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Thursday, May 17, 2012


See the Title?  Walker Wins Wisconsin Recall Election.  I am practicing up, saying it over and over and over, getting ready. 
And here's the latest good news.  Monroe WI School District saved over $800,000 on the renewal of their insurance/dental plans for the District employees.  The savings from Gov. Walker’s Act 10 keep on growing.    We are lucky to have him in Wisconsin!  He did what he said he’d do and what we elected him to do:  balance the budget, reduce the deficit significantly, put a lid on property tax increases, give schools and municipalities more control over their budgets, bring some sort of reason and sensibility to dealing with government worker unions.  He did it all, and in the process revamped collective bargaining. 

The result?  Gov. Walker’s reforms are saving municipalities and school districts millions of dollars enabling them to limit job layoffs.  The State of WI now has a surplus.  We are out of the red and well into the black.  Not many other states have a governor willing to make such difficult decisions. 

And what did Tom Barrett, Gov. Walker’s opponent do?  Barrett attacked Walker’s proposals to reform collective bargaining, but then Barrett used some of Act 10’s provisions to help reduce Milwaukee’s health care bill.  Barrett stated that the alternative was to cut 300 to 400 jobs.  And now when asked what Barrett’s “plan” is if he beats Walker in the recall election, Barrett and the Democrats have been unable to tell us.  That’s because they have no plan.  They just want Walker gone because he dared to challenge the unions.  If they regain power we will promptly reverse course, go back to restrictive collective bargaining, and financially be back in the red. 

Folks, the stakes in Wisconsin’s Ridiculous Recall Rant are higher than any state election ever.  Public employee unions understand that the legitimacy of collective bargaining is now in question as states, municipal governments and school districts struggle with the burden of a costly public sector, including pensions and retiree health care costs.  They understand that the Gimme Gimme Well is drying up. 

The Recall election date is June 5.  Every Walker supporter must goWalker. I am proud that you belong to Wisconsin. I hope you win in a landslide. to the polls and vote.  It is not enough to stay home and be happy that it’s over, though we all are relieved that Walker will finally be able to put this joke of an election behind him and get on with the business of governing Wisconsin.  We must send a powerful signal to other reform-minded governors and to the whole country that we cannot afford to go back to business as usual.  Wisconsin is righting its ship.  We can't afford higher taxes, runaway spending and even fewer jobs.  Thank you Governor Scott      

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