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Saturday, June 9, 2012


This week Obama put his size 12’s right into his mouth when he proclaimed “The Private Sector Is Doing Just Fine.”  Oh, Really?  Here are the stats.  December 2006 was the last time the Republicans controlled all 3 branches of government:  Presidency, House and Senate.  Control of the House and Senate was turned over to the Democrats on January , 2007.   On that date control of the economy went to the Dems.  Remember, Sir Obama was in the Senate at that time.  Where is the country now with job creation?  We are DOWN almost 4 million jobs since the Dems took over the economy in January 2007.    CHECK IT OUT HERE

Now that may seem like Doing Just Fine to Mr. Ivory Tower in the White House, but tell that to the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs, who cannot find work, have given up looking, have lost their homes, are living on the streets or with relatives, and are just trying to figure out how they are going to feed and clothe their kids for one more day. 

Mr. Everything’s Fine then followed up his unbelievably stupid comment with another brainless, dim-witted, daft statement.  Geesh, I wonder if this guy has anything in that narrow space between his ears.  He said, are you ready??  We need more jobs in the federal and state government, like cops, teachers and firefighters.  Well, that’s sure going to solve our out of control debt problem!

At his Economic Press Conference he lists his solutions to our economic woes.  Solutions like the government making more “investments” on behalf of we lowly Americans, government sponsoring infrastructure projects (that worked well the last time, remember “shovel ready projects?”).  Oh, don’t forget “stabilizing the banks” because it was such a success when Big Brother Government stepped in to save “too big to fail.”   I suppose we could bail out more bankrupt companies or invest in more failing green energy bloopers.  Mr. Keynesian actually said if Republicans wanted to “be helpful” and allow the country to “move forward” they’d get on board with his big spending programs.  Yes, that means more debt for our kids and grandkids, but who cares in the White House?  No one is counting.  They don’t know how to add two and two.  

The guy in the White House has completely lost his grip on economic reality.  He is lying about the number of jobs he has created, and he knows it.  He is stupid beyond measure, completely out of his mind or utterly delusional -- or any combination of the above.  The claim of "insanity" comes to mind, and that would be very fitting.  Five More Months, Five More Months. 

And if you want to see how far gone Mr. Media Elite is, watch this video.  While Americans struggle, His Highness thinks all we want is to enter a contest for a chance to win dinner with the president.  The video created by the RNC is entitled "Meanwhile."  Not only will you NOT want to have dinner with him, it may very well make you puke.

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