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Monday, August 20, 2012


There came a day when the God-King of the Nation came forth before the gathering crowds.  Oh, to repeat my 2008 performance as The One, The Only One, the God-King of the great Nation, America.  The God-King struts his stuff on stages in arenas big enough to swallow thousands upon thousands of worshipping followers.  Fire dances in his eyes, heat spews out from his mouth, his fists clench as he surveys the adoring group.  But wait, the crowds are so small, dwindling, anemic.  Oh where, oh where have the sheeples gone?  His own base has headed for the hills trying to get as far away from the God-King as they can.  They have gone into hiding or sit-it-out mode.   While Romney/Ryan attract 15,000 to 20,000 supporters at each rally, the number of people turning out to see the God-King is becoming so noticeably low that even the main stream town-criers are talking about it, nailing notices on doors throughout the Kingdom.   

When the God-King surveyed this disastrous turn of events, His inspiration to explain it away was great.  Oh, yes, my supporters are ignorant and dim-witted and are bobble-heads , and they will genuflect to anything I say.  And thus was adopted the official declaration that the campaign is trying to “limit the crowd size” to “create more intimacy.”  Oh, such disdain the King has for his subjects.  He doth believe his loyal followers will gobble up this pig poop in big bites as they have his other lies. 

It would appear that the God-King and his Court Jester, Joe Biden, are coming apart at the seams, are becoming unhinged, and are approaching a King-sized point of desperation.  So many gaffes, blunders, errors, mistakes, slip-ups, inaccuracies and intentional, premeditated lies.  Soon his past-followers and his never-were-followers can rejoice in the Kingdom as the God-King and his Joker are escorted out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 
2008 Crowds - Before Four Years

2012 Crowds - After Four Years - Some Subjects are slow learners

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