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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Double Dip Recession? Not according to the Limousine Liberals in the Beltway (that's Washington, D.C. for those of you in Toten Creek). Nationwide home prices have declined another 5% in the last year. Bankruptcies, foreclosures and short sales are rampant. Food, clothing and energy prices are soaring. Unemployment and under-employment are at levels unseen in decades, around 15-17%. Americans are in a world of hurt.

But what's happening in The Beltway? Home prices have increased 4.3% in the past year while bankruptcies and foreclosures are scarce. Wonder why? Well, the federal workforce in Washington has increased by a quarter of a million employees since 2008. (Queen Bee Obamama knows how to hire). All those worker bees purchasing homes, that keeps the beehive movin' and shakin'. Thank you, Mr. I'm-Paying-My-Political-Debts Obama. And according to USA Today, 1/5 of federal workers now earn $100,000 or more. That kind of helps you pay the bills, wouldn't you say? Hey, I just thought of a question for ya'll. How many of you make $100,000 a year? Not so many??
You must not have friends in high places.

The unemployment rate in the five counties closest to the Beltway? It averages less than half of the almost 10% the rest of the nation is dealing with, ranging from 3.9% to 6.8%. Isn't that just peachy keen? 10% of you are out of work, and Washington rides the Gravy Train -- literally!

In the last 2 years there has been a 73% increase in the size of the federal limousine fleet. I call that riding a Big Gravy Train. The State Department, that'd be Hillary and her friends (such as Anthony Weiner's wife), added 194 limos since 2008, increasing its fleet to 259. And this at a time when we have no money and are going broke.

But Homeland Security, including the Secret Service, has only 118 limos, 4 fewer than it owned in 2008. During Bush's last year in office the GSA reported the feds employed a minimal fleet of 238 limos. That's 238 limos TOTAL, for the entire government. By 2010 that number had jumped to 412 luxury limos. Oh, Mr. O., you sure are doing your part to stimulate the economy, thank you very much.

You wonder why The King is always golfing or vamoosing out of town on yet another vacation?
Because he's on a whooper-dooper of a spending orgy with your money. He thinks he's got a forever-green-money-tree, and he wants to raise the federal debt limit to keep you planting more seeds so the money-tree continues to grow green.

Here's a suggestion, Your Highness. Let your czars and potentates car pool. That's what you've asked us to do. Or better yet, sell the limos, take a cab, or a bus, or a train. Washington has a train system, in case you didn't know. BUT DON'T RAISE THE DEBT CEILING!

The Reality? You voted against "raising the debt limit" when you were in the Senate, yet this week you said we "ought to take off our band aids and eat our peas" and raise the debt limit. Seriously? It's hard to take your buffoonery seriously.

One other thing, Mr. Obaffoon, you said you have hundreds of thousands of dollars that you don't need. May I suggest that you give it to charity? Or maybe give it to the government? They really need it. Or hey, I'd like to start a business so I can put some people to work. How about giving it to me? If you don't like any of these ideas, then just go away and shut up.

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