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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Yesterday Shell Oil announced that is must scrap efforts to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean off the Alaskan coast. The Reason? Obama's EPA Environmental Appeals Board is refusing to issue air permits to Shell.

Shell has spent 5 years and $4 billion getting ready to drill for oil in the Alaskan waters. The estimated 27 billion barrels of oil represents 2 1/2 times more oil than has flowed down the Alaskan pipeline in the last 30 years. Because production on the North Slope of Alaska is declining at about 7% a year, and the pipeline is currently carrying 1/3 of its capacity, the pipeline will have to shut down at some point. The Shell drilling plan was intended to produce enough oil to keep the Alaskan Pipeline open for decades to come.

The reason the EPA-EAB said NO? They believe that "emissions from an ice-breaking vessel may cause greenhouse gas emissions" from the project. The closest village, Kaktovik, Alaska, is one of the most remote places in the U.S. The population is 245, the village is 1 square mile, and it is 70 miles away from the proposed off-shore drilling site.

The EAB issuing this rule has four members. All are registered Democrats, and one of the members, Kathie Stein, was an activist attorney for the Environmental Defense Fund prior to being appointed to the EAB. That tells you all you need to know about her. Members of the EAB are appointed by the EPA administrator, who is appointed by Obama.

So the next time you fill your vehicle with gas, thank Rogue Obama and his soldiers. Be sure to place the blame where it belongs. Don't be fooled by the Justice Department committee he's appointing to make sure the American people don't get scammed by someone on Wall Street, you know, speculators, oil companies, hedge funds, etc. Obama lies. He knows it isn't their fault. After all, he passed the Financial Reform bill that was supposed to stop Wall Street shenanigans.

And don't be swayed by the "record profits" the oil companies are making. Their profit margin is around 7.4%, not an unreasonable expectation for a company. While the profit margin on an IPad is about 46%, just to put things in perspective (yes, forty six percent). If PBO goes after the oil companies for excess profits, what do you think he should do to Apple? Oh, probably nothing, Apple and Steve Jobs are HUGE contributors to the Democrats and Obama in particular.

The biggest scammer in Washington is Obama, the Let's Kill Oil King. This action sanctioned by PBO himself, along with the Print More Money policy of Bernanke and PBO, will drive investments, oil production and many, many thousands of jobs overseas. Then we can get out the checkbook and write a great big American check to purchase what we should be drilling for right here. And in the meantime, thousands more will have to draw unemployment because Obama has failed miserably at creating any jobs except to hire 200,000 more robots in Washington.

And while this Kill Oil action is taking place, all of us will continue to Pay At The Pump. Just wait until it gets to $5 or more per gallon.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Mr. Obama, I am now convinced that you have gone completely over the edge with your 2012 budget proposal. A big part of your plan to reduce our crushing deficit is to raise taxes. I know it's so you can spend more, you know, the more you have, the more you will spend, but don't you understand that raising taxes removes spendable money from the economy?? If Americans have to pay the government, they have less to spend on things such as food and outrageously priced gas.

Furthermore, if you would just get rid of the fraud, waste and abuse in the budget you wouldn't have to raise taxes.

I am guessing that you are having meetings with advisors in your administration so you must have heard about the $125 billion in improper payments that the GAO listed in their report last week. Or maybe you are so busy meeting and greeting union heads and Earth Day supporters that you don't have time to meet with your cabinet heads.

So in case no one in the White House has told you yet, here is the information that you should be paying attention to:

2009 - federal agencies reported improper payments of $109.2 billion
2010 - federal agencies reported improper payments of $125.4 billion

Both of these years are on your watch, Mr. O.

The GAO defines improper payments as "over payments, underpayments, fraud, and payments that were not property documented." The $125 billion improperly spent was in 70 different programs encompassing 20 federal agencies. Here are the top "wasters" in Washington.

