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Sunday, August 12, 2012


For a quick second yesterday I thought the conservatives had performed a miracle and had seen the light when Romney introduced Paul Ryan by saying, “Join me in welcoming the next president of the United States, Paul Ryan!”  I got all warm, fuzzy and tingly believing that the GOP finally realized what fiscal responsibility means.  My heart skipped a beat thinking about tax reform, a possible flat tax, sound money policy, small business opportunities, decreasing regulation, fiscal responsibility, constitutionally smaller government, and bye-bye Obamacare.  And then Romney returned to the stage to correct his slight blooper.   Mr. Ryan is Romney’s choice for a vice presidential running mate.  And while I would have preferred Ryan heading the ticket, I will gladly accept him in second place. 

Listen up here, Friends.  You can tell a lot about a man's character by the people he hires.  A First Class Man will hire only other First Class Men.  And a Third Class Creep will hire Joe Biden. 

And the First Class Man Romney has made an outstanding choice in hiring a First Class Running Mate.  This selection tells the Conservative base in America that Romney is willing to talk about the enormous issues that are facing Americans in this election.  Unemployment over 8 percent for over 3 years, $16 trillion in debt and rising daily, regulations that are destroying jobs and companies, no Democrat budget passed in 4 years, massive fraud, waste, abuse and political patronage.  The only issue I have with Ryan is he voted for the Patriot Act, which I believe was enacted in response to 9/11 but has become the biggest threat to our freedom in the history of the country.  It keeps on expanding and growing and restricting our rights.  But since there is no “perfect” candidate, I will embrace Paul Ryan and hope he understands that The Patriot Act is a fundamental threat to the freedoms he espouses. 

The more immediate threat to America is fiscal bankruptcy, economic stagnation and a European-style entitlement country, which is where Obama is leading us.  And there is no team better prepared to bring us back from financial insolvency than Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney.  Ryan is a policy wonk who understands numbers, budgets and where we are headed if we don’t change direction.  He is an optimistic, pro-growth VP candidate who has a clear vision and sound solutions to save our country.  That fact that he can effectively communicate with Americans is a bonus. 

Now all we have to do is SHOW UP and support Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney in November.  We need to show up and defend our values.  We need to show up to make a loud and clear statement that we want our country back.  We need to show up because the next president will likely appoint 2-3 Supreme Court Justices.  We need to show up because we don’t want four more years of over 8% unemployment, $4 a gallon gas, trillion dollar growing deficits and widespread corruption Obama/Chicago style.  It’s up to us. 


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