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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Yesterday the Detroit News caught the GM CEO admitting that Government Motors Chevy Volt could be built in China within a few years. But wait, just two weeks ago when Senator Stabenow voiced concerns about the Chinese gaining access to the Government Motors-developed green motor technology, GM said oh, don't be concerned, GM has no plans to build the Volt in China. So which of the CEO's statements are true? Good question.

But here's the real reason GM wants to build the Volt in China. China has a $19,000 per car subsidy for the buyer of electric vehicles, but China is refusing to apply the subsidy to electric car sales when the car is not made in China. In short, GM's imported Volt will cost $19,000 more than if it were built in China. But this is a flagrant World Trade Organization violation and is against China's own rules. Oh, those Chinese, they are just so clever, thumbing their noses at the WTO and at GM.

What else does China get from the "deal?" They get GM's Volt technology and trade secrets. The Chinese have a law that demands the transfer of "intellectual property," meaning "technology," to China in return for the use of Chinese labor to manufacture a product. This Chinese law does not apply to cars imported from the U.S that are not made in China, but China is ignoring their own rules and is treating the imported Volt the same as a made-in-China Volt. For GM to be allowed to build a China Volt factory GM must turn over to China electric vehicle technology that the U.S. developed and the tax payer paid for. This is also a WTO violation. China is licking their chops over this little tidbit because China's green vehicle technology is lagging far behind ours.

What has the "jobs" President done about this? Nothing. He is afraid of going to the WTO with a complaint against China on these two issues, though that's exactly the type of issue the WTO should address. Instead, he has agreed to let GM move electric car development to China. Oh, yes, he really cares about creating and keeping jobs in the U.S.

Where is the UAW on this? Who knows. They own a large part of GM. You'd expect the UAW members to be throwing a tantrum. Many of them will most likely lose their jobs when the Volt is only built in China within the next few years. But union management appears to be mum on the subject. They must not care when the Volt Made In America label becomes the Volt Made In China label. Union members, you've been had. You think the unemployment rate in the auto industry is high now? Just wait a couple of years. Better start training now for a different job because yours will be gone.

This is a great example of the lack of leadership in the Obama administration, the "pass-this-bill-now" jobs guy.

One other morsel of information I discovered while researching this subject. Shanghai is the site of GM's international headquarters. I understand that GM is a huge international company. But when Obama bailed them out and then put them into bankruptcy, did anyone see any bail-out save-the-company funds coming from China? What exactly did the U.S. taxpayer "save?" A huge international company with headquarters in Shanghai.

Welcome to the world of government stupidity.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Watch this to find out how Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan would work. A great explanation for a simplified tax plan that would get everyone paying something. The 47% of Americans who currently do not pay one cent would have to contribute. I like the plan. I might even be in favor of a smaller "flat tax" number for low income people, say like 4% or 5% under a certain amount of income. Listen to his explanation and then YOU decide whether he makes sense or not. I like him because he's not a "career politician" and owes no one any political favors. He's an extremely successful businessman. And 2012 is our last chance to get it right and save the country. Though Cain is not a perfect candidate, none of them are, he doesn't have Romneycare hanging around his neck. He doesn't have in-state-tuition issues and you-must-vaccinate-your-teen-girls-by-executive-order issues like Perry.


Sunday, September 25, 2011


Have you ever heard of Hawaii Superferry? Well, in light of the recent news about the Solyndra bankruptcy, I thought you might like to know about another government handout that went swimmingly well, just like Solyndra.

There are two passenger ferries sitting empty at the Lambert’s Point Dock in Norfolk, VA. They were commissioned by a company called Hawaii Superferry. The company received $140 million in federal loan guarantees to pay for these two floating pigs, and then in 2009 defaulted and filed for bankruptcy.

The pork program involved is known as Title XI and has been around since 1936. Its purpose was to promote the growth and modernization of America’s merchant marine industry. Republicans and Democrats have historically used the program to support shipbuilders and owners of all kinds of marine vessels in their districts.

After 129 defaults cost the taxpayer over $2 billion Reagan suspended the program in 1987. It was resurrected by Clinton in 1993 when Title XI was reauthorized. Since reauthorization in 1993 the government has paid out $801 million in defaults on 15 loans it guaranteed. The government was able to recover only $142 million by seizing and selling assets of defaulting companies.

