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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Did you hear about this yesterday?  A North Carolina, a mom home-packs a great lunch for her four-year-old consisting of a turkey sandwich, small bag of chips, a banana, and some apple juice.   As the child is eating her home-packed lunch, along comes a “lunch inspector” who looks at the lunch, decides it’s not a healthy meal, and refuses to let the child eat it.  The “inspector” forces the student to eat the school’s USDA-approved lunch of chicken nuggets instead.  And the icing on the cupcake (which students can’t bring to school any longer because they are “sweet”) is the school sent the home-packed lunch back home along with a note saying the lunch didn’t meet USDA guidelines and a bill for $1.25 for the chicken nugget meal.  Yes, this was a PUBLIC SCHOOL.  After a N.C. state representative got involved, it turns out the home-packed lunch did, in fact, meet USDA guidelines.  OOPS!

And then there’s a school in Chicago where students are not allowed to bring lunches from home, no how, no way, never.  The principal says she “intends to protect students from their own unhealthful food choices.” 

How about the school in Iowa who confiscated school lunches from a whole bunch of students and threw them in the garbage?  The reason?  Because their “lunch accounts” were overdrawn.  One mother stated that her account has always been in good standing but that week she just forgot to make a payment.  One student called her dad, very upset and embarrassed, and her brother had to go to the school that very minute and make a payment of $10.00 so she could eat lunch.  Can you imagine the students' humiliation?

And then there’s the mother who got a letter from her child’s preschool stating that the school has enacted a “no pudding in the lunch” policy.  According to the letter pudding didn’t meet healthy food guidelines.  When the father called the school and read the ingredients off the pudding container, the first ingredient being MILK, the director stated that she didn’t care what the ingredient was.  Too bad, it was her decision and she was sticking by it.

While discussing this today Rush Limbaugh got a call from a parent who said that even though his child doesn’t want milk for lunch, the school requires that he include a container of milk in the child’s home-packed lunch.  Since the child doesn’t like milk, doesn’t drink milk, but Daddy has to include it anyway, the Lunch Inspectors pour it down the drain. 

Guess where the Lunch Inspector power comes from?  The Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.  There’s some vague Ag Department language in the bill that says schools have to “Ensure healthy school lunches,” and the multiple agencies implementing Obamacare can interpret that in whatever Socialist way they want to.  And they are! 

Next Big Brother Government will demand “safety zones” where the Potato Chip eaters will be isolated from the Government Approved eaters so the GA eaters would not be in the line of sight of the PC eaters.  Big Brother could call it the “Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind” mandate.  GA approved chicken nuggets are acceptable, but we surely don’t want any GA eater to be tempted by a Rice Krispie bar, now, do we.   It's a Free Country, unless you want to pack your kid's lunch.  Then no so much. 

What’s next, Folks, School Lunch Swat Teams?

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  1. You know what the sad thing is to me? The sad thing is that the number of parents who see this as wrong are probably a minority. It seems like most parents are more than willing to turn their kids over to the schools and then blindly follow whatever it is the schools say. We have become a nation of sheeple, with no one able to think for themselves. Why is this story not plastered all over the news with warnings about tyranny? Because it's in the best interest of the "collective" for children to eat healthy. I say d*** the collective and let's get back to our roots of individual responsibility, and, more importantly, individual liberty. Wake up people! Our freedoms are quickly disappearing before our very eyes!