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Monday, February 28, 2011


This weekend I was informed about the stench in the Capitol in Madison. Seems like there are pizza boxes, pop cans, bottles, garbage, graffiti, and a rotten smell permeating throughout the building. It's basically a squalid pigsty. The squatters don't seem to have even basic levels of cleanliness and respect for such a revered building. They were told on Friday that they'd all have to be out by Sunday so the building could be cleaned. According to TV this morning they are still occupying, refusing to leave. What gives them the right to, by force, take over a public building and refuse to leave? When the event first started the legislators and their staffs who are there working were told by the Capitol police to lock their doors for their own safety. Well, guess what? The occupiers broke down some of the locked doors. They are systematically destroying the most beautiful building in the state. And I am asking why haven't they been forced out before now? If I visited the Capital with a Girl Scout Troop I would never be allowed to stay 24/7. The Girl Scouts would be kicked out at "closing time." So I ask, who has made the unbelievably stupid decision to let them occupy? And why aren't they at work? And their new rallying cry is "Follow Egypt." Well, we are not Egypt. We are Greece drowning in red ink. There is a mountain sized difference.

Part of their anger is due to Walker's speed in passing the budget bill. Well, here's a fact for you. When Doyle was governor the Dems controlled both the Assembly and the Senate in WI. Doyle introduced an appropriation's bill that was over one billion dollars in tax increases and increased spending. It was introduced, debated, voted on, passed and signed by Doyle in TWO DAYS. This happened repeatedly because Doyle and the Dems knew they were in control and the Republicans could do nothing. The Republicans never left the state or refused to be involved in the process. They stayed in Madison, debated, and tried to stop the tax and spend freight train by always voting no.

These videos will show that the strong arm tactics embraced by the unions are nothing new. And these are mild examples of what has gone on for years. When you see the video of the California union thugs, you need to know that Los Angeles sent 185 union members from 40 different unions to Madison last week. Their California unions chartered the planes to fly them here, chartered the buses from the airport, paid for their rooms and food. And there are thousands of people in Madison from all over the country, sent to Madison at the expense of the unions in their states. THEY ARE HERE, AND BECAUSE THEY ARE GOVERNMENT UNION WORKERS MANY ARE PROBABLY RECEIVING GOVERNMENT PAYCHECKS EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE NOT WORKING. I say it's about time someone stood up to the unions. Thank you, Governor Walker. And Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, and any other state experiencing the same anarchy, stay strong.





Thursday, February 24, 2011


In 1996 the Defense of Marriage Act was passed by the House 342-67 and the Senate 85-14 and was signed into law by Bill Clinton. Pretty unanimous, wouldn't you say? It's called DOMA, and it prevents the federal government from recognizing the validity of same-sex marriages. It means that states do not have to recognize custody, alimony and marriage laws made in other states that involve same-sex marriages. DOMA defines marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman. I tell you this only so that you know what DOMA says. It has been a federal law enforced by the Department of Justice since 1996. Until Yesterday.

Yesterday The Ruler-in-Chief Obama decided that he believes DOMA is unconstitutional, and he ordered his Justice Department to cease enforcing it. WOW, THINK ABOUT IT, PEOPLE. One man just ruled that a law passed unanimously by OUR CONGRESS, is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and therefore won't be enforced. Well Pardon Me, but who appointed Obama GOD?

So forget that the so-called "unconstitutional" bill is DOMA. It doesn't make any difference what it is. Congress and the American people just lost another chunk of liberty and our Constitution just got crapped on again.

So this is what I am going to propose. In 2012 Let's elect Sarah Palin, who is universally hated by the progressive left leaning loons. That should make then apoplectic. But then, let's have President Palin declare lots of things unconstitutional and let's have her give her DOJ instructions to cease enforcing them. For instance, Obamacare? Gone, unconstitutional. Roe vs. Wade? Gone, unconstitutional. Immigration laws? See Ya, unconstitutional. Federal Labor Laws? Bye, bye, unconstitutional. The Help America Vote Act? Ooops, you don't get to vote anymore, gone, unconstitutional. No Child Left Behind? So long, Don't need it. Tax Increase Act of 2005? Don't believe in tax increases, so it's gone, unconstitutional. The Stimulus Act, the Housing Recovery Act, Omnibus Act? All spending bills, don't believe in more spending, gone, unconstitutional. Oh, and the Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell? Well, the military doesn't particularly like it so it too is gone, don't enforce it, it's unconstitutional. And on and on and on.

