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Saturday, April 14, 2012


CNS News reported yesterday that the federal government spent $205,075 in 2010 to relocate a single bush in San Francisco. Seems the bush in question stood in the way of a billion dollar highway renovation project that was funded by Obama’s economic stimulus plan which he signed in 2009.

A government botanist, a government ecologist and a government biologist all declared that the plant known as the Franciscan Manzanita was rare and needed to be saved from the ravages of steel and cement. Good Grief, the Government has too many “ists” working for it.

But back to the story. The original cost to move the plant was not the only cost incurred by American taxpayers. Uncle Sam issued a contract for $7,025 to a company to test the bush’s chromosomes. Uncle Sam issued a contract to fund the input, guidance and advice of a qualified Manzanita expert. Uncle Sam provided $5,000 to each of 3 botanical gardens to “nurture” the root of the plant. Uncle Sam provided $1,500 for long-term seed storage of seeds collected from the plant. The plant is now protected by a fence, which Uncle Sam also paid for, and its location is kept secret so the plant does not “get trampled to death.” Nice to have a Rich Uncle, don't you think?

All this for a plant that is not on the endangered species list, is considered a wild plant, and can be bought at any nursery for $15.98 to $18.00 per bush.

More information that'll turn you red? Prior to the discovery of this lone, single Franciscan Manzanita plant the U. S. Interior Department had considered the plant to be extinct – except, of course, in people’s yards and gardens, where they are found in abundance.

This is just another amazingly stupid expenditure from the Obama stimulus bill. It’s your economic stimulus dollars at work. Obama should be proud. His name is on the side of the
highway that just spent $205,000 to move one plant that you can buy anywhere for about 20 bucks.

Remember this when you have to pay your taxes on April 15. Remember this the next time Obama shows up on TV yowling about the Buffett Rule and the rich aren’t paying their fair share, and the government has to close the budget gap by stealing more tax dollars from us.

Well, how about this, Mr. O.? I think I’m going to buy a couple hundred "rare" Manzanita bushes at my local nursery, and I'm going to plant them in the medians of America’s highways. Then I’m going to “discover” this very rare plant, report the discovery to you big spenders in Washington, and the government can hire me as an expert plant mover. At $205,000 a bush, it won’t be long and I’ll be a millionaire, thanks to my rich and stupid Uncle in Washington.


  1. I suppose that STUPID expenditures have occurred numerous times throughout the history of our nation's government. But what angers me is that I have yet to hear of one INTELLIGENT choice made concerning the hard earned (by the public) stimulus (spent by this government) $$. Can anyone name ONE WORTHY expenditure? Mostly we seem to have padded the wallets of Obama supporters.

  2. This one really IS the "Bush's" fault!