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Friday, January 14, 2011


Oh, yes, our many and varied branches of government, including the feds, the states, the counties, local governments, even the courts, would like to see, and often times mandate, diminished Christianity in anything that even remotely could be considered "governmental."

For instance, a Florida school district attempted to crack down on Christian statements by faculty members AND THEIR SPOUSES - even off campus; Courts have ruled that music can be banned if it even SOUNDS religious; At the Constitution Hall historic site Park Service employees were caught maligning Christians; Sandra Day O'Connor, former Supreme Court Justice, said that a city could exclude those who pray "in Jesus name" from a prayer rotation at public meetings; During the last National Day of Prayer event activist Muslims were successful in having the government attempt to silence Christian leader Franklin Graham; A new $600-million dollar visitor center in Washington left out the nation's motto "In God We Trust;" Schools won't let kids sing Christmas carols at Christmas; And God forbid if anyone constructs a public manger scene; And the Ten Commandments that are inscribed above the Supreme Court Justices' bench have been described by tour guides as "The tablet represents the first 10 amendments to the Bill of Rights." What's that?? It's revisionist history, another attempt to remove God from the founding of America.

And then along comes some hope - along comes newly elected Commissioner Peggy Littleton, El Paso County, Colorado. It seems Littleton's first request when she joined the commission was to call for more prayer. She asked that the commissioners pray together and she invited anyone who would like to express their blessing on the board to join in the prayer. Because her request was not a policy issue it only needed three commissioners to agree, and agree they did. And so it was done.

Thank God for the Peggy Littletons of the world. There is hope after all.