Do you see how outrageous Obama's declaration about DOMA is? Especially in light of his campaign and recent statements that he believes marriage is between a man and a woman. He knows he's in deep trouble in 2012. In desperation he's pandering to any group he can. This is a pure political play. He's a man with no principles, no ethics, who will do and say anything he needs to for political reasons. And he sits in OUR WHITE HOUSE. I hope all you Hope and Changers who voted for this Puppet of the Left are happy with what you got for your vote.

But it doesn't matter what bill God Obama chose to declare unconstitutional. He does not have the power to declare ANYTHING unconstitutional. THAT'S UP TO OUR COURT SYSTEM, MR. OBAMA! Don't you believe in the power of our three branches of government??? Or are you SO totally ignorant of American history that you don't even realize we have three branches of government?

It's just one more theft of power from Congress and the American people. Weep deeply, Folks, this is a big deal.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Richard Trumka, head of the huge AFL-CIO union, visits the White House 2 to 3 times a week and talks to the administration everyday. Andy Stern, former head of the SEIU, was the second most frequent visitor to the white house in the last two years. SEIU Treasurer, Anna Burger, was the most frequent visitor. I suppose after spending over $400 million to elect Obama, the last two years have been payback. Oh, just so you know, Stern is NOT a registered lobbyist. His constant visits to the White House are in direct violation of the "registered lobbyist" laws. But hey, who cares? This is Obama and anything goes! Watch Trumka Trumpet his visits in the video.

Obama has all the time in the world for his progressive friends but there are at least 6 Obama appointed cabinet heads who have never received a phone call or a summons for a White House meeting in the last two years. They've never met once with their "boss." It's all on the video. It's hard to believe a sitting president, even one as inept as His Holiness, would not meet with ALL of his cabinet heads regularly. Maybe he's just too busy golfing and vacationing to be bothered.

And now Organizing For America (Obama's PAC) and the Enforcer-In-Chief, Obama himself, are diligently working to mobilize and bus union goons to WI, Ohio, Indiana, MA, and other states where governors are simply trying to bring fiscal sanity to their states. The reality is that unions and Obama are trying to trump the will of the voters who overwhelmingly spoke in 2010. Want to guess what Trumka and Stern talk about when they visit the White House 2-3 times a week?

And this from a president who said during the campaign, "Lobbyists won't find a job in my White House," and then immediately hired Patrick Gaspard, one of SEIU's top lobbyists and now welcomes Trumka and Stern with open arms.

This is corruption to the core. And we are stuck with it for 2 more years.


Sunday, February 20, 2011


The political battle in WI continues with dueling rallies between union members from all around the country bussed in by the DNC and Organizing For America and supporters of Gov. Walker's Budget Reform package. Here is some information you won't get from most of the media - information they'd rather you not be aware of:

In 2001 taxpayers contributed $423 million to state employee health insurance coverage. For 2011 that figure will be more than $1 billion. In 2011 state employees will pay $64 million toward their health insurance, about 5.6% of the total cost. (ETF Health Care Analysis)

From 2001 to 2010 taxpayers spent more than $8 billion on state employee health care coverage. During that same period of time state employees contributed about $398 million. (ETF Health Care Analysis)

Public employers contributed almost $1.37 billion to the state's pension fund in 2009, while state employees contributed about $8 million, about 0.6%. (LFB paper 84, Wisconsin Retirement System, Table 28)

From 2000 to 2009 taxpayers spent about $12.6 billion on public employee pensions. During the same period public employees contributed $55.4 million. (LFB paper 84 Wisconsin Retirement system, Table 28)

When looking at state operations, state employees account for about 60% of taxpayer cost. (State Budget Office Memo 2-9-11)

Wisconsin taxpayers currently make nearly a 100% payment for the employee portion of the public sector pension contribution. Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Ohio pay 0% of the employee contribution. (State Budget Office Memo 2-9-11)

Public employees in Wisconsin are vested in the retirement system immediately, while in Illinois it takes 8 years, 10 years in Indiana, 4 years in Iowa, 10 years in Michigan, 3 years in Minnesota and 5 years in Ohio. (State Budget Office Memo 2-9-11

Survey data finds that private employer HMO plans in Wisconsin typically require a copay of $18 per office visit, $45 per specialist visit, $75 per emergency room visit, or $175 in-patient treatment. The average health insurance premium for these plans averaged $108 per month for single coverage and $261 for family. (State Budget Office Memo 2-9-11)

Taxpayers spent $733 million of general purpose revenue on fringe benefits for state employees in fiscal year 2010. (State Budget Office Memo 2-9-11)

Fringe benefits made up 25.6% of school district expenditures in 2008-09. (State Budget Office Memo 2-9-11)

About 40% of public-sector workers are represented by labor unions, versus 7.7% of workers in the private sector, and here is how the two sectors fare.

