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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


OBAMA’S REQUEST, “I NEED ANOTHER $1.2 TRILLION IN FUNNY MONEY” And funny money it is – being printed on the constantly running Federal Reserve printing press, and whatever isn’t printed is borrowed from China through the sale of worthless U. S. Treasury Bonds.

When Obama drags himself off the golf course and returns from his $4 million vacation, he will be asking Congress to increase the government’s debt limit by $1.2 trillion – again. This increase is the third step that was part of a deal approved back in August. The debt ceiling was increased $400 billion in August and $500 billion in September, and now $1.2 trillion will be asked for.

Now you would think there’d be a big fight in Congress over approving this increase. You’d think the Conservative Republicans would say hell, no, but you’d be oh, so wrong. The bill that was passed in August stated that Congress can only vote to block the debt ceiling increase with a “disapproval resolution.” This means after Obama requests the increase, lawmakers have only 15 days to vote it down. If Obama asks for the increase on January 1, Congress will have until January 14 to say “no.” But Congress will not be in session on January 14. They are in recess past that date. Oh, didn’t Obama plan this to perfection? Raise the debt ceiling now before Congress gets back to stop it. Isn’t he the clever one.

Once the debt ceiling is raised, the total amount Obama will be allowed to spend is $16.4 trillion. Want to know how bad this is? In eight years of the Bush administration our debt increased by $4 trillion. In the first 3 years of the Obama administration Obama has increased our debt $6 trillion.

So Congress can’t stop this madness. I’m not sure Boehner would have the guts to do it even if Congress were in session then. He’d probably flop, whine, whimper and waffle, and after a couple of weeks of press conferences he’d cave in.

Remember something, Folks. In over 1,000 days there has been no budget from Obama. He’s running the richest country on earth without a plan, a budget. No wonder he has to keep asking for more and more and more money. 

How do we know how much he is spending? We don’t. How do we know where he’s spending it? We don’t – except when the government backed Solyndras of the world go bust. We don’t know because there is no budget. He’s the sorriest excuse of a leader to ever occupy the White House. Vacation and golf are more important than creating a budget, decreasing our debt, and getting our financial house in order.
Want to know what Obama himself thought about raising the debt ceiling when Bush was in office? See it here. And remember this when you vote in 2012. Four more years of record spending, no cuts, no planned budget, raising the debt limit and passing Continuing Resolutions to run the country are the tools by which we will become Greece sooner rather than later. We are teetering on the precipice right now.

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