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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Top 5 items to know before the August 9 Recall elections.

#1, Obama’s Organizing for America PAC has poured millions into WI to buy The Badger State. OFA is hiring alleged Moore supporters to knock on doors throughout the districts. OFA was largely involved with helping protesters in Madison in February.

#2, In June there were 18,000 new jobs created nationwide. 9,500 of those jobs were in WI. That’s more than half. With 15 million Americans unemployed and the unemployment rate at 9.2%, I’d say Walker/Harsdorf and the rest of the Republican Senators are doing something right.

#3, Moore’s claim that Harsdorf wants to “end Medicare as we know it” is gibberish. It’s such a stupid statement that it earned Moore the rating of “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire” from the Milwaukee Journal. The Moore mailing was an outright lie. Anybody with an ounce of brains knows that Harsdorf is a STATE SENATOR, who has no control over what happens with Medicare, it being a national program. Moore and the Dems should note that Harsdorf sits in Madison, not in Washington.

#4, Hudson school district saved $800,000 on health insurance premiums because, thanks to Walker/Harsdorf, the school district is now able to bid out the insurance instead of being forced to use the union’s insurance company. And most important?

#5, people throughout the 10th (Harsdorf) and 18th (Hopper) districts have reported receiving “robo” calls. The robot identifies the call as coming from Democrat National Committee Services. The robot asks “are you likely to vote in the Senate Recall election being held on August 16.” The August 16 date is repeated several times. I believe this is a deliberate, calculated attempt to confuse the electorate regarding the REAL date of the election in both of these districts. Talk about low down, dirty, sleazy, smelly politics, this is a prime example.

Yes, there are some recall elections on August 16, BUT the 10th and 18th districts are on AUGUST 9! The DNC knows exactly what they are doing by their lame attempt to confuse voters. Do not be fooled by these calls or anything else you get in the mail or are told about the date of the election. The Harsdorf election in the 10th Senatorial District is August 9. And every single vote will count. Please support Harsdorf if you want to continue to turn back the union stranglehold in Madison.

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