Weekly earnings for the union worker employed by state government is $917. A comparable private sector worker gets $703. A private sector union worker gets $855. (U. S. Labor Department)

For state employees there is a union versus non-union gap in wage gains. State union pay has risen 36% in the past decade, while non-union state employees saw wages rise 27% (roughly holding steady with inflation).

On benefits union compensation is higher and has been rising faster for government workers versus non-government workers. The cost of hourly benefits averaged $13.85 per hour in the public sector in the third quarter of 2010, up 32% in seven years. Private sector benefits averaged $8.20 per hour, up 23% in the same time frame. (U. S. Labor Department)

What is there about these statistics that the unions don't understand? Walker is not on a witch hunt to get rid of the unions. He sees the problem, which is, WE ARE BROKE.

Walker is doing what he was elected to do. His plan is about reform. It is about ending collective bargaining which is responsible for legacy contracts that can't be met. His plan is about regaining the publics' trust. His plan is about stopping out-of-control benefit costs in the public sector and balancing WI's budget. His plan is about requiring public employees to pay their fair share at a time when the private sector workers can no longer support themselves plus the public sector.

And most states are in the same sinking ship Wisconsin is in. Every state has to deal with this problem. I hope they all have the courage and commitment that Governor Walker has.

In the meantime, thousands of government employees are in Madison demonstrating. They have called in "sick," while we, the taxpayers, continue to pay their wages and benefits. Now there are real doctors writing "fake doctor excuses" because in order to get paid for their so-called sick days, the "sick" worker must have a doctor's excuse. The "excuses" say yes, indeed, the doctor did examine the "patient." It's a Big Fat Lie. It's pretty obvious that the doctors who are involved in this scam have sunk to an unethical low. I would hope that the state medical licensing board takes a good look at their activities.

And 13 Democrats have left the state so that the Budget Bill cannot be voted on. They are hanging out in Illinois, and the taxpayers are paying their Per Diem to be in Madison. What a dereliction of duty. They should all be recalled. But since they are hiding in a different state, maybe we should finally "close our borders" so they can't come back. Wisconsin would surely benefit if their absence became permanent.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Wisconsin's newly elected Governor Scott Walker has picked a fight, and he has picked the right fight after only 6 weeks in office. WI faces a budget hole of $137 million for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2011. That's right, this deficit is ONLY for this fiscal year. When July 1, 2011 rolls around Governor Walker has to repeat the process of trying to balance the state's budget.

Walker has picked a fight with government union workers, and this fight is a good one. He is asking them to contribute 5.8% of their pay to their pensions and 12.6% of the cost of their health care premiums. Right now pension contributions by a worker can be as little as zero. The health care premium contribution can be anywhere from 2-6%. Walker's Budget Bill also includes proposals to strip state employee unions of much of their collective bargaining power. So what's the problem? I see nothing wrong with Walker's proposals. I believe the bill should be passed in its entirety. And when it passes I hope other states will follow suit. WE CAN'T AFFORD IT ANYMORE. Tinkerbell isn't going to sprinkle magic fairy dust over the states and the country and make the problems disappear!

Just take a look at the TV this week. See all those riots and demonstrations in Madison at the Capital? Most of them are teachers who have called in sick so they could march with ugly, name calling signs. Watch the video below. See for yourself what kind of people are teaching our kids. The rest of the protesters are students whom the teachers dragged along, many of whom did not even know why they were marching. And the teachers? If a private sector employee called in SICK so they could demonstrate at a rally, they'd lose their jobs. The teachers? They are protected by the unions. They can't be fired. Most of them called in sick, and guess who is paying them anyway? WE ARE. No wonder Walker wants changes made to collective bargaining.

Today the Capital was in full lock down. An email from Madison State Senator Glenn Grothman's office read as follows: "The police have advised that we lock our doors. Groups of young kids are marching through the halls yelling at the top of their lungs, drums are banking, etc. Restrooms are blockaded. Angry crowds are pounding on our glass windows. Please pray for our state." Doesn't sound like a peaceful affair, does it?

