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Monday, December 3, 2012


Obama’s Afghanistan War Alive And Well

Obama did it again, failed to live up to a 2008 campaign promise.  Remember when he chastised Bush for having troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for so long?  Obama The Warrior said he’d end the both wars and bring our troops home.  Turns out his lie was just warmonger rhetoric.   

The most recent attack?  Nine suicide bombers hit a U. S. airfield in Jalalabad.  Five were killed, 18 wounded.  Turns out the dead and injured are all Afghan civilians, special forces or soldiers, but does it matter?  Americans could have just as easily been among the dead and injured.   Plenty of Americans have already died or come home with injuries that have changed their lives forever.

Mr. President, stop being a Warrior God and bring all of our troops home from the entire Middle East.  For crying out loud, you were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!  Stop all foreign aid to these countries.  They don’t want us in their lands.  They regularly murder and maim our troops.  Our aid goes for graft and corruption and makes crooked leaders richer.  Are you ever going to live up to your promise?  I doubt it.  You are such a liar.  

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