is not a real student, and is a serial testifier – a 30 year-old “activist” fabricated for the cameras by the marketing department over at Democrat Victimhood, Inc. Wham, bam, thanks for the sound bite, ma’am. The party of women creates a new national Lewinsky to humiliate, and the shameless left cheers her on. Cheeky.

The worst thing about his whole incident is that we now know what kind of dipstick gets into law school these days; we can look forward to decades of her suing us because her watch stopped, or the Fox station airs Seinfeld re-runs when she likes to tan, or brunettes earn more than blonds, or guys don’t need tampons, or they play hockey in the South. Who knows what craving for attention will trigger another seizure?

At age 40 she will be up on the Hill testifying about why we need to buy her a tummy tuck and liposuction, and at age 50, it will be breast augmentation and collagen implants. At 60 we will start medicating her libido back into action and 70 she will be hounding us to buy the hubby’s dinger pills and call dermabrasion health care and make us pay for it. By then she will have some money and have turned Republican. It won’t matter; they both want free stuff.

At a panel on nationalizing health care in 2009, I warned the greatest danger of a government-run system was the politicization of illness, disease, and treatment. Equating avoidance of a voluntary condition (pregnancy) with prevention of a disease in order to mandate contraceptive coverage without compensation is just the tip of the iceberg of what we can expect each election year when the pols are trolling for votes in the highly-contested moron community.

When your health care costs go up and your employer drops your coverage, you can’t say that you weren’t warned.

While this young lady was reading her lines over at Nancy Pelosi’s Theatre of the Absurd, the real news was being made by HHS Secretary Sebelius, who gloated that the insurance industry was in a “death spiral” and promising us straight-faced that mandating coverage without compensation had nothing to do with it. No doubt the frisky coeds over at Georgetown Law School believed every word of it."

“Moment Of Clarity” is a weekly commentary by Libertarian writer and speaker Tim Nerenz, Ph.D. Visit


Obama started the "you-have-to-pay-for-my-contraception" brouhaha by ordering the Catholic Church and other religious entities to cover contraception and abortion pills for all of their employees, no matter what their religion teaches. This was bad enough.

Then he “capitulated” and said, oh, well, I guess the churches don’t have to pay for it, but your insurance companies have to pay. I have made a concession, Obama said. Except lots of church/religious institutions are self insured, so Obama’s “concession” means nothing. It’s a fraud of the largest magnitude.

Congressman Darrell Issa then put together a panel to discuss Freedom of Religion and the federal government. The Democrats listed their speaker, at the last minute withdrew their named speaker, and asked if Sandra Fluke could testify instead. Issa said no, she’s not on the list. And then all hell broke loose.

Pelosi is throwing a hissy fit and calls a “news conference” so Fluke can speak her mind. Fluke was the sole witness appearing before an all-Democratic panel chaired by Pelosi. That should tell you all you need to know.

And now Fluke’s you-owe-me position has taken over the main stream media. But where was the main stream media when leading Conservative men and women have been attacked and called filthy names? Like Palin, Bachmann, Coulter, Rice, Malkin, Hannity, Ingraham, Beck, O’Reilly, and Rush, when a newscaster stated he hoped Limbaugh had a heart attack and died? Where were they when the Tea Party participants were labeled with all kinds of ugly, vicious names? The MSM ignored it. Very par for the course.
Obama actually called Fluke to encourage her, saying he wanted Fluke's parents to be proud of her. Well, that's wonderful. But where is my phone call? I am a daughter, a mother, a grandmother, and a Conservative. I didn't get a call from Obama when I was called a mobster, a terrorist, a Nazi, a tea bagger, a homophobe, a neanderthal, a Brown Coat, a racist, no phone call when my integrity and intellect has been attacked on every level just because I oppose bailouts, stimulus, Obamacare, so-called jobs bills, and economic Armageddon due to Obama's spiraling debt.

This is such a bogus issue. 75% of U. S. counties have at least one clinic that receives Title X funds, meaning birth control is free (yes, WE ARE ALREADY PAYING FOR IT through Title X). CNSNews today confirmed that within 3 miles of Georgetown Law campus, where Fluke attends school, there is a Target store that sells birth control pills for $9 per month to individuals who have no health insurance coverage for the pills.

