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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


What does Ohio have in common with Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland and Massachusetts? All have banned pork from their prison systems. Seems like Muslim inmates at these prisons don’t like the idea of pork being prepared in the same kitchens as the food they are expected to ingest. After all, the “pork” might contaminate THEIR food.

And why did the Ohio prison system capitulate to this outrageous demand? Two Muslim prison inmates filed a lawsuit claiming that the prison system’s failure to provide “halal” meals, prepared according to Islamic teachings, is a restraint on his religious freedom. One of the prisoners, Abdul Awkal, is on death row for murdering his estranged wife and brother-in-law. The other, Cornelius Causey, is serving 15 to life for murder and robbery.

Prison officials have offered vegetarian and non-pork meals. But that isn’t enough for the two murderers. They demand that their meals be prepared in a specific fashion, i.e., animals must be butchered by slitting their throats and draining their blood, to conform to Islamic beliefs. The prison says that removing pork completely from the menu is the only way to ensure the two murderers will be served “clean” food.

Hard to believe, isn’t it? What about the rights of the prisoners who enjoy a meal of pork and don’t care how it is slaughtered? What about Jewish prisoners who also don’t eat pork but have not demanded it be removed from the menu? They seem to find something to eat without filing lawsuits.

I maintain that if Muslims don’t like prison food, then they shouldn’t commit crimes. But since they are under control of the state they should be given no dining favors except for vegetarian meals. The fact that pork is banned because if offends two Muslims should chill every American. This is a glaring example of Creeping Sharia Law invading our institutions and courts.

This is America! If they don’t want to comply with our laws and traditions, then stay the heck out of our country. And if while here they commit a crime that lands them in the jailhouse, then they should shut up and eat what they’re served and be thankful they even get a meal.

There are plenty of prisons in third world countries, namely The Middle East, where they not only wouldn’t have a say in their meals, they wouldn’t even get a trial. They’d be tortured and very likely beheaded.

If given a choice, beheading or eating pork, I bet these model citizens would choose pork.

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