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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Watch this video. It's a parody on Obama's Government Motors Volt. GM’s 2012 sales projections for the Volt claimed they would sell 60,000 cars. Ooops, that number has been dropped down to 45,000, and that is extremely aggressive based on current sales and ongoing problems with the Volt.

But here comes GE, a company run by Obama Jobs Czar Jeffry Immelt, to the rescue. GE is well known for its questionable federal income tax rate in 2010, which was ZERO. And now GE is reportedly “persuading” a substantial number of GE employees to drive the Chevy Volt by replacing the company cars in its fleet with the “green” Volt. The company is also paying for the installation of charging stations at the homes of those employees who will be driving the car and is even paying for the electricity used to charge them. If the employee chooses not to drive a Volt from the company’s fleet, and instead wants to drive their own, GE is no longer going to reimburse them for travel costs.

It appears that Chevy dealerships selling the Volt to government agencies and non-profits will also be able to claim the $7500 tax credit meant for individual consumers. Yes, that means the dealers pocket the tax credit. Taxpayers gave GM billions of dollars to develop the VOLT. We also gave money to companies that created the burning battery technology used in the Volt. And now dealers are taking the rebates meant for consumers. Anyone else burning up over this double and triple dipping? Oh, that’s right, the main thing burning up is the Volt.

I’m waiting to see G.E. CEO Immelt and all GE executives driving their Volts, leading by example. I’ll probably have a long wait. I suspect they value their families and their homes more than they value the Volt.

The TRIAD of Cronyism equals Obama, GM and GE. Obama gives both companies our money. GM is forced to use our money to develop a car that burns up and the public doesn't want. GE uses our money to build Volt charging systems, which don’t sell because the public doesn’t want the car.

And then GE uses our money to buy Volts from GM to force the sales numbers up to fool the entire country into believing the public actually wants a car that gets 30 miles to a charge, starts on fire and ends up a smoldering pile of melted batteries, wires and garages. But GE finally gets to sell some charging systems paid for by us and GM sells more Volts paid for by us.  Throughout this maize of fraud, GE pays zero corporate income taxes. What a great system.

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