Ms. Fluke should be told that it’s easy to afford contraception, it’s called self discipline. She might not like that position, but then she should be asking her bedroom partners to split the cost. After all, it takes two to play, and it should take two to pay. If her enlightened partner doesn’t want to participate? Then she should find someone who is willing to take responsibility for his actions, as she should for hers.

Quite honestly, this is contemptible, despicable and disgraceful. Our country is 16 trillion dollars in debt. Our jobless rate is through the roof. Gas prices keep going up but we can’t drill anywhere. Obamacare is destroying the private health care system, by design. Obama just this week cut more money from veterans' benefits, meaning our returning vets are being denied essential health care services. And the liberal press, Obama and the Democrats are demanding free birth control for all.

The irrefutable truth is Obama needs women in November, Obama and the Dems don’t like his poll numbers, so they created this bogus, fraudulent issue. Fluke being the headline story in all MSM news is no accident. Sandra Fluke is a “plant.” Sandra Fluke is a major re-election scam, and this dog and pony show should have been shut down before it even got started. As a woman, Fluke should be ashamed of allowing Obama to use her like he has.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


A Georgetown co-ed named Sandra Fluke appeared before a Nancy Pelosi hearing and testified that the women at her law school are having so much sex that they are going broke paying for contraceptives. The purpose of her testimony? To convince Ms. Pelosi’s hearing that you and I should pay for her to participate in her extra-curricular activities. No kidding, this is what she said.

She believes every health insurance plan should be required to fully cover the cost of all contraception and abortion inducing products. She said it’s too expensive to have sex in law school without forced insurance coverage. It’s hard to make ends meet when they have to pay for it themselves.

She said that it costs a Georgetown female law student $3,000 for pill contraception over the 3 years it takes to get a law degree. Well, now, let’s see, at $3,000 for 3 years, that’s $1,000 per year. If these poor coeds were purchasing condoms, that’d be almost 84 condoms used per month, 21 condoms used per week, or 3 condoms used per day, every day for 3 years. Good grief, they’d be busy. Wonder when they’d have time to study law?

But nooooo, condoms are a no-no to the super-elite at Georgetown, which, by the way, being a very private college, costs around $60,000 per year to attend. Ah, I almost forgot, Georgetown is a Catholic university where you might expect that women attending would be more inclined to forego or limit casual, unmarried sex, but that appears not to be so.

Ms. Fluke states that for many female Georgetown students $3,000 is an entire summer’s salary. I say good for them, they are able to earn enough in just one summer to pay for three years of sex. That’s taking care of business, if you ask me.

But the whole point of Ms. Fluke’s testimony was to convince the “hearing panel” that tax payers should pay for her sexploitations. She wants us to pay for her covert activities through increased insurance premiums that will be charged if insurance companies have to provide it free, no co-pay.

And then there’s Ms. Sebelius, HHS Secretary, the woman who Obama put in charge of “drafting” the Obamacare bill so we could “see what’s in it,” as Pelosi stated. Sebelius testified this week that the “contraceptive mandate won’t cost taxpayers anything because there will be fewer people to insure.” This is one of those “Did-she-really-say-that?” moments. She did, she did, she said government mandated contraception will mean fewer births, which will mean there will be fewer people to insure, and therefore, insurance costs won’t go up.

Good God, these people are running the country.

Now why would this all be such a big deal now? Well, remember a few weeks ago when Obama announced the mandate that all religious institutions have to cover contraception and the morning-after pill? And after the outrage by the Catholics, Obama revised his mandate and said, Well, you won’t have to provide it, but your insurance companies will have to.

And now we have Pelosi dragging Ms. Fluke before Congress to bear witness to the hardship we are causing her because we don’t want to pay for her and her sexpot friends to skip the studying and get to the goodies.

And this has all come about because Obama is losing, very rapidly, I might add, the female vote in America. He had to do something to win them back, and he decided to give them free sex, compliments of us. No personal responsibility, no remorse, let it all hang out, the Fairy Godmother taxpayer will pick up the tab.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.  Ms. Fluke researched Georgetown before enrolling at GT because she wanted to attend a college that DIDN'T provide contraception coverage. Her stated goal was to force the college to change their policy to satisfy her wishes. She's a contraception revolutionary forcing the will of the few on the rights of the many.

Here’s Ms. Fluke’s pertinent testimony.