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Friday, February 17, 2012


A week ago NumbersUSA was given this video exposing a major breach in the U.S./Mexico border fence. The location of this breach is about 100 miles SW of Tucson. But if it's this easy, you have to know it's going on in other sections of the fence.

NumbersUSA checked the authenticity of the video with the Department of Homeland Security. DHS has confirmed that the video is real and was taken recently. DHS has determined that with the clothes the people are wearing, their backpacks and other things they are carrying, they are definitely drug smugglers. DHS estimates the "haul" to be hundreds of pounds of illegal drugs.

DHS Sec. Napolitano has spouted off repeatedly claiming the border is more secure now that it has ever been. Napolitano and her Boss brag about fewer border crossings and how effective the increase in border agent numbers has been. But where are the border patrol agents in this video? They can't report illegal crossings that they don't witness. No wonder Napolitano believes her own rhetoric. She's reporting only what the border agents know about.  Obviously, despite claims by the Obama Robots, the border is not secure.

The fence in this video was built by the Bush Administration and was part of a $1 billion Boeing contract.  The fence was designed and built to do exactly what the smugglers did.  The panels slide up and down inside two steel columns.  Who knows what the Bush/Boeing reasoning was behind this design.  Maybe they thought they’d make it easy for border agents to go back and forth so they could chase the bad guys.  Who knows?  But wouldn’t you think that someone in government or the engineers at Boeing would have realized that if they did not WELD the panels in place, the bad guys would be able to violate the fence at any location along the fence?  So much for the effectiveness of the so-called border fence. 

Drugs flowing into our country are bad enough.  What about illegal immigrants just raising the fence and they’re in?  And even worse is the threat to our national security, terrorists whose only goal is to kill us?  The TSA is so worried about airport security they molest old ladies and small children.  But the REAL threat is on our southern border, in spite of what Obama and Napolitano are telling you. 


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