1. Medicare (Health and Human Services Dept.) 34.3 billion
2. Medicaid (Health and Human Services Dept.) 22.5 billion
3. Unemployment Insurance (Labor Dept.) 17.5 billion
4. Earned Income Tax Credit (Treasury Dept.) 16.9 billion
5. Medicare Advance (HHS again) 13.6 billion
6. SSI (Social Security Admin) 4.8 billion
7. Old Age Survivors' And Disability Ins. (Social Security) 3.2 billion
8. Nutrition Assistance (Agriculture Dept.) 2.2 billion
9. National School Lunch (Agriculture Dept.) 1.5 billion
10. Pell Grants (Education Dept.) 1.0 billion

Looks like no department has a monopoly on inefficiency, Mr. O. The reasons listed for the over payments range from medically unnecessary services, insufficient documentation, complexity of laws, unscrupulous claimants, fraud, data transfer errors, payment calculation errors, inadequate verification of information, over payments, non-verification of claimants eligibility, incorrect computation of benefits, and other reasons.

And now I am confused, Mr. O. I do believe you campaigned on the idea that you were going to go to Washington and clean it up, no more "business as usual," you were going to bring "change you can believe in." You were going to root out waste, abuse, fraud, and you even said you would cut our deficit in half within the first two years of being in office.

So why haven't you done what you promised? Were they just empty words? Empty promises? Were you promising anything just to win? I believe so, as you've already begun the political rhetoric and hype for 2012. And every time you open your mouth I am reminded that I cannot believe a word you say.

I genuinely pray that the Americans who voted for you last time remember that your promises mean nothing. They are going to hear the same drivel for the next two years. I just hope that they see the light before Nov. 2012.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


OBAMA CUTS 'EM OFF AT THE KNEES! I didn't think it could get any worse, but here it is.

Yesterday Obama signed an Executive Order that seeks to single handedly accomplish what Congress has refused to do. Congress again is inconsequential to King Obama. This is an absolute abuse of the power Obama has as president. Even Politico, not a Conservative organization, questions Obama's motive behind this action stating it will "compel disclosure of ...campaign contributions" that financed "ads against Democrats during the 2010 elections."

What the EO does is mandate that all businesses seeking to contract with the federal government first disclose their political contributions. It doesn't stop with the business itself. It applies to the political spending of all officers and directors as well. In a nutshell, the EO is an attempt to use executive power to punish or silence political adversaries, while rewarding supporters.

Of course, the EO does not apply to Democrat-allied groups that receive grants and assistance from the federal government, such as Planned Parenthood; nor does it apply to any Unions, which bankroll so many Democratic campaigns and which have bragged about their spending power having helped elect BO. They believe they are the King of the Hill due to the millions they spend on Democrat campaigns. "We're the big dog," states Larry Scanlon, head of the AFSCME (government employees' union). Oh, and don't forget, Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO leader, is the most frequent visitor to the White House. His union and every union is exempt from this outrageous EO.

BO and his Czars say it's all about "disclosure." They'll drag out any nice sounding words to justify another power grab. But this is not about disclosure. If it were the EO would include every group contributing any dollars to political campaigns. It is all about INTIMIDATION.

While the nation reels from a crashing economy and crushing debt, gas price approaching $5 per gallon, the political earthquake in the Middle East, our involvement in three wars, (didn't BO say he'd end Iraq and Afghanistan and bring our troops home? But now he sends us to Libya with no approval of Congress), unemployment at record highs, a housing industry destroyed by the power-broker crooks in Washington, S & P downgrading the U. S. credit rating, with all of this going on BO finds time to conjure up ways to hurt his political "enemies," as he characterizes them.

BO believes determining one's political leanings is a prerequisite for determining the qualifications of of any company wanting to do business with the government. Political contributions will absolutely be used by this crooked, corrupt administration in determining whether or not a company is awarded very lucrative federal contracts.

As evidenced in Wisconsin last month, public disclosure of campaign contributions will lead to boycotts of businesses, death threats, intimidation and dissension. You all watched as the unions vandalized the Capital, wrote threatening letters to businesses, and made State Senators fearful for their own safety. Historically similar efforts to punish companies for their political views are spread like debris through the political landscape.

