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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Howard Stern sent producers Sal & Richard to Harlem to interview voters about why they are voting for Obama.  They did this in 2008 and again now in 2012. Surprise, surprise, some said they were voting for McCain and Obama (good case for requiring voter ID), some said Ryan was Obama's running mate, some said it would be great when Bin Laden is dead.

Here is a quote taken from Stern's web site posted by someone who claims he's an African American.  He says what millions of Americans think.  He can get away with saying it without being labeled "racist" because he is black.  If a white person said this they'd be arrested for "hate speech."

"The epitomy of ignorance. I am African American and I can tell you for a fact the only reason blacks vote for BO is because he is black. No other reason, other than to get free stuff. The people answering the questions posed by Stern should NOT even be allowed to vote. They are destitute of wisdom and understanding. Hell, they didn’t even comprehend the questions! It just goes to show you how easily they are led. And these village idiots are voting in our races?????
I know a person who says “Everybody will have free healthcare. Who could be against that?” Tried to tell him that it is NOT FREE!!!!!!!! Somebody has to pay for it. Doctors, nurses, testing, etc. All of this has to be paid for. Guess who gets the bill? YOU the taxpayer.
What really gets under my skin is the number of blacks who think it is a travesty to have to show ID to vote. They have this outrageously stupid ass excuse about how cost prohibitive it is and how it would disenfranchise many people from voting. BULLSNOT! That’s weak. They had 4 freaking years to get an ID. NO EXCUSE.
WE ALL should have to show ID when voting. I ALWAYS had my ID with me and was shocked the last time when I wasn’t asked for it. I could have been any freaking body who voted earlier that day in another district as somebody else! I could have been somebody totally ineligible to vote, such as an illegal alien or a felon. Hate to say it, but if you can’t afford the $25 or whatever nominal fee for ID, then maybe you shouldn’t be voting anyway, particularly if you don’t comprehend the issues.
If the issues this country faces are not important enough for you to get the required ID to vote, then you don’t care and shouldn’t be voting."

Hooray for whomever this black American is.  He tells the truth.

Here's what the intelligent Harlem electorate had to say.  This should move every single American with a brain to get to the polls on November 6.  Those with no brain are sure to show up.

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