Now it’s 2011 and despite Title XI’s miserable bad-loan record, this year the Obama administration has awarded vessel owners $798 million in new guarantees, the most since 2001. An additional $712 million is currently being reviewed and will likely be approved. I personally like Reagan's 1987 decision - get rid of the program!

The program Administrator, David Matsuda, told a House panel that “the agency hasn’t always assessed risk.” And at times “decisions were made that, well, maybe they weren’t the best.” Well, no kidding!

And here’s what I found in the fine print of the Title XI authorization bill: “Title XI authorizes the U.S. Government to guarantee the repayment of debt obligations, including unpaid interest, of U. S. or foreign ship-owners…..” That’s right, FOREIGN SHIPOWNERS have access to these U. S. taxpayer loan guarantees. Are you upset yet? Disgusted?

The Cato Institute says that despite the massive losses in Title XI, members of Congress with shipbuilders in their districts will “fight to the death for it.”

The two Hawaii Superferry ships? They’re sitting in VA hoping the U. S. Maritime Administration can sell them for whatever they can get out of them in an attempt to recoup something, anything, for the U. S. taxpayer.

And Obama laments there’s no way to cut spending, we’ll be just fine if everyone “pays their fair share.”

Ah, Water Pork, pretty tasty, don’t you think?

Friday, September 23, 2011


Dear Mr. President, if I hear you use the words “pay their fair share” again I am going to stuff a $16 muffin down your skinny little throat. How dare you ask any American to pay any more taxes when you, your administration and many of the thieves running the myriad of boards, councils, advisory panels, and departments in our government squander money on over-priced meetings, meals and conferences?

Just in case your campaign promises have disappeared from your lexicon, let me remind you. Remember your promise of Hope and Change? And you were going to “fundamentally change Washington?” Have you forgotten your pledge about absolute open and transparent government? And you were going to eliminate fraud, waste and abuse?

Well, Mr. Oh-I-Forgot-My-Promise, what about these items? And you can’t get away with blaming the Republicans. Democrats have been in charge of Washington’s purse strings since 2007, as you and I both know.

Item 1: From October ’07 to September ’09 there were 10 conferences held by various governmental bodies that cost the American taxpayer 4.4 million dollars.

Item 2: August ’09, DOJ conference, $4200 spent on 250 breakfast muffins. That’s $16 per muffin.

Item 3: July ’08, Drug Enforcement Task Force meeting, $15,600 spent on coffee breaks. That’s $52 per person in attendance.

Item 4: February ’08, U. S. Attorneys’ Conference, $54,000 spent on food and beverages.

Item 5: December ’07, Emergency Response Conference, $90,000 spent on food and beverages.

Item 6: August, ’09, DOJ conference, $2880 for 300 cookies/brownies. That’s $9.60 per cookie/brownie.

Item 7: 2007, DOJ conference, $6360 for lunch for 120 people. That’s $53 per person – for LUNCH.

Item 8: 2007, DOJ conference, $60,000 for a reception serving Swedish meatballs that cost $5 per meatball.

Item 9: February, 2008, U. S. Attorneys conference, $5,431 for a dinner for 84 officials. That’s $65 per person. This elaborate dinner was served after the “84” had already eaten beef Wellington appetizers, which was billed separately, by the way. The next day 118 participants dined on crusted red snapper, stuffed chicken breast and beef medallions, along with hors d’oeuvres, side dishes and salads. Cost? $58 per person.

Item 10: The DOJ spent $600,000 for “event planning services” for five conferences. What? Don’t they have anyone on their employee roster who can plan an event?

Item 11: 2008-2009, DOJ spent $121 million on conferences, which exceeded its own spending limits.

So I say to you, Mr. President. This is not about anybody “paying their fair share.” This is about a government run amok, a government who thumbs its nose at the taxpayer, a government who views us as a never ending money supply. After all, it’s easy for you to get more greenbacks. Just raise taxes which is all we ever hear out of your elegantly fed mouth.

So my question is this: Why should any American pay more taxes, pay a “fair share,” as you have repeated over and over again, just so somebody in a fancy suit, silk tie and wingtips can have a $16 muffin and a $52 coffee break?

In passing Obamacare you cut $500 million from Medicare. And you expect us to believe that Social Security will die under the Republicans because of inadequate funding. Yet you refuse to cut spending in any meaningful way without raising taxes. You say there is no place to cut. How dare you? Why wouldn’t you protect Medicare and Social Security and cut $16 muffins??

