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Sunday, June 9, 2013



WHY don’t I recognize my country?  We punish what we should honor and honor what we should punish.   We remove God from everywhere and then wonder why God is nowhere. 

The IRS has acted criminally in its persecution of Tea Party groups, Conservatives, Pro-life groups, Pro-Israel groups, Pro-traditional marriage groups, anti-abortion groups and others, but the woman in charge of overseeing these groups’ applications gets a promotion to oversee Obamacare and another pleads her Fifth Amendment right to silence and then gets put on administrative leave while getting full pay and benefits. 

Obama praised Occupy Wall street groups who trashed streets and businesses, raped participants, defecated in public, rioted, used drugs, shut down entire streets, business and parks, and committed murdered, yet he had nothing but contempt for Tea Party groups who gathered respectfully, cleaned up after their rallies, were polite and courteous and used restrooms like civilized human beings.  No murders, no rapes, no riots, no drugs.  Not good enough for Obama, though.  His administration and Democrats on The Hill labeled them “Terrorists” and said they were the “greatest threat to the U.S” and then sent the IRS and other government agencies out to silence them. 

Eric The Withholder spies on the Associated Press and Fox News’s James Rosen for supposedly receiving leaked information, but he does nothing when CIA Director Panetta leaks classified information to the producer of the movie Zero Dark Thirty or when Obamabots leak other classified information.

Obama was willing to send in Navy Seals who risked their lives to kill Osama Bin Laden, yet refused to give the order to answer the plea for help from Benghazi, allowing four Americans to be murdered.   Americans almost immediately saw photos of a concentrating Obama on the night of the Bin Laden raid, but no one can even find out where the heck he was the night of the Benghazi raid.  He talked to the National Security advisor once, around 5:25, and then was missing in action.  Four Americans died, he didn’t care, and then he sent Susan Rice out to lie about it.  Now she’s his new National Security Advisor.  That sure gives me a lot of confidence that our national security is in good hands.

Then there’s the Romeike family from Germany.  They were granted asylum in our country until Erick Holder repealed it, and now he wants them deported.  All they want to do is home school their kids in a Christian setting, which isn’t allowed in Germany, and they are being thrown out of America because of it.  Yet Holder sees nothing wrong with 11 million illegal immigrants being granted immunity and given a path to citizenship. 

Obama refuses to call Nidal Hasan a terrorist when he murders 14 unarmed soldiers while yelling Allahu Akbar, but he treats us like terrorists by spying on our phone calls, emails, social sites, and molests and strip searches us every time we get on an airplane. 

Obama thinks that a 12 year old is adult enough to get morning after abortion pills without parental knowledge but a 26 year old is child enough to need Obamacare and remain on their parents’ health insurance. 

The President thinks he can take away the Second Amendment rights of millions of people who have never broken the law, yet he thought it was a good idea to give guns to Mexican drug dealers who used them to kill thousands of innocent Mexicans and a U.S. border agent. 

The same President wants to close Gitmo because the living conditions are not nice enough for terrorists, yet he orders drones to vaporize American citizens abroad who have not been charged with a crime.  Seems Obama has forgotten about Due Process.

He calls an NBA player and congratulates him for announcing he’s a homosexual, but he doesn’t call Tim Tebow for announcing he’s a Christian.

Obama announces, “God bless Planned Parenthood,” but said nothing when the Gosnel Abortion clinic was murdering babies born alive by snipping their spinal cords.

He sends in armed SWAT teams and treated workers at Gibson Guitars like drug dealers or gun runners because they used an imported wood the government said was illegal.  So far it has cost Gibson Guitars over two million dollars to fight its own government, and over a million dollars of government confiscated wood has never been returned to them.  This illegally imported wood was the same wood being used by Martin Guitars.  Martin Guitars was not raided by armed SWAT and FBI teams, no wood was confiscated, Martin Guitars never even got a letter from the government about their illegal importation of the wood.  The difference?  Gibson’s CEO gave money to the Republicans and Martin’s CEO gave money to President Obama.   It’s easy to see the targeting doesn’t stop with the IRS.

Nixon was impeached for spying on a single office in the Watergate complex and sic’ing the IRS on his political enemies.  Obama is spying on millions of Americans and sic’ing the IRS, EPA, FBI, ATF and other government goons on anyone who dares to oppose him.

Is it just me?  Or do you feel like something is rotten in America?  

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