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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Remember the big Obama push to sign the new START deal with Russia? It's the nuclear arms reduction deal that Obama, Hillary Clinton and The United Nations has called a "first step toward eliminating nuclear weapons" from the world. Oh, and don't forget about everyone in our Congress who signed onto this cockamamie gimmick.

When N. Korea, China, Pakistan, Russia, France and India all are armed to the hilt with nuclear weapons what makes our rattlebrain President, our clueless Secretary of State and the ever-diligent-always-looking-out-for-America United Nations think that any of the nuclear armed nations will "disarm?"

And then there's Israel. They are the smartest country yet. They refuse to enter into any ridiculous arms reduction treaties and in fact, they won't confirm or deny that they even have nuclear weapons. Sounds like a great way to keep the hounds from coming through the door. The hounds don't know which bone will be thrown at them if they do, so they don't.

And yesterday WikiLeaks published documents that show that the U. S. has agreed to give the Kremlin identifying information regarding the number of missiles the U.S. gives to Britain. Britain has long had a policy of refusing to confirm the exact size of its nuclear arsenal and the U.S. has refrained from disclosing this information to any other country. Britain is smart, like Israel. But the U. S. needed a "bargaining chip" to entice Russia to supposedly go along with START. I say supposedly because if you study the START deal, it favors Russia in so many ways. The Russians really snookered Obama, Clinton and Congress.

And this backstabbing, double crossing, underhanded betrayal by Judas Obama and Congress has sold out one of our staunchest allies. This Sneaky Pete maneuver will certainly cost us the loyalty of any other country we have heretofore considered an ally. Why would any country trust us now? We are the Clown in the Courtyard all over the world, the Sucker-punch Champion, and due to the last two years of preschool foreign policy, no country respects us. We can't be trusted when we sell out our friends and pander to an untrustworthy country like Russia. Take the time to study the historic relationship of Russia and the U.S. Decide for yourself how "trustworthy" Russia is.

Our greatest threat to U. S. national security right now? BHO, Barack H. Obama and his progressive band of demons currently running everything in Washington - and those members of Congress who timidly rubber-stamp everything BHO does. If they are so quickly willing to undermine our allies, how long do you think it would take them to sell out Americans, that's us??

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