So here, Mr. O., is my suggestion. Have you ever heard of teleconferencing? Just in case you are ignorant of the concept, it’s where people use their computers and Internet connections to “conference” from separate locations. It saves lots and lots of money, like $16 muffins, $52 coffee breaks, $5 meatballs, $10 cookies. Do I need to spell it out for you?

If you really want to do something to help save America you should sign an Executive Order that stops this kind of crap. Demand efficiency. Demand budget cuts for every federal department. Why would Americans give any more money to an administration that sanctions this abuse just to buy more $16 muffins? Or is it part of your “Fair Share Shakedown?”

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Wonder Why the Legislators in Madison can't get much done at mid-day? And why lots of WI schools have had to cancel their class trips to Madison to see the Capital? And why the blood bank has had to close down? Why Capital Tour participants have to wear ear plugs? Why Capital visitors are forced to leave the rotunda because of the din. Why Capital staffers and employees are leaving work with headaches and ringing ears? Watch the video for a vivid picture of Capital protesters. Members of the noon-day sing-a-long, which takes place inside the Wisconsin Capitol rotunda daily, talk about fatigue and how they keep staying strong for the "protest."

Solidarity forever?? Raised fists?? Reminds me of the Communist Party. But these people are union puppets, brainwashed, indoctrinated, goose-stepping around the Capital rotunda like automatons. Common sense? Uh huh. Respect for others? Guess not. Respect for the Capital? Not a bit. Do they have jobs? One wonders. They march in a circle, are disruptive and obnoxious, shouting and singing, and behaving in the same oppressive manner that they so vehemently decry.

This boorish temper tantrum goes on while the State of WI, school districts and municipal governments continue to rack up millions of dollars in savings thanks to the elimination of collective bargaining. I say, Right On, Governor Walker. THANK YOU. You did what we elected you to do.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Why is the media so surprised at the Solyndra scandal and the White House’s involvement? Only the ignorant would believe that Obama and the Chicago crooks he dragged to Washington with him left all their sleazy politics in Chicago?

Solyndra facts are coming at us faster than a speeding bullet. Here’s what happened.

Solyndra is a “green company” building solar panels, one of Obama’s pet companies. In May, 2010 Obama spoke at Solyndra’s newly unveiled factory bragging that “we can see the positive impact of the stimulus right here at Solyndra.” The speech was to announce that Solyndra was the first solar company to receive money from Obama’s slush fund, the Stimulus Bill, in the form of a $535 million loan guarantee from the Energy Department, all part of Obama’s green jobs push.

Ah, but wait. This loan guarantee was turned down by the Bush administration 9 days prior to his leaving office. They felt it was too risky. As soon as Obama took office the loan guarantee got onto a Fast Track. Why would Obama speed things along? The Washington Post found evidence that the White House made a concerted effort to improperly rush the Solyndra loan decision for political reasons. Of course, Obama has denied that, but now the emails are being made public – the emails that prove that Office of Management and Budget, who reviews loan guarantees, told the White House, “wait a minute, not so fast, we don’t have enough time for due diligence reviews, we are being rushed to approve this without adequate time to assess the risk to taxpayers.”

But the White House pushed forward because they were under a time crunch. They were scheduled to make the big Solyndra loan guarantee announcement within weeks, and they needed this approved immediately. The prediction? Well, one of the emails stated that the company would burn through the loaned money by September, 2011. But Obama and crew demanded it be approved anyway.

Two years later, September, 2011, it comes to pass. Solyndra filed for bankruptcy, putting 1100 people out of work.

But wait, there’s more.

One of Solyndra’s biggest stockholders is an oil billionaire named George Kaiser. Kaiser “bundled” (raised) approximately $100,000 for the Obama presidential campaign. Kaiser made no less than 9 visits to the White House in the weeks prior to the loan approval. Solyndra execs, including the CEO, also made numerous White House visits just prior to cashin’ in. Solyndra execs also contributed to Obama’s presidential campaign and other Democrats. Wow, you rub my back, I’ll rub yours. With taxpayer money, no less.

No wonder Obama’s position is that White House visitor logs are not for the public to see and continually drags his feet when a FOIA request for the records has been filed. He doesn’t want us to know who’s been currying favors at the White House. I mean, besides the unions.

And there’s even more.

