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Saturday, October 1, 2011


Do you know the latest way The Jobs President is going to create jobs? Get ready, this is such exciting news!

According to The Dialy Caller, The Jobs President’s EPA is hiring 230,000 new bureaucrats to implement the EPA’s new greenhouse gas regulations.

But hold on just a minute, the EPA has said that the new greenhouse gas regulations are “absurd” in application and “impossible to administer” by the EPA’s target date of 2016. But the idiots running the EPA still want taxpayers to pay for 230,000 bodies who will be needed in an “attempt” to implement the new rules.

Cost to the taxpayer?? A cool $21 billion.

Where did the new regulations come from? Well, remember Cap and Trade? Obama and Company were not able to get it through Congress. It was soundly rejected by both Dems and Reps as a huge jobs killer and too expensive. So Obama performed a backdoor magic trick and proposed the Clean Air Act, which passed Congress when the Dems were in control. The Clean Air Act does not give the EPA explicit power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, but the EPA is doing it anyway. Thankfully the authority of the EPA to move forward is being challenged in court. The argument is that greenhouse gas emission decisions should be up to Congress, not a bunch of highly paid bureaucrats in the EPA.

As of right now there are approximately 14,000 big businesses who have to comply with current EPA emission standards and must get permits and complete extra paperwork to operate. If the EPA new greenhouse gas emissions standards are left in place the number of businesses forced into a regulatory nightmare would grow to as many as 6.1 million. Well, that’s sure going to create lots of jobs. Gee, do you think companies will move overseas to avoid the strong armed sledge hammer of the EPA?

And the $21 billion dollar figure to hire the required 230,000 regulators? That figure does NOT include the economic cost of the regulations themselves.

Government jobs are the only kind of jobs The Jobs President knows how to create. From Jan. 2008 to the middle of 2010 the private sector lost around 7.9 million jobs, but the public sector gained 590,000. From Feb 2009 when the Obama stimulus bill was passed to the middle of 2010 the private sector lost more than 2.6 million jobs, but government positions grew by 400,000.

One more end-run around from the Obama EPA playbook. They have now banned over-the-counter asthma inhalers because of environmental concerns. What used to cost asthmatic Americans about $20 will not cost them over $60 because the only way to get the required EPA inhaler is by prescription.

And don’t forget the EPA ban on light bulbs. This little dittie drove light bulb manufacturing to China. There are no companies making bulbs in the U.S. any longer. Have you priced the new “required” bulb? Be ready for a shock. You can thank the Bush administration for this one.

And how many jobs have been lost due to protection of some snail or plant or wetland for decades and through many administrations?

But The Jobs President wants to raise taxes and spend more on “infrastructure” and establish a government run “infrastructure bank” to produce jobs.

But hey, Mr. Jobs Guy, you would generate lots more jobs simply by reigning in your EPA-Gone-Wild. But I won't hold my air-polluting breath.

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