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Thursday, March 31, 2011


4/1/2011 - one of my astute readers pointed out the glaring fact that all of the businesses listed actually create REAL jobs in private industry, like manufacturing and retail. The businesses that are being boycotted make our economy work. They are not Government jobs that cost WI more $$$$. OUTSTANDING POINT. THANKS TO THE READER WHO POINTED THIS OUT!! SCOTTWALKERWATCH.COM - That's the name of the sleaziest of the sleazy sites that have popped up to destroy Scott Walker and anyone who supports his efforts to save WI. This site lists all of the businesses in WI that are being boycotted because they in some way support or supported Scott Walker. In addition to this site, many businesses throughout the state have received letters from unions asking them to express support by displaying a sign in their window. The letters say that failure to support the unions will mean a public boycott of the business. The letter also says that if the business stays "neutral" that means the business is not supporting the unions. One of the letters that has been sent came from Council 24 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, signed by council field representative Jim Parrett. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW. ONCE INTO THE SITE CLICK ON "BOYCOTT LIST." AFTER LOOKING AT THE LIST OF BOYCOTTED BUSINESSES YOU SHOULD CLICK ON THE LINK THAT SAYS "REMOVAL PROCEDURES" OR "REMOVE NAME." IT STATES CLEARLY WHAT BUSINESSES MUST DO TO GET OFF THE LIST. AND IT AIN'T PRETTY. BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE SITE, THAT IS AFTER YOU ARE SO ILL YOU CAN HARDLY WAIT TO LEAVE IT, CLICK ON THE "RECALL" BUTTON. THE REPUBLICAN SENATORS ARE ALL LISTED. CLICK ON ANY OR ALL OF THEM. ONCE IN A SENATOR'S PAGE CLICK ON "RECALL TO VOTE NO." THEY ARE TAKING A SURVEY OF ANYONE VISITING THE SITE WHO WANTS TO VOTE YES TO RECALL OR NO TO NOT RECALL. THE RESULTS OF THE VOTE ARE ALSO VISIBLE. I THINK IT WOULD BE APPROPRIATE IF YOU ALL WENT TO THE SITE AND VOTED NO TO A RECALL. LET'S SHOW THEM WHERE THE SILENT MAJORITY REALLY IS. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SLEAZY LEFT WING BOYCOTT OF BUSINESSES IN WI


  1. Hey - I went to the site but did not find the "recall to vote no" link that you wrote about. Could it be that they took it down? Maybe they weren't getting the results they wanted? Either that, or I completely missed it. :)

  2. Thanks for the site news. It's fantastic!

  3. If you don't mind, I am going to forward this to everyone I know.
    There are quite a few "No" votes but as would be expected on that site, mostly rah rah socialists!

  4. To find the "click on no" spot you have to click on a link for any of the recalled senators. When you get into their individual sites on the right side at the bottom will be the vote yes or vote no link.

  5. I wonder how many of the people boycotting these corporations have investment stock and/or mutual funds invested in these corporations?

    Just saying ...