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Friday, July 1, 2011


Here's the video of MSNBC's Mark Halperin telling the truth about Obama's "Economic" speech last week. You know, the speech where Mr. O. blames everybody but himself for the miserable state of the economy, lack of job creation, fuel prices, chiding the Republicans for not "being there" while Obama has been there for "Afghanistan, Bin Laden" and a host of other things Obama came off of the golf course or back from vacation to "handle." This Pretender President is doing a more effective job of destroying America from inside the White House than any terrorist could do from outside. And it appears the Far Left is finally getting it - at least Mark Halperin. He says what he really thinks about Mr. O. on MSNBC Morning Show, thinking he's got a 7 second delay and his comments will be expunged from the broadcast, but whoops, he called Obama a very nasty name for the few viewers that MSNBC has left. The broadcast was picked up and is now everywhere. And Mark Halperin got suspended for telling the truth as he sees it. In case you haven't seen this goodie, here it is.

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