In Feb. 2011 it was clear Solyndra was in great trouble, by their own admission. So what does Obama’s Dept. of Energy do? They restructure Solyndra’s taxpayer loan. Basically, they refinanced it. George Kaiser, you remember him, Obama’s donation buddy? Well, good old oil rich billionaire George agreed to make a $75 million loan available to Solyndra in exchange for the right to be repaid first if the company failed. Now by this time, everyone knew the company was going under, so Kaiser’s largess was no risk to him at all. How could this happen? Under the terms of the loan agreement and by Federal Code the American taxpayers must remain first in line for repayment when the taxpayer is the “bank”. But this didn’t matter to Obama and his village idiots. They put your tax money behind George’s because he raised lots of money for Obama and the Dems. This must be the Hope and Change he said we’d get.

And one other little tidbit.

The government’s interest rate on the Solyndra loan is at least 50% lower than interest rates given to other companies who received DOE stimulus funds. Most of the other loans were around 3.5%. Solyndra’s was between 1.025% and 1.515%. It sure pays to have a personal friend in the White House.

And just to give you all information on the subject, the DOE loan guarantee program that allowed this to happen is called the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Bush signed the bill with the support of most Republicans and Democrats, including then-Senator Obama. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 addresses energy production in the United States, including: (1) energy efficiency; (2) renewable energy; (3) oil and gas; (4) coal; (5) Tribal energy; (6) nuclear matters and security; (7) vehicles and motor fuels, including ethanol; (8) hydrogen; (9) electricity; (10) energy tax incentives; (11) hydropower and geothermal energy; and (12) climate change technology. It’s rather all-encompassing.

The Act was a byproduct of the Cheney Energy Task Force. However, the Task Force became a special interest group through which environmentalists, companies and industries could plead their case for government subsidies for their pet projects. The Task Force resulted in a law designed to shovel out taxpayer money to favored corporations and interests, no matter who sits in the White House. The intention may have been noble. The result has been corrupt political pay offs, such as the Solyndra Scandal.

This is a great example of what happens when the big government checkbook is used to subsidize pet projects that should be left to the private sector.

And there are many, many more “green energy” companies in the process of being approved for handouts of our money. Three others who received funds have already gone under.

The incompetence, fraud, lack of morality, ethics and virtue in the White House is astounding. We need to clean house. That’s what 2012 is going to be for. And we better continue what was started in 2010 or we are doomed.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Here it is, the video you probably haven't seen. Michelle and Barack at the 9/11 Memorial Service. This video was captured unbeknownst to them. So the question circulating is, "What Is She Saying?"


1. "What's that for? The Flag?"

2. "Look how they fold the flag."

3. "What is this for? The flag?"

4. "All of this to fold a flag?"

5. "All this for a flag?" (This is the interpretation offered by a deaf person who is expert at lip-reading.)

Whatever it was, she said it, he agreed. On a day when everyone in the crowd was honoring the fallen, paying their respects, mourning their loss, the First Lady engages in eye rolling, sneers of disgust, head shaking, and generally contemptous behavior, and the President agrees with her. She acts like she has never been to a memorial flag folding ceremony before. Her body language tells the true story of the complete and utter contempt she holds for America. This is probably why Obama's handlers keep Miss Michelle out of the spotlight, put a lid on her public appearances, and send her on permanent vacations. She's been assigned an army of public relations and media handlers (we pay for) who know she's a liability and that's why we seldom see her at public events.

But when we do, oh, what we can learn.

Monday, September 12, 2011


This information was sent to me by an acquaintance. In light of the ten year anniversary of 9/11, this is a great reminder of the politics of idiots who were running the government in 1987 and who are currently in control of 2/3 of Washington. You know who I am referring to -- the politicians who refuse to use the term Muslim terrorist, refuse to call the war, a "war." They weren't paying attention in 1987 and look what happened on 9/11.

Do you remember 1987.......

It was 1987! At a lecture the other day they were playing an old news video of
Lt.Col. Oliver North testifying at the Iran-Contra hearings during the Reagan

There was Ollie in front of God and country getting the third degree, but what he said was stunning!

He was being drilled by a senator, 'Did you not recently spend close to $60,000 for a home security system?'

Ollie replied, 'Yes, I did, Sir.'

The senator continued, trying to get a laugh out of the audience, 'Isn't that just a little excessive?'

'No, sir,' continued Ollie.

'No? And why not?' the senator asked.

'Because the lives of my family and I were threatened, sir.'

'Threatened? By whom?' the senator questioned..

'By a Muslim terrorist, sir' Ollie answered.