So now American businesses have to make a choice. Do I support the party in power in hopes that I can continue my livelihood, or do I support the candidate I believe will do the best job? And lest you think your little business won't have to comply, think again. The EO includes everyone from the zipper maker for military uniforms, to the daycare facility operator for federal workplaces, to landscapers who service national parks, to food vendors for all federal buildings, to newspaper/magazine vendors in federal buildings, basically any company wanting to do business with the feds. Do you get it yet?? Pony up for the party in the White House or risk paying the price, meaning no contracts, no jobs. Slimy, slimy, slimy.

Obama's only purpose with this EO is to stifle political speech to further his chances to win reelection. He has no respect for the Constitution and Free Speech. He has no respect for the Supreme Court which already issued an opinion on campaign contributions. In fact, he blasted the Supreme Court last year during the State of the Union address for their support of the First Amendment. The Supreme Court has spoken. To Obama it means nothing. He is using the Executive Order power of the presidency to render the Supreme Court worthless, just as he has rendered Congress worthless.

To any Obama supporters who might be left, ask yourself, are you better off than you were two years ago? Honestly, are you happy with what you've seen for two years? You have cast one vote that is destroying the greatest nation on earth. If you cast another one in 2012 then you have no one but yourself to blame for the total demise of America. I hope you are all smarter than you were in 2010 and don't fall for the empty promises, the lies, the fraud, graft, deceit and corruption that is hunkering down in the White House.

And yes, yes, I know, there are crooks in both parties. You are correct about that. But never before has a president completely usurped the power of the Judicial branch and the Legislative branch like Obama has. Never before have we had a president who believes he is above the Constitution, the Supreme Court and Congress. God help us.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Heard about the Mike Huckabee and Glenn Beck dust up? Well, it seems like Mikey took some exception to some things Glenn said about Mikey being a Progressive. But the joke's on Mikey, because he is exactly what Glenn says - HUCKABEE is NOT A CONSERVATIVE. He is a Progressive. And his record as Governor proves it, even though he's trying to sell himself as a staunch Conservative. He thinks the Conservative base is too stupid to notice. Watch this video from beginning to end. Don't skip any of it, as you will find out all about Huckabee's gubernatorial record, all condensed into one video. If you are a Conservative looking for a true Conservative leader, Huckabee doesn't make the cut.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


GOVERNMENTGONEWILD.ORG, a web site devoted to exposing the dangers of a Government Gone Wild. Watch this video and forward this to everyone you know. Obama is NOT telling us the truth about how dangerous our "debt" is. Watch our DEBT, not our yearly DEFICIT. There is a difference. Obama is remarkably out of his depth as he and the Democrats refuse to confront our massive DEBT. They are driving us over the cliff, full speed ahead and it appears they don't realize the danger or they just don't care.

Some suggestions? Cut funding of all bailouts, subsidies, whole departments that are proven to be worthless, foreign aid which we cannot afford, social engineering programs that are not in our Constitution, cut the 200,000 employees that Obama has added to the federal payroll in just two years, cut all government program by 20% across every agency, and then cut all government spending by 10-15% every year until the debt is paid off. Enact immediately a Balanced Budget Bill that forces every administration to present a budget that matches spending to income. This would prevent Washington from creating new debt.

Do You Think There Is Anyone In Washington With The Boldness, Fortitude or Intelligence To Tell Us The Truth? Paul Ryan is getting there, but even his plan is not enough. And Yes, there are going to have to be changes to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Like it or not, if we do not change those programs the debt problem will not be fixed and those programs will simply die a flaming death when we can no longer pay the bill. Wouldn't you rather have SOME Medicare/Social Security/Medicaid than NONE at all?

You must get involved in this fight to save America. Standards and Poors has changed our debt rating, and that is very, very serious business. Do not sit on the sidelines while America suffocates from our massive debt.

