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Thursday, April 7, 2011


What a day it has been in Wisconsin. As of Wed. this week. Kloppenburg was claiming the prize of all prizes, I won, I won, I am going to the WI Supreme Court - but only by 205 votes. Her grabbing the brass ring was slightly premature. Did she not think there would be a recount? And then this morning on the news came the announcement that after rechecking the ballots before submission to the state, Winnebago County found some votes that had not been counted. After they were included Prosser was ahead of Kloppenburg by 40 votes. Still too close to call, and still on the way to a recount. But tonight the Oscar goes to Justice Prosser. Waukesha County found a "human error" which caused nearly 15,000 votes from the city of Brookfield to be excluded from the early count of ballots. The data was sent from Brookfield to the Clerk's office but did not get transferred to the final report given to the media. Brookfield is a heavily red area, casting 10,859 votes for Prosser and 3,456 votes for Kloppenberg. The inclusion of these ballots netted Prosser over 7,000 votes. A lead this large may be enough to prevent an automatic re-count. Kloppenburg would still have 3 days to ask for a re-count, but she would have to pay for it herself. The Brookfield count appears to be legitimate. There were Dems and Reps there during the counting process, and all agree that the final count is 100% accurate. So no funny business to be had. Do you think the Democrats will finally get the message? They didn't get it from the 2010 election. They didn't get it for weeks while they caused $7 million in damage to the Capital. They didn't get it when 14 Senators left the state to avoid doing their jobs. They didn't get it when they squatted in the Capital for weeks instead of staying on their jobs. And now, when the union/Dem voter turnout was monumental, all voting for Kloppenburg, they have lost. I wonder if they will get it now? The equally strong Republican turnout was due to the over-the-top reaction the unions and government workers had to Walker's reforms. The fleeing of the Dem legislators, storming the Capital, the fraudulent sick slips, teachers abandoning their classrooms, the death threats, the intimidation, the law breaking. They sure didn't make a very good impression on the whole country. Conservatives rallied to get out their vote due to the exhaustion and revulsion they felt at the hysterical tantrums exhibited by the Left. They Are Fed Up! Conservatives also had a very clear understanding of what was in play. There is a very real threat that the lawful acts of the legislature will not play out without interference from a politically motivated court, Judge Sumi, who has issued an injunction against Walker's bill. There is a very real possibility that her activist antics will drive the issue right to the Supreme Court. We all saw that. And we weren't about to let the WI Supreme Court be controlled by Kloppenburg, a DNR activist prosecuter with no experience on the bench. Do you remember when the GOP finally won Illinois and beat the Daley machine by holding outstate votes until after Cook County/Chicago had to report their vote numbers? The Dems didn't know how many votes they had to create to win, and after the outstate totals were released, the Dems realized that, ooops, they guessed wrong. Now I don't want to say that's what happened in WI, but it is strange, I think, that Prosser was winning throughout the entire vote count, and even when the reporting precincts were over 99% he was still ahead by about 900 votes. And then suddenly with 1% left to report Kloppenburg takes the lead by 205. But the Dems didn't know about Brookfield! I suspect this was not intentional, but well Played, Wisconsin Republicans, Well Played.

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