'Terrorist? What terrorist could possibly scare you that much?'

'His name is Osama bin Laden, sir' Ollie replied.

At this point the senator tried to repeat the name, but couldn't pronounce it, which most people back then probably couldn't. A couple of people laughed at the attempt.

Then the senator continued.. Why are you so afraid of this man?' the senator asked.

'Because, sir, he is the most evil person alive that I know of', Ollie answered, and the Muslims are trying to take over America and destroy it from the inside out and putting their people into our political offices.

'And what do you recommend we do about him?' asked the senator..

'Well, sir, if it was up to me, I would recommend that an assassin team be formed to eliminate him and his men from the face of the earth.'

The senator disagreed with this approach, and that was all that was shown of the clip.

By the way, that senator was Al Gore!


Terrorist pilot Mohammad Atta blew up a bus in Israel in 1986. The Israelis captured, tried and imprisoned him. As part of the Oslo agreement with the Palestinians in 1993, Israel had to agree to release so-called 'political prisoners.'

However, the Israelis would not release any with blood on their hands. The American President at the time, Bill Clinton, and his Secretary of State, Warren Christopher, 'insisted' that all prisoners be released.

Thus Mohammad Atta was freed and eventually thanked us by flying an airplane into Tower One of the World Trade Center. This was reported by many of the American TV networks at the time that the terrorists were first identified.

It was censored in the U.S. from all later reports.

We were warned. Washington didn't listen.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Ten years ago four teams of hijackers walked past security at major airports and hijacked four aircraft. They crashed two of them into the Twin Towers, one into the Pentagon, and one that was intended for the Capital building went down in the Pennsylvania countryside. Thousands of innocent Americans lost their lives that day. 34% of Americans say that the events of 9/11/01 directly affected their family or their friends. It was a massive attack.

On that day watching the events on TV as the Towers were hit, first one, then the other, and shortly after seeing them both fall to the ground, the roiling clouds of toxic dust advancing through the streets, people scrambling to get out of its path, bodies falling or jumping from the Towers, and the horror set in, the fear, questioning how anyone could hate America so much that they would take the lives of so many innocent people and be willing to give their lives in the process.

And I wept.

As the days and weeks wore on, and the recovery efforts continued, I knew that our country would never be the same. Things were about to change.

And so they have.

We’ve orchestrated two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan that have contributed trillions to our national debt, with no clear goal or exit strategy. We are now in Libya, running up the debt even more, without Congressional approval, without a clear agenda or exit strategy. We’ve seen the Middle East literally blow up. No one yet knows how these events will affect us. But I believe we better be careful whose side we take in these volatile countries. There have been reports that the very terrorists who want us dead and are killing our Military personnel are now reaping the rewards of American tax dollars flowing into their countries due to fraud and corruption. They are, after all, rebels, ousting ruthless dictators. But what happens if the “rebel” label has “terrorist” after it? We don’t know who any of them are. Remember, the terrorists that murdered Americans 10 years ago were mostly from Saudi Arabia, young men from middle income families, with an absolute hatred of the West and America in particular.

The events of 9/11 are responsible for the enactment of the USA Patriot Act and subsequent presidential “executive orders,” directives and regulations that greatly infringe upon freedoms that were once guaranteed to Americans. Yet many of us don’t realize the scope of what we have lost. Here are just some of the things we’ve given up, like sheep being led to the slaughter.

1st Amendment Freedom of Speech: The PA broadly expands the definition of terrorism. Many domestic groups that engage in nonviolent civil disobedience can now be targeted as terrorists. It has also become a crime for librarians or keepers of records to try to safeguard your privacy or tell you that you are under investigation. If the Government comes calling, the record keepers have to release information they may have on you, and they cannot tell you that Uncle Sam asked for it.

1st Amendment Freedom of Association: Religious and political groups can now be monitored and infiltrated, aptly called “domestic spying,” even though they have done nothing suspicious or criminal. The government can investigate you simply for being a member of a group the government doesn’t like.

1st Amendment Right to Access Government Information: The US DOJ has directed federal, state and local officials to limit access to government records requested through the Freedom of Information Act.

4th Amendment Freedom From Unreasonable Searches & Seizures: Authorities have the right to conduct secret wiretaps and searches in your home or office without showing “probable cause.” They can track your phone calls, credit card transactions, cell phone calls, text msgs, where you go on the Internet, of every American, just by claiming they have “a significant purpose” for doing so. They don’t have to state the purpose. Authorities can now demand your personal records held by your doctors, employer, accountant or library. They only need to say it pertains to “terrorism.”

