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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Wonder Why the Legislators in Madison can't get much done at mid-day? And why lots of WI schools have had to cancel their class trips to Madison to see the Capital? And why the blood bank has had to close down? Why Capital Tour participants have to wear ear plugs? Why Capital visitors are forced to leave the rotunda because of the din. Why Capital staffers and employees are leaving work with headaches and ringing ears? Watch the video for a vivid picture of Capital protesters. Members of the noon-day sing-a-long, which takes place inside the Wisconsin Capitol rotunda daily, talk about fatigue and how they keep staying strong for the "protest."

Solidarity forever?? Raised fists?? Reminds me of the Communist Party. But these people are union puppets, brainwashed, indoctrinated, goose-stepping around the Capital rotunda like automatons. Common sense? Uh huh. Respect for others? Guess not. Respect for the Capital? Not a bit. Do they have jobs? One wonders. They march in a circle, are disruptive and obnoxious, shouting and singing, and behaving in the same oppressive manner that they so vehemently decry.

This boorish temper tantrum goes on while the State of WI, school districts and municipal governments continue to rack up millions of dollars in savings thanks to the elimination of collective bargaining. I say, Right On, Governor Walker. THANK YOU. You did what we elected you to do.


  1. maybe if they talked to them instead of ignoring them and dipping out of work, on our money they'd get more done. Its a public building paid for by the people to house their government they have the right to go to their representatives and have their voices heard. It just appears that nobody is willing to listen to them. Have you ever thought that they've SAVED money so they could come and do this, a concept that any well minded person should be aware of and for, if you have a deep wish to do something save your money and do it. You sound like the same people who decried student movements in the 60s, civil rights or even women's movement slandering them with accusations of communism. Maybe they're angry that although we're broke Scott Walker seems to enjoy using our money on appointments and pay raises of personal friends, adding government jobs to give a job to friends which used to be in the private sector and on new sprinkler systems.

  2. They have every right to be in the Capital. They do not have a right to disrupt the workday or Capital employees or to interfere with the use of the Capital by any public groups, i.e., school children, tour groups, other visitors. Nobody listens to them? Who would listen when they are singing and chanting? You only get respect when you give it. Can you cite exact examples of what you accuse Walker of doing in your last sentences? If you can back it up, then you should put that information here for everyone to see. I invite you to do that.