Friday, April 15, 2011



Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A History Lesson on U. S. budget process: Federal law requires the President to submit a budget sufficiently in advance of the fiscal year, which starts October 1 of each year. The President's budget spells out how much money he wants to spend and where he wants to spend it. The House then approves, modifies or disapproves. It then goes to the Senator and then back to the House and then to the President for his signature. This is the process for approval of the budget and is supposed to be done MONTHS IN ADVANCE of the fiscal year so federal agencies, vendors who deal with the government, the financial community and others have time to prepare for spending and the government knows how much it is going to spend. The Obama administration FAILED to present a budget for fiscal 10-1-2010, and therein lies the "close down the government" scenario we've witnessed this past week. The pressure was on. So let's make it clear. The budget that just got "approved" by all in Washington with the so-called $38 billion in cuts is for fiscal year 10/1/2010 - 9/30/2011, called the 2011 budget. The whole process will start over again this summer as the President presents his budget for fiscal 10/1/2011 to 9/30/2012, his 2012 budget. Paul Ryan from WI has already proposed a budget for 2012 that cuts $6 trillion in spending. I hope this explanation makes the budget process in Washington clearer to all of you. But wait, here's the most important thing you need to know. Obama's 2011 budget (just voted on this week) was billions higher than his actual spending for 2010. Thus, when the Republicans, Obama and the Democrats celebrated their agreement of $38 billion in cuts, they were not CUTS at all. The $38 billion is simply a decrease in the increase Obama wanted to spend from 2010 to 2011. It's only a cut in what they planned to spend, not actual, real deficit reduction dollar cuts. Spending for the remainder of 2011 will INCREASE DRAMATICALLY, not decrease. It will just increase by $38 billion less than Obama wanted it to increase. SO YOU ASK, OBAMA WANTS TO INCREASE OUR DEBT? Oh, yeah! Here are the facts. In the next six months Obama wants to increase our debt by another trillion dollars, and in the 2012 fiscal year he wants to borrow another $1.7 trillion. Out debt has increased $4 trillion since Obama became president. Can someone tell me how this can be considered a CUT in the budget? How can this be a "successful negotiation" to reduce our deficit?? Obama says the "economy will collapse" if we don't borrow more. His lack of knowledge on the economy is truly stunning. This is simply CRAZY! Most economists say that the economy will collapse if we keep on borrowing. Obama chooses to ignore the red flashing warning lights and is leading us right into the path of an oncoming freight train. I say it is immoral, illegal and unconstitutional for our government to borrow money when it has no ability or intention of repaying the loans. The White House and the enablers in Washington, both Republicans and Democrats who got on board the "we've cut $38 billion" celebration, are lying to us. This is nothing more than a Budget Shell Game. So why are these people running our government? Very Good Question. It looks like we have to have another change in the election of 2012. 2010 was a good start, as most of the Tea Party people who were elected are standing firm against this atrocity. But there are many left who are doing business as usual, like John Boehner who caved to The Imperial President.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


COLDWATER, MICHIGAN - All over the country on April 15 there will be tax day protests. This has happened regularly in recent years, nothing new. But this year Tea Party Patriots will not be allowed to carry or display any signs or banners in Coldwater. Watch the video below for background and what is being done about the situation. My Question? Why would Coldwater disallow Tea Party signs when a Baptist church is allowed to picket and carry signs in protest at funerals of our armed forces, as ruled by the Supreme Court of the land? Coldwater must be run by a bunch of Progressives who don't believe in Freedom of Speech.


Saturday, April 9, 2011


Ah, Congressman Paul Ryan, finally, someone is finally telling Americans the truth about our budget woes. Ryan's proposed 2012 budget cuts over 6 trillion dollars. And of course, Pelosi and all kinds of Democrats and Lefties are yowling like sick cats about "this is the end of life as we know it," "this is the end of (insert whatever program you want) as we know it," "this is the end of Medicare as we know it," and on and on and on. But this is no surprise. These are the same big spenders who have in the last two years passed out tax payer money with no end in sight. And they don't like it much when someone, anyone, and even Paul Ryan, attempts to put a stop to it. "The end of Medicare as we know it?" Don't be fooled. Go to this link for the truth. CLICK HERE FOR THE TRUTH ABOUT MEDICARE

