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Friday, January 21, 2011


Remember when Cody Alicea from Denair, CA was prohibited from riding his bike to school with the American flag flying on the back of his bike? It was a big deal and all over the news at the time. What we never heard, though, was the outcome of the nationwide uproar. Well, here it is in video, from beginning to a great ending.

Young Cody rode to school with the flag on his bike because his grandfather was a WWII Veteran and Cody was very patriotic. But he was told by his principal to remove the flag from his bike. The principal's illogical reason was because when the Mexican flag was displayed during a school Cinco de Mayo celebration there was some turmoil, and he was afraid Cody flying the American flag might result in violence.

Well, excuse me! This is a classic example of politically correct corrupt officials running amok. The no-brains-in-their-heads officials need to know that we will stop you every single time you think you can get away with something as egregious as disallowing anyone to fly our American flag. This is, after all, in case you have forgotten, AMERICA!!

But just when I think we've gotten to the point where loving your nation is considered a "hate crime," along comes a slew of Veteran Bikers riding with Cody as he goes to school with the American flag flying proudly from his bike. Here are the videos that tell the Rest Of The Story. It will make you proud, for sure. And the so-called superintendent of Denair schools eventually apologized to Cody.

And for anyone in our country who thinks we should not be able to fly our American flag wherever and whenever we want to, GO HOME! You are not wanted here, nor are you needed.

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