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Monday, December 19, 2011



Well, the first documented Keystone Pipeline job LOSSES have happened – and right before Christmas. Sure makes for a joyous Christmas season, doesn’t it?

Weispun Tubular Company today announced they were laying off dozens of employees. The reason Weispun cited? Weispun makes steel pipe for the oil industry. They say there are miles of steel pipe laying dormant on the land that was to have carried the Keystone Pipeline from Canada to Texas.

Weispun says they had to make staffing reductions due to the Keystone Pipeline material not being shipped out. “We have 500 miles of pipe just sitting in the yard, expected to be shipped out, that some of the employees were working on,” said President Dave Delie.  Remember a month ago when Obama "delayed" the project?  Said he wouldn't make a decision until after the 2012 election.  Well, due to Obama's delay of the project, there is no place to ship the product. 

The next problem facing employees of Weispun? The company will have to soon shut down a portion of the site because THERE IS NO WORK. The shut-down project will leave 200 workers with no income.

The Republicans in the House have approved a bill that includes a provision that would force Obama to make a decision on the Keystone Pipeline. He delayed it to keep his big givers, the Sierra Club and the environmentalists, happy, and he has stated that he will VETO the Republicans' bill when it gets to his desk. But it's costing Americans 20,000 immediate jobs and the potential for over 100,000 well paying jobs.  He's vetoing desparately needed jobs. 

But what would you expect? The majority of his votes in the Illinois Senate and the U. S. Senate were “Present.” Couldn’t make a decision then and can’t make one now. He doesn’t give a hoot about how you are going to feed your kids or whether you have a roof over your heads or a way to pay your bills. He’s too busy spending over 4 million dollars on his Hawaii vacation, to which Michelle had to fly alone. Sounds like she can’t stand to be in a plane for 9 hours with her hubby. Can’t say that I blame her.

Thank’s for the jobs, Mr. Obama, and thank you to all the mislead Americans who put this train wreck into office.  I wonder how many of you Obomamaniacs still have your jobs?  I sure hope you smarten up and see the light before 2012. 

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  1. The TransCanada and American Petroleum numbers state a gain of 120,000. Independent research and the State Dept. research puts the number at 4,650 temp jobs (which includes 140 dentists, 60 strippers as well as some pipeline workers) See report at The spending of the bill gives subsidies to the refinery (mostly Koch Refineries) to the tune of billion$ of taxpayer dollars and would have not created any permanent jobs. It would however been a several billion expenditure. Let the billionaires pay for their own pipeline.