Friday, April 8, 2011


Republican Ted Poe from Texas on foreign aid. He shows us that of the 192 countries in the world, we give billions in aid to 150 of them, many you'd never, ever think we'd send a dime to, much less billions. Watch this video. And then ask yourself why foreign aid isn't on the table right now when Washington is ready to close down the government because the Democrats won't agree to the cuts the Republicans want. The Democrats want to shut down the government and stop pay checks to our military, but they are not even talking about foreign aid to countries that hate us. Boy, People, we have to vote the rest of the big spenders OUT OF OFFICE IN 2012. We can't get rid of this kind of obscene expenditure unless we replace every Senator or Congressman who didn't get replaced in 2010 if they are a member of the Big Spender's Club. And anyone who was sent to Washington in 2010 who isn't living up to their promises? They can get fired too. Stay vigilant. Keep active. November 2012 is coming soon.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


What a day it has been in Wisconsin. As of Wed. this week. Kloppenburg was claiming the prize of all prizes, I won, I won, I am going to the WI Supreme Court - but only by 205 votes. Her grabbing the brass ring was slightly premature. Did she not think there would be a recount? And then this morning on the news came the announcement that after rechecking the ballots before submission to the state, Winnebago County found some votes that had not been counted. After they were included Prosser was ahead of Kloppenburg by 40 votes. Still too close to call, and still on the way to a recount. But tonight the Oscar goes to Justice Prosser. Waukesha County found a "human error" which caused nearly 15,000 votes from the city of Brookfield to be excluded from the early count of ballots. The data was sent from Brookfield to the Clerk's office but did not get transferred to the final report given to the media. Brookfield is a heavily red area, casting 10,859 votes for Prosser and 3,456 votes for Kloppenberg. The inclusion of these ballots netted Prosser over 7,000 votes. A lead this large may be enough to prevent an automatic re-count. Kloppenburg would still have 3 days to ask for a re-count, but she would have to pay for it herself. The Brookfield count appears to be legitimate. There were Dems and Reps there during the counting process, and all agree that the final count is 100% accurate. So no funny business to be had. Do you think the Democrats will finally get the message? They didn't get it from the 2010 election. They didn't get it for weeks while they caused $7 million in damage to the Capital. They didn't get it when 14 Senators left the state to avoid doing their jobs. They didn't get it when they squatted in the Capital for weeks instead of staying on their jobs. And now, when the union/Dem voter turnout was monumental, all voting for Kloppenburg, they have lost. I wonder if they will get it now? The equally strong Republican turnout was due to the over-the-top reaction the unions and government workers had to Walker's reforms. The fleeing of the Dem legislators, storming the Capital, the fraudulent sick slips, teachers abandoning their classrooms, the death threats, the intimidation, the law breaking. They sure didn't make a very good impression on the whole country. Conservatives rallied to get out their vote due to the exhaustion and revulsion they felt at the hysterical tantrums exhibited by the Left. They Are Fed Up! Conservatives also had a very clear understanding of what was in play. There is a very real threat that the lawful acts of the legislature will not play out without interference from a politically motivated court, Judge Sumi, who has issued an injunction against Walker's bill. There is a very real possibility that her activist antics will drive the issue right to the Supreme Court. We all saw that. And we weren't about to let the WI Supreme Court be controlled by Kloppenburg, a DNR activist prosecuter with no experience on the bench. Do you remember when the GOP finally won Illinois and beat the Daley machine by holding outstate votes until after Cook County/Chicago had to report their vote numbers? The Dems didn't know how many votes they had to create to win, and after the outstate totals were released, the Dems realized that, ooops, they guessed wrong. Now I don't want to say that's what happened in WI, but it is strange, I think, that Prosser was winning throughout the entire vote count, and even when the reporting precincts were over 99% he was still ahead by about 900 votes. And then suddenly with 1% left to report Kloppenburg takes the lead by 205. But the Dems didn't know about Brookfield! I suspect this was not intentional, but well Played, Wisconsin Republicans, Well Played.


