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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Rejection, Rejection - Eric Cantor (R-VA) did not get his first-choice date for the Prom. In the spirit of Congress's new Bipartisanship Cantor's aids reached out to Pelosi-the-Pit-Bull to see whether the CA Democrat would sit with the VA Republican during tonight's State of the Union Spectacle.

But alas, this unlikely duo was not to be. Ms. Pelosi already has a date, and so she declined Cantor's advances.

And then Hoity Toity Pelosi "tweeted" her rejection of Cantor's overture and now all of Washington and the world knows she rejected him (ah, poor Eric). (or at least the few people who follow Pelosi's tweets know about it).

Personally? I don't know why Eric Cantor invited Pelosi to be his date for this Hokey Hoe-Down. They are on opposite sides of the political fence, they don't much like each other, they criticize each other regularly, and they don't "pillow talk" very well. Can you imagine a "date" where you don't even like your "date?" I suppose you'd have to skip the chit-chat and stick to the dance. And then try not to step on each others' toes.

Cantor and the rest of the Republicans should completely skip this juvenile spectacle called the State of the Union Address, much less make overtures to the Other Side. After all, most of the Supreme Court members won't be there. They know what a joke it has become - nothing more than a political pep-rally.

The Republicans who have agreed to sit with the Democrats? They have made a monstrous mistake. Last week the Dems were blaming the Reps for the AZ shooting, calling them all kinds of nasty names and blaming them for the shooter's actions. Now the Republicans are all kissy-huggy with them. Yikes, it's time to vomit up the prom punch.

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