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Thursday, May 10, 2012


What's another 4.2 billion dollars to the beleaguered American tax payer?  Well, according to the IRS, it's just a drop in the big tax fraud bucket, and it's being spent for such a good cause.  Yup, that's right, it's a real necessity or there might be suffering and griping and whining and crying by the illegal aliens, the Obama constituency. 

So what's the big deal?  Well, here it is.  There is a big old sink hole of a tax loophole which allows undocumented workers to collect what's called an Additional Child Tax Credit.  The credit is $1,000 per child, and it is being claimed by families who pay nothing in taxes.  Yup, you are smarter than the IRS Dummies because you figured it out right away.  They pay NOTHING in taxes, yet they get THOUSANDS back in refunds.  Oh, isn't our government efficient?

Here's how it works.  It used to be that you had to have a Social Security number to file your taxes, claim credits, and claim refunds, and each of your children had to have a Social Security number as soon as they came out of the womb, or you could not claim them as a dependent.  But some moron in Washington decided that wasn't really fair because undocumented aliens don't pay taxes or file tax returns because they can't get a SS number.  So what did the Wise Folks in government do?  They said well, we will create a new system of identification called a Taxpayer Identification Number.   And for anyone who can't get a SS number, we will assign them a TIN.  Oh, goodie, then they can file a tax return and get their refund.

All well and good until the recipients of the TINs found out how easy it is to scam the government of the country where they are illegally residing and working.  Actually, they already knew that since they continue to reside here without fear of deportation, thank you Mr. Obama and the Obama Justice Department.  So it's no wonder they decided to take advantage of the Child Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit simply by adding more kiddies to their tax return as dependents.  What's been known since 2001, yes, that is the year the first public outcry happened, has now become a 4.2 billion dollar per year fraud.  That's 11 years, and NOTHING has been done to stop it. 

And here's the best part.  Most of the "claimed family members", i.e., nephews, nieces, parents, grandparents, etc., as many as 20-25 listed on some tax returns, LIVE IN MEXICO.  They have never set foot on our soil.  Yes, most of the 4.2 billion dollars of OUR money is being sent to Mexico.  Many of the fraudulent tax return refunds were $10,000 to over $20,000 PER RETURN.

And yet the IRS says they won't do anything to stop it, in spite of Congress demanding that they do.  The House Republicans have introduced House Resolution 1956 that would limit all child tax credits to be given only to U. S. Citizens who have a valid SS number.  Guess where this bill is right now?  It's sitting idle in the House Ways and Means Committee thanks to the Democrats who won't let it be brought to the floor for discussion.  Even the IRS's Inspector General says this is wrong and it has to stop.  In fact, he has written letters over the last 4 years to the IRS telling them to stop this lunacy.  The IRS has ignored him.  Geesh, I wonder where they learned how to do that?  Could it be they are patterning their behavior after the Obama administration, who daily ignores our Constitution and our laws?

The Dems just don't want to deal with this right now because they can't afford to alienate any of the Hispanic base.  And even though those illegals who are here scamming our system are not supposed to be voting, want to place a bet on how many are actually showing up at the polls and pulling the lever for a Democrat?  I thought Obama promised to clean up Washington, get rid of fraud, waste and abuse?  Yeah, right, just another lie from the Liar in Chief. 

And what did one illegal alien say when interviewed and asked about the false claim on his return?  He said, "It's not taking advantage.  I'm very thankful to this country for the help it gives me."  Yuppers, that's right, he steals from the American taxpayer and calls it "help."  He thinks the American money tree will never wilt and die. 

Congress may be voting on a budget measure in the coming weeks.  A budget reconciliation package now being considered in the House contains language that would limit additional child tax credits to U.S. citizens with a valid Social Security number.  You must, and I say MUST, let your Representative know that this is just another form of government stupidity, it's stealing from all Americans, and you want it to stop.  And tell them it's another good reason to say NO to every attempt to increase taxes.  They'll just figure out some other stupid way to spend it. 

Here is where you can find out the name and contact information for your Representative.  Don't wait.  Do it today.  And if they don't listen to you, remember November is coming.  It's time to get rid of the trash in Congress.

Watch these videos of the TV news reporters who broke this story. 



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