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Wednesday, January 11, 2012



Obama says to big business, bring back the jobs from India and China. And what does he do? He outsources to Brazil –again. He must like Brazil, maybe it’s a great vacation place (which O & M are fond of) because a year or so ago he gave Brazil billions of dollars to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, after he shut down our oil rigs in the same area, and then he proudly announced to Brazil that we would be their best customer. Oh, job creation, what an admirable goal.

And now this week the Obama administration has done it again. Obama told U.S. owned Hawker Beechcraft that they are excluded from bidding on the US Air Force contract for a light attack aircraft to be used to train Afghanistan’s pilots. Yes, that's EXCLUDED, NOT ALLOWED TO BID.  That leaves Embraer, a Brazilian owned aircraft company, as the recipient of this very lucrative deal. How much U.S. taxpayer money is going to Brazil? Oh, about a cool one billion dollars.

What a triple slap in the face of American workers. We need jobs, Barry. Our economy needs the infusion of the money these workers would spend here. And what about our security, Barry? Why are you giving a DEFENSE contract to Brazil, a foreign owned company? You show up on TV with your numerous teleprompters and rag on the Republicans for not passing your “jobs” bills and stating it’s their fault, they are stopping your “jobs” program. And then you turn around and kill jobs with the wave of your hand and the scratch of your pen.

You want to force companies to repatriate billions of overseas dollars. You want to raise taxes so you can spend billions more on stimulus that doesn’t stimulate anything except the pockets of your Socialist Democratic donors. But you don’t have enough brains to award an American defense contract to an American defense company.

There’s lots of stupidity to go around in the Obama administration, but this is not just a colossally ignorant decision. It’s a perfect example of Obama’s Chicago-style political payback with a billion of your dollars. Because guess who owns part of Embraer? Yes, Obama’s socialist fund-raising buddy, George Soros.

The constant payback scams evident in the Obama administration are bad enough, but this biggie is at the expense of our national security.

Did the main stream mess cover this outrageous security issue? Not much. They are too busy covering Obama’s re-election campaign, again following him around like little puppy dogs waiting for a pat on the head, their tongues hanging out, drool dribbling, tail wagging, and urinating on the floor.

How much more damage can Barry do in the next 14 months? Too much, I fear. But maybe, just maybe, the Tea Party people in Congress can shut him down until he’s kicked out of office. I sure hope so. Of course, we the Taxpayer will be supporting Barry and Michelle for the rest of their lives. No way for us to get out of that.

Here are the links, Folks.  Find out for yourself just how much ignorance and payola slink through the halls in Obama's White House. 



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