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Thursday, October 20, 2011


VP Biden has sure gotten around in the last few weeks. First he gives a speech suggesting that rape, murder and crime stats are going up, and it's all the fault of those stubborn Republicans. The video is below. Be sure to watch to the end. And this scary dud is a heartbeat away from the presidency!


And then Joey is asked about his "rape and murder" comment. His reaction is, what should I say, so adult?


And then the Clown Prince Vice President visits a number of schools to speak to 4th graders. This video is Goode Elementary in York, PA. Talking in a hushed voice to a class of 30 students, Biden tells the class that in order to rehire some teachers, police officers and firefighters, all that needs to happen is the federal government has to tax the wealthy only "$500 in additional taxes," and those jobs will come right back. He actually says the rich "can pay for all the teachers and all the police and all the firemen" to come back.


There is something profoundly outrageous about a vice president of the U.S. politicking to fourth-grade students and subtly trying to scare the kids into believing that if the President's jobs bill isn't passed, the kids will be deprived of an education. Are Joe and Barry this desperate? Don't they realize that 4th graders can't vote? Oh, but wait, now I get it. Their parents can vote, and you can bet Joe Baby was counting on these brainwashed 4th graders going home with stories about how Big Brother Joe is going to tax the rich so their teachers can come back to the roost.

Too bad Joe didn't tell them that by the time they are able to vote America will be a third world country, thanks to Barry's and Joe's spending mania. He should have said, "We're gonna give you some money to hire some teachers and then we're gonna put it on a Chinese credit card and hand you little kiddies the stinkin' bill." "And, Kiddies, by the time YOU have to pay the bill, Barry and I will be long gone."

Oh, if only Joe had told them the truth instead of attempting to scare them witless.


  1. Joe Bortz was talking on the radio tonight (1130 am, which we can BARELY HEAR in Hudson anymore -booooooooo) about this little classic speech given by JoeJoe to the fourth graders. Saying that the rich millionaires will only pay $500 more in taxes if the jobs' bill is passed. WOW. Only $500. That's reasonable, don't you think? Well, if JoeJoe Biden could add and multiply, figuring in the elimination the Bush tax cuts and the raise in taxes on the 1% of our nation who ALREADY pay - what'd he say (correct me, if I'm wrong)? - 47% of all the taxes well, that would be over a million dollars PER PERSON INCREASE. JoeJoe shouldn't be lecturing fourth graders, he should BE in fourth grade! Holy cow!

  2. Just read Gary Bauer's view of this debacle. He says:
    "While conservatives have been told to tone down our rhetoric, Democrats have insisted that Republicans want "dirtier air, dirtier water, [and] less people with health insurance." We now want women to be raped and store owners killed. We not only want grandma kicked out of her nursing home, we want her pushed off a cliff too. We want children with disabilities kicked out into the streets and forced to fend for themselves. And we also want to see blacks "hanging on trees."

    Hope and change is gone. Fear and smear is all the Democrats have left. Their hyperbolic rhetoric is designed to accomplish one thing: preserve their grip on power so they can continue to grow the government. But that is a dead-end road. Greece is once again gripped by riots because the European experiment in big government socialism has bankrupted that country. Will we learn from Europe's mistakes? Will we be grown-ups? Or will we end up in flames like Greece? The 2012 elections will decide what path our country takes."
    Seems we nasty conservatives NEED TO GET TO WORK and organize to defeat this ridiculousness!!!