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Monday, July 9, 2012


While in Pittsburgh on a campaign trip Obama pointed out that the post-9/11 wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were paid for with borrowed money. He blasted the spending stating "We had put two wars on a credit card, taking a surplus and turned it into a deficit. All of it culminated in the worst financial crisis we've seen in our lifetimes."

All well and good, and I agree with Obama that spending borrowed money for any reason is unwise. Spending borrowed money is responsible for our almost six trillion dollar debt, much of which is due to Obama’s uncontrolled spending in the last three years.

So what does our president want to do with the borrowed money now that the wars are winding down? Oh, something so profoundly smart only someone with his intelligence level would think of it. He says he would use the borrowed money for both deficit reduction and infrastructure improvements. “Let’s take half of that money we’re saving on war and use it to pay down the deficit. Let’s take the other half and do some nation building here at home.”

The deficit for this year alone is $131.7 billion. Since 40% of that is borrowed money that means $52.68 billion dollars of money spent on deficit reduction and infrastructure would be borrowed money. Can he be that stupid? He wants to borrow more money to apply to the deficit, 40% of which is already borrowed? What does he think causes deficits?

Obama is like the person who waits for the annual sale that is 15% off so they can charge twice their monthly income to a credit card that charges an interest rate of 27.2%. He’s using a credit card to pay a credit card bill. No wonder he hasn’t gotten a budget through the Senate for 3 years. He doesn’t know how to add. He doesn’t understand that a Negative plus a Negative is always a Negative.

Obama has admitted to smoking dope and using cocaine while in college. That might explain his complete and utter lack of brainpower.  Here's the video, if you can stomach it. 

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  1. If it's his plan then we can't do anything to it, so be it.. :|
    Ashley | Olympic 2012 London