OBAMA'S SOLUTION TO RISING GAS PRICES? See it here. Simple, he says, just trade cars. He's so far out of touch with American's problems he doesn't know that if you owe more than you car is worth you can't trade. And even if your car is paid for, who can afford a car payment in this economy? What a Flippant answer from the head of Government Motors.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Well, if you haven't heard about it yet, you will soon. It was all over the news for the last few days. But I'll fill you in here and now. ObamaCare, we all know what this government power grab was all about. Of course, America really needed to have it forced upon us. And we aren't supposed to be concerned that over 1,000 businesses and most unions have been given waivers and don't have to be involved in the plan. And as the details leak out the taxpayers continue to be the patsy. Yesterday it was disclosed that contained in ObamaCare is a $5 billion slush fund. It's officially called the Early Retirement Reissuance Program, or ERRP for short. It is designed to help companies pay the costs of health care for their early retirees. So far over $2 billion has been given away, and the other $3 billion is spoken for, so a program that was supposed to last until 2014 will be out of money by mid-2012. Yesterday Obama slaves announced that they were closing the program because the money was all used up. Yep, another case where the Obama fools miscalculated the real dollar amount of their give away. No wonder they don't have a 2010 budget yet, well into 2011. They can't add! Anyway, you are probably thinking, well, another giveaway, what's the big deal? They've become so common with Obama's Tooth Fairy approach to taxpayer money. So here's the Big Deal! The recipient list reads like a list of Obama's top campaign donors, with six of the top ten being labor unions. Nowhere on the list are companies with a true financial need. The money is going to Obama Cronies. So here goes, THE LIST: UAW (auto workers' union), $207 million, a real sweet deal for auto workers. But wait, UAW had already received $3.4 billion from Obama's GM bailout. AT & T, $141 million, and of course, AT & T really needed tax dollars. They only had a NET PROFIT in 2010 of almost $20 billion and around $55.5 billion over the last four years. And there's more. AT & T is the biggest political campaign donor since 1990, and they greased the political wheel to the tune of $15.4 million in 2010. They apparently give in order to get. General Motors, $20 million. GM, previously received a taxpayer bailout in the neighborhood of $50 billion. GM profit for 2010 was $4.7 billion, but they still were given $20 million in ERRP money. Oh, I must not forget to tell you. The Obama Car, the Chevy Volt, which the government helped them build? GM is after yet another government handout to help them market this stinker of an auto. Seems like very few people want the car, so GM is getting a real "frosting on the cake" handout - a $7500 tax credit per vehicle. Oh, and it wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention the rest of the unions who were on the receiving end of ERRP funds. More than $6 million went to various Teamsters unions. Millions went to the United Mine Workers, AFL-CIO, United Food and Commercial Workers, and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). In case you didn't know, that's the union that's boycotting Wisconsin businesses who don't walk the union walk. And let's not forget Jeffy Immelt, former head of GE, one of the most frequent visitors at the White House to see his buddy Obama. GE got over $36 million in ERRP funding, while GE made $14 billion in 2010 profit and paid ZERO income tax on that money. GE donated $500 million in campaign cash in 2008 to elect our ethical President so we could all have change we can believe in. I guess the donated money was money well spent by GE. And in case you've forgotten or didn't know, the government (you and me) guaranteed $340 billion of the debt that GE's financial services arm had amassed to -- yup, you got it -- bail them out, prop them up, or buy them off - you can call it whatever you want to call it. It amounts to fraud and cronyism. But then, what's a billion here or a billion there? It's just funny money, printed in the Monopoly Money Room. Oh, yes, can't forget Verizon. They got $92 million in ERRP funds too. They spent $16.75 million in lobbying politicians in 2010. Verizon was surely needy. Their 2010 revenues were $106.6 billion, and their net profit was over $33 billion. But they needed our cash so Obama ponied up the bucks. See how this works? It's government sold to the highest bidder. It's Chicago politics in Washington. It's how every banana republic operates. Obama and the Dems have their very own personal ATM, using our money, handing out cash like cotton candy. And we are supposed to "shut up and sit in the back of the bus." It's sick, it's twisted, and it's now out in the open for all of us to see. Just open your eyes. Now I know some of you are going to say "but these companies donated to both Republican and Democratic candidates," and you'd be somewhat right. Most of it goes to Dems, but yes, some does to to Reps. But go back to the beginning of this post. This slimy provision was put into Obamacare by Obama and Crew. So please be sure to point your finger in the right direction.