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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Did you hear about last week's Tractor Caper around the Capitol in WI in support of government workers and union demonstrators? Oh, yeah, about 13 tractors pulling all kinds of things, such as manure spreaders, drove to Madison to Rally Round the Troops.

One of them was Tod Pulvermacher, who arrived 1/2 hour ahead of the scheduled parade time and drew plenty of attention from the media as he drove round and round pulling his poop wagon with a sign that said "Walker's Bill Belongs Here."

But a check of online court records shows that this same Tod Pulvermacher has been convicted of drunk driving, FOUR TIMES, has no valid driver's license, was convicted of marijuana possession in 2007 and 2008, convicted of causing injury by drunk driving, has been convicted of theft, resisting arrest, obstruction of officers, disorderly conduct, and driving after revocation.

It is illegal to operate a tractor on public roads without a valid driver's license unless the activity involves farm work. I do believe there is no farmland anywhere near the Square in Madison. Hmmm, I wonder how he got there? Is it possible there is another arrest on the horizon for the Troubled Mr. Pulvermacher?

It appears Union Thugs were not the only demonstrators. They also had criminals in their midst.

OOPS! Caught 'Ya.

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