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Monday, January 16, 2012

Want to know what America's public schools are teaching our kids?  Watch this video and weep.  Jack Chambless, Valencia College economics professor, had his college class write an essay on how they view America.  The result?  80% expect the government to provide them with everything. The American work ethic for this upcoming generation is dead.  Talk about an "entitlement generation," it's staring us in the face right now.  This is where Occupy Wall Street came from.  Frightening?  This generation of entitlement brats is going to be in control of this country while you and I continue to get taxed to pay for their expectations.  Get rid of the Department of Education. That's the first thing that should be done in 2013 after the election.  Though I don't know if turning education back to the states would make much difference.  Same mindset, same liberal gimme agenda, same entitlement result. 

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