5th Amendment Right to Due Process: Americans can now be jailed without a formal charge and without the right to confront witnesses or evidence against them. All in the name of “terrorism.”

6th Amendment Right to Legal Representation: Hundreds of U. S. residents have been detained for months at a time being denied access to an attorney. Officials can now monitor conversations between attorneys and clients in federal jails.

6th Amendment Right to a Speedy Trial: U.S. Government can now jail Americans indefinitely without charge or public trial.

In the last year Obama issued an order that it’s okay to kill American citizens residing in foreign countries who are suspected of terrorism. No trial, no innocent until proven guilty, no rights of any kind, not even residency at Gitmo. Just poof, and they are eliminated. The key words here are “American Citizen.” Non-citizens are not afforded rights to our legal system or our Constitution. But Americans are protected by our Constitution. Yes, Obama has issued this order. But Bush was responsible for the Patriot Act which gave subsequent administrations unbridled power. Let's not lay all of the blame in one place.

And then there are the surveillance cameras in so many public places. And body scans, groping, remove your shoes, remove your belts, practically remove your clothes, at airports, and you better not pack anything liquid in your carry-on luggage. It will be confiscated.

So yes, 9/11 and the fanatical perpetrators are directly responsible for great curtailment of our civil liberties. And we’ve quietly let the Government do it in the name of “security.” Today, as I watched the memorial services in Pennsylvania, at the Twin Towers and at the Pentagon, I was reminded of all that we have lost.

And I wept.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Today in Detroit, MI, Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. had some profane, combative words for Republicans and Tea Partiers while warming up the crowd for Obama’s “Let’s Put America Back To Work” speech.

"We got to keep an eye on the battle that we face: The war on workers. And you see it everywhere, it is the Tea Party. And you know there is only one way to beat and win that war. The one thing about working people is we like a good fight. And you know what? They've got a war, they got a war with us and there's only going to be one winner. It's going to be the workers of Michigan, and America. We're going to win that war," Jimmy Hoffa Jr. told a heavily union crowd.

"President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let's take these sons of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong," Hoffa added.

And then it was Obama’s turn to address the crowd. And when he took the stage he said he was "proud" of Jimmy Hoffa and other labor leaders. Obama didn’t chastise Hoffa for his inflammatory “fightin’ words.” He didn’t tell him to speak more peacefully, to stop the threats and name calling, to end the political posturing. No, Obama went on to use the same tactics to denigrate Tea Partiers and the Republicans. Today Obama spoke not to Americans but to Labor Unions and workers. Barack Obama sees America as the United States of Unions, not the United States of America. Hoffa and Obama, take note. Union workers are not the ONLY workers in America. In fact, there are more non-union workers than union workers. Get it?

There is a certain irony in Obama speaking on Labor Day to Labor Unions about jobs creation when his policies created NO jobs last month and his big picture job creation policies are a big fat Goose Egg.

I listened to Obama today, something I seldom do because his empty promises and lies disgust me, but today I did listen closely to get a glimpse of what his great “Jobs Plan,” set to be announced in full later this week, will be. Know what I heard him say today?

First, I heard him imply that the unemployment rate is the fault of the Tea Party Congress and the Republicans. HUH?

Then I heard The Boy Wonder chastise Republicans for “taxpayer bailouts.” He said “no more taxpayer bailouts.” He must have forgotten who approved all of the other Taxpayer Bailouts. What a short memory.

I heard Him say he will “end wasteful giveaways to big banks.” Really? Who doubled down on “giveaways” after he took office?

He also touted the cars coming out of Detroit saying “American auto workers could build the best cars in the world.” Oh, he must mean the government mandated Chevy Volt, the electric car that no one wants (GM sold 125 in July), the car that costs up to $45,000 but needs a $7500 tax credit (plus other state and city incentives) to entice Americans to purchase this tin can death trap. The car that travels 25-50 miles on a charge, has no charging stations where you can recharge it, since Costco just closed the charging stations they installed 2 years ago due to lack of use. He must be talking about this amazing American car.

And then PBO said, “I am fighting for a chance to give our kids a better life than we had.” How ignorant of him. He must not understand simple economics. Too much debt equals bankruptcy and financial failure. Give our kids a better life? Not under Obama’s watch. But a bigger debt? Well, Happy Birthday kiddies, here’s your present. Hope you get it paid for in your lifetime.

