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Friday, May 6, 2011


Well, here we are days after Bin Laden has been eliminated, and the Obama Charade goes on. Oh, he did it all by himself, he and his cabinet, they chased BL down and got rid of him. What a joke! I give all the credit to our incredible military, the Special Ops and especially the Navy Seals who risked their lives to get 'er done.

Obama?? Here are some facts: Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder throws out prosecuting the Black Panthers who illegally intimidated voters in the 2008 election. We all saw the video on TV. It was blatant illegal activity at a polling place. And Holder won't touch them. But wait - Holder is pursuing a number of CIA agents who were responsible for the interrogation that provided the intelligence about the location of the gopher hole Bin Laden was stashed in. These agents performed the interrogation after getting absolute, total clearance from the Justice Department, which concluded their actions were lawful. These same CIA officers have already been cleared of any wrongdoing. The investigations had been closed for 2 years with no charges filed. But enter Holder and Obama - they are going to get the CIA one way or another. and the charade goes on.

Within 2 days of being sworn into office Obama banned all interrogation techniques other than what is contained in the Army Field Manual, which is basically nothing. So he banned the exact techniques that so successfully obtained crucial information about Bin Laden's whereabouts. Two-faced??

To further hamper our intelligence efforts the Obama administration released previously classified Justice Department documents on our interrogation techniques, thereby disclosing them to our enemies and ensuring that they could never be used again, at the same time putting the lives of our CIA officers in jeopardy. And they did it without hesitation.

Obama turned interrogation of enemy combatants over to the FBI, taking it away from the CIA, but did not put any "new" policies in place, so the FBI's hands are basically tied when it comes to interrogation. They are currently under orders not to interrogate.

Now the White House, the CIA and National Security people can't agree on whether or not the enhanced interrogation methods used by the three CIA "criminals" was effective and led to Bin Laden. Are they kidding??

Oh, don't forget about the pictures of a bloody Bin Laden. Obama doesn't want to release them because they might incite violence against our troops. Now wait a minute, Mr. Obama. Have you forgotten when you PUSHED for release of over 2000 pictures of the alleged "abuse" of the enemy by their jailers at Abu Ghraib? You were warned then not to release them because they might inflame Muslims and cause retaliation against our troops. But you released them anyway. You didn't give a hoot about our troops then, so don't try to convince us you care about them now. There is only one reason you won't release the BL death photos - it's because you are so sensitive and respectful of Islam and the Muslims. Wouldn't want to insult them, now would we? They behead Christians whenever they want to, but golly, don't show bloody Bin Laden pictures. It might hurt their feelings and it wouldn't be Politically Correct. It doesn't matter to me whether you release them or not. But it would be nice if you were truthful about why you are saying no.

And tell me, Mr. O., why do you permit publishing photos of flag draped coffins of American dead returning home? Aren't you concerned that those photos might insight more violence against our troops?

Your actions are contradictory. You say you "don't want to spike the football" or "give out trophies," yet you are all over the place "spiking the football" and "giving out trophies." The only pronoun you know is I, I, I, I, I -- It wasn't you, Mr. O. It was the Navy Seals and our military--the best trained military force in the world. If you had been in charge of this country in 2007 the information spigot would have been turned off, as it was in 2008 after you were elected. For the last two years and going forward now? No interrogation allowed, Miranda rights must be given, try them in civil courts, close GITMO, hold their hands and sing Kumbaya, and the CIA, FBI and the rest of the intelligence community is demoralized. Thank you, Mr. O.!

I will give you credit for giving the Seals the green light. For once, an intelligent national security decision from you. Though I suspect you decided you had to play ball. If you had said no and the public found out you said no, that would be the end of your second term. I believe it's called "political expediency."

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