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Sunday, January 9, 2011


All weekend TV has extensively covered the horrific shooting of Rep. Giffords and many others in AZ. When it happened I predicted that before the end of the day someone was going to be pointing a finger at the Tea Party, at Right Wingers, at Conservatives, at talk radio. And sure enough, I was not disappointed.

First it was Pima County Sheriff Dupnik who excoriated talk radio and TV for its "rhetoric, hatred and vitriol." He made a statement that people should stop listening to such hateful news outlets. He also said AZ is a "mecca for prejudice and bigotry." Is he including ALL ARIZONANS in his assessment? These comments come from the same individual who called the Arizona Immigration law unwise, stupid and racist and said he would not enforce it. So Dupnik was the first to point the finger of blame at politics.

But certainly not the last. In two days The Huffington Post, New York Times, many other major media outlets, and sadly, some liberals like Congressman Grijalva and Democrats Markos, Moulitsas, and Andrew Sullivan (reporter), to name a few, have all made outrageous statements about the shooter's motive and political affiliation. How disgusting and low must they be to co-opt this tragedy for their own political agenda. Their finger pointing is absurd. For every angry right-winger, there is an angry left-winger. But millions of angry Americans, left or right, do not pick up guns and kill people.

The truth is that Jared Loughner is a deranged young man whose mind was deeply disturbed, someone who had tinkered with anarchist ideas and left wing politics, who identified among his favorite books "The Communist Manifesto" by Karl Marx, "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler, and Siddhartha - hardly a reading list of right wing Conservatives - more of a must-read-list for left wing Liberals. Loughner was prone to dressing in black regalia of boots, trench coat and baggy pants, was suspended from college for his strange behavior, and was angry at the government for everything. Had he not chosen this day at this time to go on this rampage, he ultimately would have done it somewhere else at a different time for reasons only he could comprehend and justify. But there is no easy way to stop a Una-bomber with a gun.

This is a tragedy beyond expression. My heart aches for those who are injured, those who died, their families, and all of America. But this was not done by the Left, not the Right, not Liberals, not Conservatives, not talk radio, not TV or any other media. This was pre-planned and carried out by a crazed, pot smoking, Communist-Manifesto-reading lunatic who is solely responsible for his actions. And may the full force of our judicial system come down upon him.

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