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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


GOVERNMENTGONEWILD.ORG, a web site devoted to exposing the dangers of a Government Gone Wild. Watch this video and forward this to everyone you know. Obama is NOT telling us the truth about how dangerous our "debt" is. Watch our DEBT, not our yearly DEFICIT. There is a difference. Obama is remarkably out of his depth as he and the Democrats refuse to confront our massive DEBT. They are driving us over the cliff, full speed ahead and it appears they don't realize the danger or they just don't care.

Some suggestions? Cut funding of all bailouts, subsidies, whole departments that are proven to be worthless, foreign aid which we cannot afford, social engineering programs that are not in our Constitution, cut the 200,000 employees that Obama has added to the federal payroll in just two years, cut all government program by 20% across every agency, and then cut all government spending by 10-15% every year until the debt is paid off. Enact immediately a Balanced Budget Bill that forces every administration to present a budget that matches spending to income. This would prevent Washington from creating new debt.

Do You Think There Is Anyone In Washington With The Boldness, Fortitude or Intelligence To Tell Us The Truth? Paul Ryan is getting there, but even his plan is not enough. And Yes, there are going to have to be changes to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Like it or not, if we do not change those programs the debt problem will not be fixed and those programs will simply die a flaming death when we can no longer pay the bill. Wouldn't you rather have SOME Medicare/Social Security/Medicaid than NONE at all?

You must get involved in this fight to save America. Standards and Poors has changed our debt rating, and that is very, very serious business. Do not sit on the sidelines while America suffocates from our massive debt.

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