And today all the Democrat Senators walked out of the capital before a vote on the bill could be taken. They know that to have a quorum at least one Dem. had to be present. To stop voting they all left and hid out in a hotel in Rockford, IL. Hey, I have a great idea. Now that the Democrats have left the state it might be a good time to "close our borders."

And now for the truth. According to Politico, not a Right Wing media outlet, Obama's campaign arm, "Organizing for America," is responsible for much of the chaos. They have been using email lists, Face Book, Twitter (54 messages documented), and filling bus after bus with protesters and shuttling them to the Capitol. This was not a spontaneous uprising. It was an organized effort by The Left and "Organizing for America." They have been urging people to "bully lawmakers" and scare them into voting against the Budget Bill.

I believe Walker's decision to force a showdown with organized government workers is long overdue. WI has to reign in its legacy costs, as do most of the other states, or WI faces 6,000 government employees losing their jobs. So come on, government workers, give it up or become jobless like millions of other Americans -- Americans who you want to continue to pay your benefits and pensions, when they themselves have lost theirs.

Monday, February 14, 2011


The world knows that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed in August 1945 after the explosion of the atomic bombs. What we know little about is the progress the people of Japan have made over the past 65 years.




So the question is, what has caused more long term destruction -- the atomic bomb or the
U. S. Government socialist welfare programs created to buy votes.


Thursday, February 10, 2011


A boozy demonstration illustrating just how much financial trouble America is in and how inconsequential the "proposed" cuts are. Get serious, Washington, and get off the sauce before we hit the bottom.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Here's a video from 2 years ago showing Muslim training camps on American soil. Since this was made public our government has done nothing to investigate it or stop it. But last spring Eric Holder's Justice Department raided Christian Militia camps in Michigan and arrested a bunch of radicals. Yes, persons arrested in the Christian camp raids were dangerous. But no more so than Muslims involved in the Muslim training camps depicted in this video. This really is No Joke. If these Muslim camps were "American" militias they'd all be arrested and shut down. But Holder's position is that they are Muslims and are protected by the Constitution.

Our government is letting these camps exist either through incompetence, deliberate stupidity, or slavish devotion to political correctness. But Rep. Peter King (R-NY), House Homeland Security Committee, is going to be holding hearings on the home-grown Muslim radical terrorist threat in America. Sure hope he doesn't let the PC Crowd shut him down. Makes no sense that Muslims can get away with this but if I ran a terrorist camp I'd be arrested.


CBS News in Dallas yesterday reported that two Texas schools are going to require students to take classes in Arabic language and culture. Can anyone say Islam? Or religion? Religion would have to be included because that is a big part of the "culture." Oh, yes, being politically correct, of course the classes will be mandatory. And the classes will be paid for by a federal grant. That's YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

And here's what the local Department of Education says to justify this mandatory class. They consider Arabic to be the "language of the future." So does that mean that it will eventually supplant English as the U.S. official language? The schools have stated that they will need to alter their entire curriculum to accommodate the newly mandated classes on Arabic language and culture. So I wonder, which classes have to disappear to make room for this despicable experiment? Math, gone? Science, gone? English, gone? History, gone? There's only so much time in a student's school day.

Well, Woo Hoo, Bring it On!! At least our kids will be able to speak Arabic when Sharia Law becomes the law of the land! Think I'm kidding? Check out this fact. There are already over 50 chapters of the Muslim American Society all over the U.S. The MAS is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood's stated objective is "the global conquest of Islam." The Muslim Brotherhood is responsible for the formation of Hamas and Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda's current commander was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Khalid Sheik Mohammad, the mastermind of 9/11, was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Google this. Educate yourself. Don't take any body's word for anything. Open your mind.

Now I ask you, what do you think the politically correct outrage would be if public schools wanted to teach Christian "culture" or Mormon "culture" or Jewish "culture" or Buddhist "culture" or any other "culture" where the study plan would even mention a religion?

I do believe studying a foreign language is a good thing. I think most students are already required to take a foreign language at some point in their school career. But aren't they offered a choice and don't they get to decide which language/culture they will study?

It's a pity, isn't it, that we can barely remember when students in our schools focused on subjects such as reading, writing, arithmetic, American History, English and science? Then they were the envy of the world. And now, after decades of socialist, liberal trial and error in the classroom we have ever decreasing test scores, falling ranks among industrialized nations, and kids who can't read, write, speak English, and know nothing about American History and our Founding Fathers.

I do think the Department of Education and local school districts have lost their grip on reality. No wonder Home Schooled students have increased by 75% in the last year.

