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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Journalists and politicians, outspoken champions of gun control, have no problem labeling your child's school a "gun-free zone."  

So you would think they have no problem posting a similar sign in their own front yards, right?

You'd be wrong.  Watch their "uncomfortable" reaction when confronted by hidden cameras...



An undercover video investigation by Project Veritas, whose founder James O’Keefe is widely known for his devastating expos√© of ACORN, found that the journalists who recently exposed gun-permit holders in the New York City area were unwilling to take a dose of their own medicine and declare their homes “gun-free zones.”

Project Veritas members posed as members of a gun-control group asking to post anti-gun signs on lawns. The journalists included staffers of the West Nyack, N.Y.-based Journal News, which last month published the names and addresses of thousands of pistol permit holders licensed in the Westchester and Rockland counties area north of New York City.

Four times doors were closed in the faces of the Project Veritas investigators, three times the signs were rejected, twice law enforcement was called to remove them from the property and three times they found armed guards already on site.

Stops by the team included the homes of Newark Star Ledger columnist Bob Braun, Journal News publisher Janet Hasson, reporter Alex Weisler, Journal News Editor Cynthia Lambert and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

O’Keefe’s crew asked journalists whether they would put a sign on their lawn that says “Citizens Against Senseless Violence. THIS HOME IS PROUDLY GUN FREE!”

Uniformly they were denied permission.

O’Keefe, who also previously released a video of a Democrat campaign operative plotting vote fraud, explained he wanted to see how top gun control advocates “felt when placed in the same position as our nation’s children – within a Gun Free Zone.”

“Our nation’s children spend the majority of their week within schools that are starkly emblazoned with signs that read ‘Gun Free Zone.’ Project Veritas put that same concept to the test with some of America’s most fervent advocates for gun control,” he said.

O’Keefe said his team went door-to-door in New York, New Jersey and Washington to see which outspoken champions for gun control would be willing to declare their own home as a “gun free zone.”

“It’s amazing to see members of our media equivocate and contradict their spoken and written words when faced with the dilemma to declare their own homes as gun free,” O’Keefe said. “Surprisingly, we found that the homes of the very New York paper that was willing to put the lives and fortunes of gun owners at risk by publishing their names and addresses, were also the most heavily armed and protected.

“The hypocrisy of New York’s Journal News is beyond words.”

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