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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Bin Laden is dead. I believe that to be true. I know our government has often lied to us throughout our history, and I believe Obama would do anything to create an "event" that portrays him favorably (he is in full-time campaign mode for 2012). But I believe BL is gone from this world thanks to our Special Ops military team. And I will give Obama credit for making the decision to go get him in Pakistan, even though there is information coming out now that Obama was reluctant and had to be dragged kicking and screaming to sign off on the "get Bin Laden" operation. But Obama in the end made the right decision.

But let's not lose sight of some important facts. During the 2008 campaign Obama promised to "bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan." He swore he was going to "close GITMO" in his first days in office. His focus was not on getting BL, but rather closing down the War on Terror. This is a president who won't even call it a War on Terror. This is a president who wants to be friends with the terrorists. This is a president who ordered our military to wash and wrap and bury BL at sea after 45 minutes of prayers in Arabic, supposedly according to Islamic burial tradition, while thousands of people who died in the World Trade Center are in a garbage dump on Staten Island. Now I ask you, does anyone think BL was a true Muslim, practicing Islam? If BL was an example of what Muslims believe, God help us. But Political Correctness reigns in the White House.

Obama wants to take all the credit for "getting" BL. He doesn't mention the fact that in 2007 under Bush a connection was made to a BL courier that took 4 years to cultivate and ultimately led to the resulting raid and death of BL. This event isn't something that just happened in the course of a few months. Bush-era decisions led to Bin Laden's elimination. If Obama had gotten his way he would have done away with all of Bush's National Security practices. What a hypocrite.

And now Obama is going to Ground Zero. Did you know he hasn't been there since the last photo op during the 2008 campaign? New Yorkers who died there have not been important to him until now. He has barely acknowledged what NYC went through, and now he's meeting with the families. All the times he's been in NY to raise money for his presidential campaign, he has never stepped foot at Ground Zero since becoming president. So why is he going to NY now? Call me just a little suspicious. It's because he would never waste an opportunity to further his reelection chances, and this is a nothing more than an opportunistic photo op.

The real heroes here are our military. I give great credit to them, especially the Navy Seals, for executing a mostly flawless take down of BL. I find satisfaction in the fact that the last face Bin Laden saw was the face of a Navy Seal, the face of America. I pray that the ceremony today brings further closure to those who lost loved ones on 9/11 and to all Americans who have continued to mourn the murderous event. May we all move on in unity so we can resolve the very important economic issues we face.


  1. There are more holes in your blog that in Bin Laden head. The success of this mission is, in your words, based on "Bush Era Decisions". Really? Like the FACT that in 2005 GW Bush disbanded the CIA unit known as Alec Station, whose sole purpose was to track and capture and/or kill Bin Laden? Why aren't we giving GWB full credit for that decision?

    And basing your anti-Obama diatribe about his "reluctance to sign off on the operation (kicking and screaming) on what you refer to as — information now coming out — is why you aren't a real journalist, but merely a one in a thousand right wing blogger with an agenda. But hey, don't let facts stand in your way.

    As for Iraq and Afghanistan, instead of hammering Obama about ending these conflicts, why don't you question why we were ever in these unfunded (billions of tax payers dollars later) wars to begin with? Wanna blame that on Obama, too?

    The only thing you got correct was the heroic efforts of our military, NAVY Team Six, to be precise, and all of the men and women who serve to protect our freedoms... like my son who served two tours in Iraq.

    And don't worry, I won't be back to check on the predictable dribble you put forth on this blog. One visit was more than enough.

  2. Talk about dribble. James, like the rest of the left, you have mostly emotional retort that reeks of Kool-Aid and void of content. This posting was basically praise of BO and the military. By admin own admission, this final intel came out of last years "enhanced interogation" at Gitmo. Just more proof of the hypocrascy of this incompetant. Glad to read that we won't be hearing from you again. Maybe you should go out and sing praises of BO's other accomplishments. That should keep you silent for quite a while.

  3. James, for Heaven's sake, such anger. First of all, I have never claimed to be a "real journalist" as you put it. I am a blogger. Real journalists are assigned to report the facts and the facts only. Bloggers get to have OPINIONS, which I have, and I have no hesitation about sharing my thoughts with readers.

    There is no point in saying anything further to you. Your emotions have overtaken your brain. It's so typical that when the Left has no facts to stand on they resort to screaming anger.

    Oh, one last thing. Bush didn't send us into Libya. Your guy did that. Now that Bin Laden is captured, which was the original mission started by Bush, I would hope that your guy will have enough brains to bring the troops home.

    And thank your son for his service. I go out of my way to let our troops know the extent of my respect and admiration for them, going so far as to stop them on the street to tell them so.