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Monday, January 16, 2012


“With or without Congress,” Obama says he’s going to get ‘er done. He suddenly wants to streamline this and downsize that, too much paper, too many reports, consolidating, merging, combining, joining, uniting a variety of super-sized departments and branches and offices of the Executive Branch. Well, howdy, doodie, what a Joke! What a total, phony baloney, Jim-dandy, utter unqualified jive-talking scam.

All of a sudden the biggest spending president in history, the president who has expanded the size of the federal government unmercifully, has hired one highly paid government employee after another, has created more bureaus, committees and Czar led boards than any president ever, now he wants you to believe he has seen the light and has become a small government reformer. Streamlining? Oh, sure. Obamacare, the president’s trademark legislation, will blow a hole in the size of government that the public cannot even imagine and from which we will never recover. You think Medicare and Social Security are in financial trouble? Just wait for Obamacare to bankrupt the Nation.

Well, let’s take a look at what the Great Small Government Reformer wants to do, shall we? These are the agencies our Esteemed Leader wants to merge, consolidate, downsize, you name it. The Commerce Department, The Small Business Administration, The Office of the US Trade Representative, The Overseas Private Investment Corporation, The Export-Import Bank, The Trade and Development Agency. What do all of these agencies have in common? They are all PRO BUSINESS. That might mean that they tend to see things in a Conservative way. But no surprise here, targeting businesses is nothing new for this president. Why isn’t he targeting the departments who support Planned Parenthood and NPR or a million other Liberal giveaway grant programs, like smoking monkeys and Chinese prostitutes and bridges to nowhere or other stupid spending which you can find at Dirty Spending Secrets?

The hiccup? Obama needs the cooperation of Congress to enact his proposal. He has to ask Congress for the power to merge federal agencies. I hope Congress responds with a big, fat, emphatic NO.

The fact is this president cannot be trusted on anything he says. Give him this power, and the next thing you know, he’ll figure out how to abolish Congress with the stroke of his Executive Order pen or when Congress is in “recess.” This Great Pretender has been defying the Constitution and Congress since he took office. He has no respect for either. He has an agenda and he’s going to run with it as fast and as far as he can, Congress and the Constitution bedamned.

The true picture of his total ignorance is that he is not recommending abolishing any of these departments, rather he wants to lump them all together. Look what happened when the Department of Homeland Security was established by Bush, and 23 agencies were consolidated into one behemoth of a department. It grew to well over 200,000 employees and in 2011 was allocated 96.8 billion dollars. It is now the third largest cabinet department. No savings or downsizing or increased efficiency here.

And that is exactly what will happen under the Pretenders consolidation proposal. I’d like to grab him by the shoulders and ask him point blank, “What Is Wrong With ELIMINATION Of Some of These Departments?”

Don't trust anything he says.  This is nothing more than another political we-get-the-shaft gimmick designed to convince his Obamatrons to vote for him again.  If you fell for it the first time, don't be stupid enough to fall for it now.   

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