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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Did you hear the news today? The Government Accountability Board has established the “rules” to be used to validate signatures on the Recall Walker petitions that are soon to be submitted to the GAB. The “rules” that were unanimously approved by the Board say simply that all signatures will be considered legal. When asked if Mickey Mouse or Adolf Hitler would be okay? The Board replied yes. Stunning admission, don’t you think? A GAB representative stated on the record that all signatures that included a proper date and WI address are presumed “valid.”

The GAB says that verification of all signatures falls on Walker, or some other independent group. It is up to the parties being recalled to discover fraudulent signatures among the thousands of recall forms that will be submitted. Holy Moly, then what are we paying the GAB staff for? It’s obviously another government office that isn’t effective and should be eliminated.

So what happens when someone signs a petition more than once, like the Milwaukee man who admitted to signing over 80 times – same name, same address, same signature. Potentially, every one of his so-called signatures will end up being counted. And I don’t believe for one minute that this is the only dim-wit who signed a petition more than once. But this is one dim-wit who admitted to it.

And how about the Conservative talk radio host whose name appeared on a petition? She categorically states that she did NOT sign any petition to recall Walker. After all, she’s a Conservative. And yet, her name is clearly signed. It was discovered when someone who knows the host was asked to sign the same petition and discovered the host’s name, immediately informing the host of the situation. According to the GAB, her name on the petition will be valid.

What a frightful, fraudulent, deceitful, reprehensible scam the Recall Walker movement has become. But what would we expect when unions from all over the country are dumping millions of dollars into WI to force their agenda down our collective throats? They are so fearful of losing their power, they are willing to do anything to get rid of Walker.

Intimidation is running rampant. Recently Alexandra Carney was attempting to drive her two small children to McDonald’s when she was stopped by petition circulators who were blocking the road. They asked her to sign a petition to recall Walker, to which she politely shook her head no as she attempted to drive away. Quickly the petition circulator raised his middle finger to Ms. Carney, called her an offensive name and threw an egg at her windshield. Ms. Carney stated that “it was truly terrifying,” for her and her children. She honked her horn and continued moving her vehicle forward in an attempt to drive away from the scene before the crowd could access the inside of her vehicle. Does anyone else wonder why the petition circulator had eggs in their possession? Why were the circulators allowed to block traffic? But I guess the rights of the few circumvent the rights of anyone who gets in their way.

Folks, you should think twice before signing a Recall Walker petition.  If you sign you become part of the scam.

Watch the video below to see the GAB in action.  Don't laugh.  This is a real government board.

CLICK HERE to report MISCONDUCT OR FRAUD during the petition process.

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