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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


CBS News in Dallas yesterday reported that two Texas schools are going to require students to take classes in Arabic language and culture. Can anyone say Islam? Or religion? Religion would have to be included because that is a big part of the "culture." Oh, yes, being politically correct, of course the classes will be mandatory. And the classes will be paid for by a federal grant. That's YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

And here's what the local Department of Education says to justify this mandatory class. They consider Arabic to be the "language of the future." So does that mean that it will eventually supplant English as the U.S. official language? The schools have stated that they will need to alter their entire curriculum to accommodate the newly mandated classes on Arabic language and culture. So I wonder, which classes have to disappear to make room for this despicable experiment? Math, gone? Science, gone? English, gone? History, gone? There's only so much time in a student's school day.

Well, Woo Hoo, Bring it On!! At least our kids will be able to speak Arabic when Sharia Law becomes the law of the land! Think I'm kidding? Check out this fact. There are already over 50 chapters of the Muslim American Society all over the U.S. The MAS is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood's stated objective is "the global conquest of Islam." The Muslim Brotherhood is responsible for the formation of Hamas and Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda's current commander was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Khalid Sheik Mohammad, the mastermind of 9/11, was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Google this. Educate yourself. Don't take any body's word for anything. Open your mind.

Now I ask you, what do you think the politically correct outrage would be if public schools wanted to teach Christian "culture" or Mormon "culture" or Jewish "culture" or Buddhist "culture" or any other "culture" where the study plan would even mention a religion?

I do believe studying a foreign language is a good thing. I think most students are already required to take a foreign language at some point in their school career. But aren't they offered a choice and don't they get to decide which language/culture they will study?

It's a pity, isn't it, that we can barely remember when students in our schools focused on subjects such as reading, writing, arithmetic, American History, English and science? Then they were the envy of the world. And now, after decades of socialist, liberal trial and error in the classroom we have ever decreasing test scores, falling ranks among industrialized nations, and kids who can't read, write, speak English, and know nothing about American History and our Founding Fathers.

I do think the Department of Education and local school districts have lost their grip on reality. No wonder Home Schooled students have increased by 75% in the last year.

After protests from parents the Texas schools have put a "hold" on their indoctrination plan. But don't think for a moment that the idea is gone for good. It will rear its ugly head again when the furor is over and the guard is down. After all, there is federal grant money available and it needs to be spent.

أنا على ثقة في الله - Translation? In God I Trust


  1. We will be at a serious disadvantage if no one in the US can read or speak Arabic. I think it is very important that we learn this language. There will be a large demand for people that are affluent in Arabic. How else are we to understand what they are saying, writing or planning? We cannot afford to be ignorant.

    Les B

  2. Affluent in Arabic? That's rich. No problem with learning it. But a huge problem with it being MANDATORY.