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Sunday, March 27, 2011


PROSSER VS. KLOPPENBURG – THE TRUTH. NEW INFORMATION 3/31/2011. Kloppenberg has never been a judge. She has been turned down for a judge position four (4) times, twice by Dem. Jim Doyle, her former boss. She claims to have "broad legal experience." But she has repeatedly stated she's been a DNR attorney for the last 22 years going after homeowners and businesses on behalf of the DNR. She was a state prosecutor, but she freely admits, "I've never said I was tough on crime." She says she's "independent and impartial," but she is directly linked to outside interest groups and unions who are dumping millions into WI in support of her campaign in the expectation of stopping Gov. Walker's Budget Repair Bill when it arrives at the Supreme Court level. PLEASE, PLEASE VOTE ON 4/5 FOR JUSTICE PROSSER. I CAN'T STRESS ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT YOUR VOTE WILL BE. AS OF TODAY POLLS SHOW THEM NECK AND NECK. POST FROM 3/28. Supreme Court Justice Prosser has been endorsed by 206 law enforcement/elected officials. Kloppenburg has been endorsed by 43. Prosser has been endorsed by 77 members of the senate/assembly. Kloppenburg has been endorsed by five. Many current Democrats are not endorsing her. Prosser has been endorsed by many newspapers and associations. Kloppenburg has been endorsed by one. Prosser has decades of judicial experience. Kloppenburg has 21 years as a prosecutor, most of that time representing the DNR in cases that target homeowners. She has never been a judge. Kloppenburg described as “wonderful” a decision by the court that told a woman she couldn’t build a deck on the back of her house. She wants an iron fisted policy regarding land use, piers and water rights. She has been at the center of opposing WI legislative efforts to rein in the power of the DNR. Kloppenburg accepted a campaign contribution from the husband of Judge Maryann Sumi, the liberal judge who blocked Walker’s Budget Repair Bill. She surely has not remained “independent” on this issue, even though she claims she has. And she has stated she would NOT recuse herself from ruling on any issues involving the unions or the Budget Repair Bill. And now the lawyers are all for Kloppenburg and are attempting to remove Prosser from the Supreme Court. Guess why? Four years ago when WI government was completely controlled by Democrats, the Assembly and Senate both passed extensive “Tort Reform.” Gov. Doyle vetoed that bill. Now both houses passed the tort reform bill again, and this time Gov. Walker signed it. So the lawyers are spittin’ mad. But this bill is necessary to restore sanity to the legal system in WI. The bill brings WI’s rules on product liability and admissibility of expert testimony in line with the more strict rules applied in federal courts. It contains many other changes that will benefit WI when companies are deciding where to locate. They don’t locate in states where there is a repressive legal system. And if you see any ads anywhere accusing Prosser of being soft on sex offenders, it’s a lie. Look it up. Make sure you separate the chaff from the wheat when you vote on April 5. It is imperative that you treat this election like a presidential election unless you want the WI Supreme Court controlled by activists who will legislate from the bench. The term is for 10 years. We can't afford an activist court for 10 years. The first thing they will do is rule the Walker's Budget Bill is "out." IT'S NOT ABOUT THE LAW! IT'S ABOUT POLITICS. Vote Prosser on April 5. Sandy Gehrke


  1. Public records show that Prosser, acting as the prosecuting DA, went to a bishop about the child molester priest Feeney. Prosser did not have the police investigate Feeney. According to the bishop's own written words, the bishop beiieved Prosser, hand in hand, with "the church would prefer to keep this out of the court and out of the public eye". These are the known facts.

    Prosser and the bishop, together, agreed it would be best to hide Feeney's conduct from the public. This motivation is a pretty clear explanation why Prosser did not take it to the police. To the extent that it reflects an allegiance to the church over his duty as a DA, it was a direct conflict of interest. Prosser should have been aware of his duty to avoid such a conflict of interest. He probably would not acknowledge such a conflict of interest, even today with as bad as the facts look.

    I'll bet Prosser does not like the ad. It makes it plain he was responsible, maybe even due to an unacknowledged conflict of interest. Even if unwittingly, he failed to adequately investigate a child molester. This makes him, as with the bishop, at least partially responsible for any subsequent molestation that may have occurred.

  2. Hey Anonymous.

    Spoke to early wait till you hear from the guy who was molested. When you hear from him, you and your blood sucking union buddys will look Stupid.


    America will thank you.

  4. Well, now the truth is out. The guy who was molested has come out in support of Prosser. He says Prosser did nothing wrong at the time of the incident, that Prosser did everything he could to protect the kid and his family. Wow, it's too bad so many people follow like sheep to the slaughter. Anonymous jumped on the Prosser-is-soft-on-molester bandwagon before thoroughly checking into the real facts.