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Friday, May 20, 2011


Mr. Obama last week stated that to gain peace with the Palestinians, Israel would have to accept the borders of their country as they were in 1967. Our best and only ally in the Middle East and Mr. O. pushes a stick right in their eye.

THE SIX DAY WAR OF 1967 - a condensed version:

In 1967 Egypt and Syria took steps which led Israel to believe an Arab attack was being planned. Egypt ordered the removal or all U.N. peacekeeping troops. The two countries blocked shipments of supplies and food into Israel. Both countries mobilized their armies and shelled areas of Israel. Against this backdrop, Israel said Enough. They launched a pre-emptive strike against Egypt, capturing the Sinai Peninsula. Israel asked Jordan to stay out of the fight, but Jordan attacked anyway, and they lost the Gaza Strip to Israel. Israel also took the Golan Heights from Syria. The war lasted 6 days. Since 1967 Israel's borders have included these areas. They were fought for, and Israel won.

Now Mr. Obama tells Israel that peace talks with the Palestinians have to start with the idea of Israel adopting the borders that were in place prior to the 1967 war. Adopting those borders is sure suicide for Israel. It would make their country 8 miles wide. With enemies on all sides it would be impossible for them to defend themselves.

This isn't the first time that Obama has tried to force Israel into not defending itself. In Dec. 2010 Obama publicly demanded that Israel "freeze" all building of settlements and all construction in the West Bank. Obama backtracked when it became obvious that the Israelis would do what they had to for their national security.

While Israel is trying to "exist," the Palestinians have joined forces with Hamas, Israel's most fervent enemy, whose Charter calls for the destruction of Israel. And what does Hamas have to say about Obama's "back to 1967" plan? They have condemned Obama, stating that they will not recognize Israel no matter what the U.S. wants. The Palestinian/Israeli conflict will continue.

Egypt's Mubarak maintained peace with Israel, and he had to go. Libya's Gaddafi never directly threatened Israel, and he has to go. Syria's Assad hasn't not threatened Israel since 1967, and he has to go. But Hamas can stay and Israel is supposed to negotiate with them?

I guess wishy washy border policy is appropriate behavior for our Chief. He can't protect our borders, why should he care about Israel's borders?

Here's the throw-up-now part. The U.S. GIVES AWAY over $600 million a year in aid to the Palestinian Authority. The PA accepted Hamas into its lair. That means $600 million of our tax dollars go directly to an organization that willingly allows known terrorists into their ranks. And this is the organization that Obama is trying to force Israel to go to coffee with.

And yesterday the Great Flip-Flopper tried to back peddle from his very specific "1967 border" comment. He figured out pretty fast that his remarks would hurt him in his re-election bid, so he tried to explain it away with some gibberish that the whole world is laughing at. In one sentence, he said that Israel couldn't be expected to negotiate with Hamas, while in the very next sentence he said not negotiating wasn't an option. WHAT??

But never fear, Obama's in charge! And he's got more flip-flops than the State of Florida. No chance he'll run out.

Is it 2012 yet??

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