After protests from parents the Texas schools have put a "hold" on their indoctrination plan. But don't think for a moment that the idea is gone for good. It will rear its ugly head again when the furor is over and the guard is down. After all, there is federal grant money available and it needs to be spent.

أنا على ثقة في الله - Translation? In God I Trust

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Remember the big Obama push to sign the new START deal with Russia? It's the nuclear arms reduction deal that Obama, Hillary Clinton and The United Nations has called a "first step toward eliminating nuclear weapons" from the world. Oh, and don't forget about everyone in our Congress who signed onto this cockamamie gimmick.

When N. Korea, China, Pakistan, Russia, France and India all are armed to the hilt with nuclear weapons what makes our rattlebrain President, our clueless Secretary of State and the ever-diligent-always-looking-out-for-America United Nations think that any of the nuclear armed nations will "disarm?"

And then there's Israel. They are the smartest country yet. They refuse to enter into any ridiculous arms reduction treaties and in fact, they won't confirm or deny that they even have nuclear weapons. Sounds like a great way to keep the hounds from coming through the door. The hounds don't know which bone will be thrown at them if they do, so they don't.

And yesterday WikiLeaks published documents that show that the U. S. has agreed to give the Kremlin identifying information regarding the number of missiles the U.S. gives to Britain. Britain has long had a policy of refusing to confirm the exact size of its nuclear arsenal and the U.S. has refrained from disclosing this information to any other country. Britain is smart, like Israel. But the U. S. needed a "bargaining chip" to entice Russia to supposedly go along with START. I say supposedly because if you study the START deal, it favors Russia in so many ways. The Russians really snookered Obama, Clinton and Congress.

And this backstabbing, double crossing, underhanded betrayal by Judas Obama and Congress has sold out one of our staunchest allies. This Sneaky Pete maneuver will certainly cost us the loyalty of any other country we have heretofore considered an ally. Why would any country trust us now? We are the Clown in the Courtyard all over the world, the Sucker-punch Champion, and due to the last two years of preschool foreign policy, no country respects us. We can't be trusted when we sell out our friends and pander to an untrustworthy country like Russia. Take the time to study the historic relationship of Russia and the U.S. Decide for yourself how "trustworthy" Russia is.

Our greatest threat to U. S. national security right now? BHO, Barack H. Obama and his progressive band of demons currently running everything in Washington - and those members of Congress who timidly rubber-stamp everything BHO does. If they are so quickly willing to undermine our allies, how long do you think it would take them to sell out Americans, that's us??

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Did you hear the news? Paul Ryan, House Budget committee chairman (R-WI) is going to formally file major spending caps in conjunction with approval of the proposed continuing resolution to fund the government for the remainder or the current fiscal year. There are 7 months left in the current fiscal year. Only in Washington would you wait 5 months into your fiscal year before you address a ballooning shortage of money to cover your expenses. Now the Obama battalion is again howling about the sky will fall if the continuing resolution isn't approved. Everything is a gotta-do-it-or-else situation with them.

But Ryan will propose a top line spending limit of $1.055 trillion dollars for the remaining 7 months of the fiscal year. This amount is $74 billion lower than Obama's proposed spending limit for the same 7 months.

Ryan is proposing $58 billion dollars less spending on non-security discretionary spending and $16 billion less spending on security matters than Obama wants.

If the budget was cut at this rate for a full 12 months the dollar amount saved would have been around $100 billion. We'll see what kind of a "food fight" Ryan's proposal creates. Obama isn't going to quietly shut up and sit in the back of the bus on this issue. But the Republicans better live up to their campaign promise to reduce spending to 2008 levels. And I see 2008 levels as the starting point. Slice and Dice sounds very good to me.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Egyptians want freedom, and they want it NOW!! They are sick of their oppressive government, the corruption, tyranny, torture and imprisonment of political activists, suppression of basic rights, unemployment, poverty, food shortages, a government with absolute authoritarian power in a single ruler. They demand a change in leadership. Let's hope they don't get what Iran got when Iranians "demanded" a change in leadership - more suppression and corruption and absolute power, same repressive government, different faces.

Remember our time of demanding change? It was called the American Revolution. Our ancestors rebelled for many of the same reasons Egyptians are revolting. And look where we are today. Suppression, tyranny, corruption, government fraud and waste, rising food and fuel prices, unemployment, no voice in Washington, and a President who THINKS he has absolute power. Beware the direction we are headed.


JANUARY 25, 2011

JANUARY 25, 2011

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FEBRUARY 2, 2011

FEBRUARY 2, 2011