Obama said he doesn’t like “favoritism, and we need the same set of rules from Wall Street to Main St.” Does that mean he is giving up on back room deals in the wee hours of the morning to buy votes for his pet projects? Remember Obamacare? All of the promises he made to companies and legislators to get the bill passed, but now he’s issued thousands of “waivers” to select companies and MOST unions, stating they do not need to comply with this behemoth of a bill. Is this what he means by “favoritism?” And what about The Dream Act? It was rejected by both parties in Congress, but now Obama has figured out a way around Congress and is giving Amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. “Favoritism? “ I think so. And what about Cap and Trade, which was also turned down by Congress? Well, Obama’s EPA is now regulating coal so heavily that 10% of existing coal fired plants will be forced out of business within a few years. Remember when Candidate Obama said “under my administration energy bills will necessarily have to skyrocket?” No oil drilling on our shores? Halted oil drilling in our waters? Economic disaster? No jobs? How is any of this Fair?

Black favoritism? How about when the DOJ refused to prosecute Black Panthers on voter intimidation charges when the DOJ had video proof of the incident?

Maybe the first elected Black President thinks its “Fair” that the unemployment rate for Black Americans is the highest it’s been in 27 years, far higher than the rate for other segments of American society.

The worst example of Obama fairness? How about the torrent of new regulations unleashed by this Administration? Since taking office in January 2009 Obama and his appointed henchmen have imposed 75 new MAJOR regulations, with additional costs exceeding $40 billion annually. No other President has ever burdened businesses, individuals and our economy with a higher number and larger cost of regulations in a comparable period.

And a great many more new rules and regulations are looming. The spring 2011 Unified Agenda lists 2,785 rules (proposed and final) in the pipeline. Of those, 144 are classified as “economically significant.” With each of the 144 pending major rules expected to cost at least $100 million annually, they represent at least $14 billion in new burdens each year. This is the biggest reason the job growth rate last month was ZERO. Oh, fairness, how sweet it is.

And the most egregious thing he stated? He said “Democrats and Republicans worked together to give families a tax cut that is going to expire soon.” I believe he’s referring to the extension of the Bush tax rates that were renewed last year. But how short is his attention span? The Republicans were in favor of extending the Bush tax rates and Obama and the Dems didn’t want to do it. Remember the huge battle in Washington to get it done and the Democrats had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the table? Now Obamaliar is taking credit for “working together” in giving families a tax cut. And I can’t figure out whether this colossal idiot really believes his own lies or is just too stupid to know what he says is nuts.

Take a good look, America, it’s pretty evident the 2012 OBama campaign will consist of viciousness, name calling, threats, thuggery, lies and the “it’s not my fault, Bush is to blame.” Or better yet, “Congress and the Republicans are to blame.” He surely cannot run on his record of job growth, spending, lowering unemployment, economic growth, Obamacare, fixing the housing mess or uniting America. When a president has failed so miserably on so many fronts, all he has left is name calling, mud slinging and finger pointing.

The Obama job creation proposal this week will consist of the same pathetic plan – spend more money, run up more debt, tax the rich. He’s already flushed 80 billion stimulus dollars down the drain with ZERO jobs created. His “tax the rich” mantra is simply taking money already in circulation and redistributing it. He should face it! He has no solution. Government is NEVER the answer. Government is NEVER the solution. More stimulus = more zero jobs created. Remember, in return for adding nearly $3 trillion in federal debt in two years, we still have 14.9 million unemployed Americans, millions more if you count the underemployed and those no longer looking for work.

But I have a suggestion. Obama, are you listening? There is a great deal you and Congress can do to alleviate the job-killing consequences of excessive regulation, and the need for action is now. Remove EVERY regulation all governmental bodies have enacted in the last 8 years. Simply get rid of them, declare them not on the books. You know the power of the Executive Order, since you use it willy nilly. You can wave that magic EO wand and declare them Gone.

Then get out of the way and watch private industry, large and small businesses and Americans take off and save this economy.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Recently a Patriot mentioned to me that New Berlin WI teachers are retiring and then getting rehired by the New Berlin School District. They are allegedly retiring because of Gov. Walker’s “gutting” of their collective bargaining rights. Supposedly, they are afraid they will lose pension and health benefits under the Walker administration, and their benefits will cost them more. The Patriot suggested that this could not possibly be true and asked me to look into it. And so I did. Here’s the truth.

