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Monday, May 30, 2011


Transparency in our government institutions and accountability among its employees are great ideas that when acted upon allows voters and tax payers to make the appropriate decisions when it comes to election day.

Unfortunately, Judge Elliot Levine (LaCrosse, WI Circuit Judge) recently ruled that LaCrosse's public schools should ignore the requests for information from tax payers who would like to know how their tax dollars were wasted on teachers who called in sick when they went to Madison to protest Gov. Walker's budget bill a few months ago.

On May 11 Levine ruled that the school district should ignore an open records request for this information. Seems like the teachers who "ditched school" are afraid of harassment if their names become public. Well, pardon me! How quickly the teachers forget what WI's Senators had to endure at the hands of union thugs. And yes, many of these thugs were teachers. Did they forget about the death threats, the harassment, the shouting, screaming union members mobbing their homes, union morons throwing nails in their driveways, union letters to businesses threatening to boycott them if they didn't back the unions? Where is the media's outrage about transparency? Why isn't this front page news and on radio broadcasts every hour, on the hour? The answer is obviously because the media is an extension of Left Wing union progressives.

The taxpayers of Wisconsin are losing the battle against big labor unions and government corruption. The unions already own the public teachers and pretty soon they may own the entire political apparatus because of their attempted recall elections. If you are interested in conservative principles and if you are as concerned as I am, please get out and help us fight to keep the power in the hands of the people of this state. The voters spoke in 2010. If the unions don't like it they can go to the polls in 2012. That's what we do in America. But no, instead they organize a witch hunt called "recall" to replace Senators who were just doing what the public elected them to do.

If you care about the direction of WI you must write letters to the editor, volunteer at the GOP headquarters, walk with the recalled candidates in parades, or just help convince your friends and family that this attempted recall is all wrong. Do not assume the unions will not be successful in their recall attempts. They have power and money that none of us can even conceive of. Do not stay home from the polls when the recall election is held (currently scheduled for sometime in July). If you sit it out, the union mobsters will win and completely take over WI.

And if we let that happen then God only knows what kind of permanent damage they might do. I have not surrendered in the past and I am not willing to do so now, but it's going to take ALL CONSERVATIVES GETTING TO THE POLLS AND ENCOURAGING YOUR NEIGHBORS, FRIENDS, AND RELATIVES TO DO THE SAME.

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