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Monday, December 3, 2012



Well, another scam to take advantage of the good old U. S. of A.  It’s called “Birthing Tourism.”  Seems like some Chinese entrepreneur (Hai Yong Wu) has figured out a way to make America look as dumb as we are.  He’s opened a Birth Hotel in Chino Hills, CA.  Chinese women book a room at his hotel (which is really just a residence that he’s calling a hotel) so they can come to the U.S pregnant with a baby in the belly and then return to China with a baby on their boob.  Thanks to our 14th Amendment, these Chinese babies are now U. S. citizens due to the fact that they were born here.   

Wu operates a web site called  The site sells the opportunity for women to have a baby in the U. S. for $5,000 to $15,000.  Information on the site advises pregnant women to wear dark T-shirts and use a large backpack to cover their stomachs to prevent suspicion and not draw attention to their bulging bellies. 

The Los Angeles Times reports that “birthing tourism” is a very big issue in Southern California.  Three homes in San Gabriel were shut down last spring.  NBC News found dozens of websites courting parents from S. Korea, China and Eastern Europe encouraging them to come to the U. S. to give birth.  Of course, the sites arrange for rentals at Birth Hotels.

One woman running a maternity hotel in New York told NBC News that she’d worked with about 150 clients.  Let’s see, at an average of $10,000 per birth, times 150 births, that’s a cool 1.5 million dollars.  Not bad for a day’s work.  I wonder if these “birth hotels” are paying taxes on this money?  Unlikely.  They’ve probably figured out a way to avoid the IRS's grabbing hand too. 

The sites include the idea of the “rights” of the child to a free public education, advantageous loan rates, free social programs both before and after retirement, and the prospect of a “green card for the entire family once the child turns 21.” 

Remember, these cheating families pay no taxes into our system, but their U. S. born children are entitled to every benefit a tax paying U. S. Citizen is entitled to.  They are essentially buying U. S. Citizenship for their babies.  Just another way to rip us off.  Yeah, yeah, I know, it's not illegal.  That doesn't make it right.    

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