The practice is common, is not limited to New Berlin, is not limited to WI, and is not limited to teachers. It is happening in almost every state and involves all types of government workers and has been going on for years.

Baltimore, Maryland - 13 principals retired one day with full retirement benefits and were rehired the next day earning full wages and benefits.

Deer Park, Ohio – 4 teachers and administrators retired with full retirement benefits and were rehired to next day earning full wages and benefits.

Fort Kent, Maine – superintendant retires and gets rehired the next day citing changes to the state’s retirement system as his reason for “retiring.”

Salon, Ohio – 12 teachers retire one day, are rehired the next day, but thanks to Ohio State Teacher Retirement rules, these new “rehires” cannot start their “rehired” job until Sept. 1 or they would take a hit on their retirement benefits. When Ohio schools started the last week in August, guess how the school district had to fill those 12 classrooms? They had to hire substitute teachers for the first week of the school year. First graders, kindergarteners, special education students, science, social studies, German, Spanish, in all of these classes and more, the students did not meet their “real” teacher until after 9/1. Pardon Me?? A substitute teacher for the entire first week of school? This sounds like “it’s for the kids,” doesn’t it? Of course, this “rule” was negotiated by the Ohio Teachers’ Union in their contract.

Hartford, CN – A college chancellor retires on day 1 and is retired on day 2, boosting his income by 40%.

Seattle, WA – 2,000 public employees are collecting government wages and government pensions at the same time after retiring and rehiring.

The practice is known as double-dipping and is common practice throughout the country and in all areas of government employment despite some states prohibiting it. While the rules vary from state to state, the states that do say “no” most often do not enforce their own laws against it. The "rehirees" increase their income by anywhere from 25% - 75%, overnight, just by saying "I retire."

In Wisconsin there was a 92% increase in public employees retiring over the same period last year. The most cited reason for “early retirement” was “to avoid paying more for health and retirement benefits.” Last year 841 WI public employees, including teachers and administrators, retired and were immediately rehired – double-dipping to the max.

The intention of the laws that allow this was to help with employee and teacher shortages. But the “intention” doesn’t matter to those who work the system for personal gain. There are reports of principals and government administrators making sweetheart deals with their favorite employees. If you’re not on the A List you may not get rehired. But if you are on the A List, you get a verbal pre-arrangement before you announce your retirement.

Teacher/employee retire-rehire has become the drug of choice for public employees, and shameless cronyism is rampant. This double-dip policy is a temptation the crazy-like-a-fox crowd simply can't refuse.

And in the meantime, new graduates with teaching degrees cannot find teaching jobs and our unemployment rate remains over 9%.

Cost to school districts and government? Unknown. The argument is “no cost” because the vacant “retired” position would have to be filled by hiring another employee anyway. True, but all of these retirees are at the top of their pay and benefit scale. They would be replaced with employees newly entering public employment whom would be at the bottom of the pay/benefit scale. Since Americans nationwide cough up extraordinary amounts of money for these double-dippers, the savings to taxpayers is potentially huge.

There is the argument that this practice is common in the private sector also. But who cares? The taxpayers are not paying the costs of Retire/Rehire in the private sector. Private businesses can do whatever they want with their Retiring/Rehiring employees. There’s no public money involved.

So there you have it, the real truth about the Retire - Rehire scam.

Want my advice? Don’t chip in too much for the office “Retirement” gift. It appears the only real “gift” is “Rehire.”

Friday, September 2, 2011


TANGO MIKE MIKE is the story of Green Beret Roy P. Benavidez and his heroic action in Vietnam that earned him the Medal of Honor. His story is truly amazing and is a tribute to all the Vietnam Vets whose stories haven’t been told. For those who have not had the honor to know about this American Hero, here it is. The creator of this video later found out that this was Roy's second tour. During his first tour he had been so gravely wounded by stepping on a landmine that he was drummed out of the Army after returning. Roy built his body back up and returned to the service after proving himself fit and joined the elite Green Berets. He went back to Vietnam for a second tour and that's when he earned The Medal of Honor. Roy was a Great American and earned every benefit America had to offer. But our government tried to take those benefits away from him, at the same time allowing illegal immigrants to drain the system dry. Obama's recent back door amnesty will only exacerbate the money problem. 2012, we need to keep on cleaning house in Washington.

Tango Mike Mike was Roy's call sign and here is his story. Roy was a Great American.