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Sunday, January 20, 2013


With the big Obama push to control firearms, the word got out that Obamacare is going to require doctors and health care providers to find out who in America has guns.  Of course, this wasn't reported by the Main Stream Liars, but it was on other stations and news outlets.  Some reporters who talked about it said, oh, no, that won't happen.  Others said, oh, yes, it will.  So let me clear it up for everyone.  This is exactly what happened two weeks ago at my last yearly physical. 

It was a routine visit, no health issues.  You remember that form you have to fill out each year, the health intake form?  Well, guess what two new questions were. ( 1)  Do you have firearms in your home?  (2)  If yes, are your firearms in a secure location?  There was another new form I've never seen before.  It was called a Psychological and Depression Screening form.  It was a full page of questions asking things like do you ever feel  lonely, do you ever feel sad, do you ever get angry, do you drink alcohol, how often to you drink alcohol, and on and on and on, a full page of these intrusive, invasive, meddling questions.

I refused to answer any of them.  I stated that I objected to this type of personal information being in the hands of Washington bureaucrats.  Oh, yes, Obamacare is requiring that the medical records of every American be stored in Washington’s Health and Human Services computer system.  Do you doubt this?   You must be an Obama backer.  This is easy enough to find out if you are so uninformed.  Google it!  

But the truth is, the nurse at my clinic said yes, that’s what will happen.   She also said I wasn't required to answer the questions - yet!

So there you have it from the nurse’s mouth.  Proof enough for me.  Thanks, Obama Backers.  Just because you trust Washington doesn't mean I do.  Unfortunately, thanks to you, we are all now stuck with Obamacare forever.  

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